Your Ultimate Guide to Second-Level Home Addition

Do you want an addition to your home level and give it intrinsic value? That means you really love your home as well as your location and you desire to invest to expand your home to make dreams come true and satisfy your needs. Quite frankly, home does not exist in the bubble. Adding another level onto your home needs some heavy-duty remodelling.

Here, every detail is gathered to help you out how you can add another level, fitting into the neighbourhood, and what you should know before taking such a step.

To make your home addition successful, You must

  • Acknowledge the right flow of traffic without any hurdle
  • Provide more space for square footage
  • Be economical
  • Have the right planned solutions for home addition

Four ways to expand vertically Your Home:

  • To build from scratch: One way is to build from scratch that is the best option for ranch style homes. In this,  you have to tear off or remove the roof and build the whole new upper level from the scratch. 
  • Replace the roof: Lifting the roof off temporarily, then place it in the right way back after the new level has been framed in.
  • Expand: It is good for a flat one-story section such as Garage or Porch roof. You can expand your second level home addition across it.
  • Modular Designs: In this hectic life, you can easily save your time as well as money and buy fully built and well designed “Modular Design for your home. It is the cost-efficient and fastest way for a second-level home addition.

Precautions for You & Your family during Second-Level Home addition:

  • Assessing potential issue: Perhaps your ceiling is not designed to bear second-level home addition. So, before commencing the remodeling, you should assess the issues to avoid inconvenience.
  • Where will You live during renovations? Decide where you will live during remodelling as it is impossible to remain in the same home, particularly if you have children.
  • Getting loan: Try to avoid loans as they are not guaranteed and all prove quite expensive. 
  • Builders to be insured: Builders of your home should be LBPs. It means that he is registered to do big renovations. Builders who have big or small companies advised getting insured. Otherwise, they should work under someone else.
  • Rough estimate for large scale work: When the remodeling is on a large-scale, it is difficult to make an exact estimate. So rough estimate has been made by tradesmen & work would be completed on an hourly rate.
  • Require the approval of your neighborhood: Often for height and building coverage, the Council sometimes asks the approval of your neighborhood. So you should be a good neighbor. One day, you have to require approval for a second-level home addition.
  • Plan for unseen issues: Planning unseen issues save money & time that want to be amended before planned work began.

Advantages of Second-Level Home Additions:

  • You will gain more usable square footage. Whether you are in need of extra bedrooms, a study room, or a library in your home, the second-level home additions offer you and facilitate you in this regard and the traffic of your home goes smooth through it.
  •  An extra place for family members and guests when they visit. With the help of remodeling and additions, you can enjoy the additional space that you get for your family members and guests. 
  •  Rent out the rooms for additional income. Do you want to boost out your income? Renting out the empty rooms of your house to undergrad or graduate helps in increasing your monthly income.
  • Live in your favorite neighborhood. Second-level home additions not only offer you to live in your favorite neighborhood but also your children would not have to change their schools. You can make memories happily.
  • The addition is better than moving: when you move from one home to another, you will have to face the stress of packing up home and purchasing the other one. So second-level home additions are not the scary ones. Make it your “Forever Home”.

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Home Addition Tips for specific Homestyle:

Consideration of Homestyle complement during remodeling is a crucial factor. In fact,  Addition enhances and beautifies your homestyle and expands home space whether you have a big family or want to rent out rooms to increase income source. The following are some tips for specific homestyle additions.

  • Cape-cod styles home addition:  having sloped-ceiling, you do not have much usable space and footprint but you can avail it through remodeling and addition of Second-level at home. After the renovation, you will get more space, usable upstairs space, and your desired rooms. You can enjoy the place with a new and fresh look.
  • Cottage renovation: Like Cape-Cod, the cottage also has a smaller footprint and less usable upstairs space that can be remodeled and make additions according to your needs.
  • Ranch addition: American ranch with “L or U shaped” is good for the second-level home addition. You have to pay heed on your home footprints but you also have full freedom to expand your home according to your desires.
  • American four Square renovation: it is a simple box shape home of pyramid-shaped, low-hipped, and deep over-hang roof. This home lends itself for renovation as four rooms per floor layout would not work with your growing family. You should consider half story to the full story to expand it according to your requirements.
  • Tudor revival:  These homes referred to storybook homes because of their distinctive style. Your planning about maximizing your living space might be hindered by a steep slope of your roof. You should ensure to secure its elegancy while remodeling.
  • Addition in the Second Empire or Mansard Houses: These homes usually are tall and narrow. Such kind of homes does not give you and your family much space. Second-level home additions are necessary for them to expand space and usable area.
  • Remodeling of Historic homes: These homes can be renovated also without damaging their peculiar architecture. You can Reconfigure the kitchen without disturbing the floorplans to make it use properly and the addition of Pocket doors to temporarily create flow in rooms and enlarging them. 

Factors that impact the cost of Second-Level Home Addition:

There are a number of factors that impact the cost of second-level home renovation.

  • Type of Foundation you are using
  • Choice for Siding
  • Number of windows you want 
  • Type of Roof 
  • Size of addition
  • HVAC/Electrical
  • Tearing down existing walls
  • Permits
  • Unseen issues

Embrace your Neighborhood:

For many of you, location is everything where-ever you live.  If you have no room to enlarge or expand laterally but dread the idea of selling and hunting for a new neighborhood that feels just as homey, consider staying put and installing a second-level home addition instead. The renovation will help you out in such a situation.

Health and Safety Advice for You & Your family during Additions:

During the renovation, the health, and safety of your family is pre-eminent. The worksite will be busy with potential builders. So here is some advice you should follow.

  • Relocate You & Your Family: Determine before the starting of addition, where you will locate and save your family from any type of inconvenience. Your builders will work properly without any interruptions. You can go on vacation or move somewhere else to live safely. In this way, your family will be safe from all types of mishappenings and your builders will work in a faster way.
  • Make No-Go-Zone: You can use barriers and signs to create the No-Go-Zone area to keep children, pets, friends, and family going into it. So your builders might work faster. The equipment that is using, make sure to put all of these in proper ways so no one gets an injury from it. 
  • Stay aware of your children about Renovation: your children are naturally excited and want to know what is going on at home. Sit with them and explain your strategies for second-level home addition and tell them benefits if they do not go to “No-Go-Area” even if your contractor should also talk to your children about the renovation.

Communication with  Contractors for Home Additions:

If you communicate regularly with your contractor, it will prove the best and successful way to achieve your desired home Additions. He can ask questions or inform you about any problem with your home that is hidden from your sight. You can also take an explanation of something from him. So it works very effectively.

  • Explain to your contractor each and every room intended purpose so he foresees it and works accordingly.
  • Pictures help your contactor what you need. You can take such pictures from different sites like Pinterest or Houzz and you can also sketch your desired renovation.
  • You should keep the project journal. On it, you can jot down the conversation with the contractor and you not forget anything. You can also make an estimate on it when your Home Addition will be completed. You can write your plans related to renovation in it that you want to discuss later with your builder.
  • Should tell your contractor frankly what you can afford and what not. It will help both of you to stay away from inconvenience. It also makes you realistic about additions.

Design-build Contractor or Residential Architect:

If you hire an Architect, you have to hire a builder with him separately. You will have to converse with multiple parties and explain everything.  It will take more time and energy and the project will run more longer. There should be a good understanding between both of them as it is the key to success and without it, you can not get the exact renovation you want. If you hire a Design-build contractor, You will save yourself from the “Triangle of Tension”. It will save your time, money and you will get more than good results. Your renovation will be faster and quicker and the process will be more thorough without any hurdle. The more people you are involved in, the more situation become complex.

Design options for Second-Level Home Addition:

Maybe you know that you need a second-level home addition, but you are confused about your idea what should be its specifics? Now, it is not a big issue. You can consult with a builder. He will explain:

  •  How the new addition will look like.
  • How the spaces will be increased.
  •  The Second-Level Home additions flow naturally into the rest of your home.

Increasing your home’s square footage is a wonderful and amazing benefit to you and your family, whether that means more room for the kids and their friends to play or more room for you to do work or relax. Your hired Builders will research your home and draw plans for the design process. You’ll be able to visualize your new space through it.  your home’s structure and foundation will have to check whether it can handle the additional weight.  You will have to pay attention to the proportions and scale. You do not want a new addition to look like it was attached to your home without any thought or consideration for your home’s original proportions and scale.

To sum up:

Here you have all the details and ultimate guide of how you can get Second-Level Home Addition and how you and your family can take benefits from it. Additionally, you can save memories, enjoy the neighbourhood, save time and money for years to come.  As renovation enhances and beautifies your homestyle and expands and enlarges home space whether you have a big family or want to rent out rooms to students to increase income sources. These homestyle additions help you out in all situations.

If your family is facing growing pains, renovation, and adding up with house additions is a good way to make an extra place for the children or for parents. It is also a way to give the main floor some extra stretch by making the walls many inches taller before adding the next level, and by merging smaller rooms that will no longer be required for sleeping when the new upstairs is completed.

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