What Voltage Cordless Drill Should You Buy to Accomplish your Job?

Are you looking to get your first cordless drill? What voltage cordless drill should you buy? You might be confused about it. It is necessary to choose the best cordless drill whether you want to learn the basics of maintenance or take it to another level. You can achieve a lot around the workshop or home if you get the right drill. In this article, you will get to know about the significance of different voltage cordless drills. Now let’s dive in.

Factors to Consider for Cordless Drill Voltage

Selecting the cordless drill inappropriate for your task will be of no worth. When choosing the right drill voltage, the most significant factors to consider are:

  • Purpose of the drill
  • Weight of the drill
  • How versatile it is

What Voltage Cordless Drill Should You Buy?

Here different cordless drills with varying voltage, weight, and purpose are discussed for you.

6 to 8 Voltage Drill

These are beginner-level drills that are suitable for very light-duty tasks. They are usually used as electric screwdrivers. You can also use them for light repairs. The weight of these voltage drills is around 1.75 pounds with a battery. Without any strain on your hands, you can use them.

They can drill into softwoods like chipboard and soft metals like aluminum. But due to the amount of stress on the motor, the drill overworks rapidly. Due to the insufficient biting power, it can also slip. Only the weight is not a problem. However, these low voltage drills have limited uses.

9 to 11 Voltage Drill

These drills are also appropriate for light-duty work. But they have more power. You can drill into holes with ease for extended periods. They do not overwork rapidly. 10.8 volt is the size of the drill you will see commonly. Including the battery, they weigh around 2.2 pounds.

It is not suitable for a keen DIYer. But if you want a drill for a small job in your home, this is great for you. You can work in tight spaces and overhead. They are very portable drills. Without putting a lot of stress, you can drill into wood, metal, and plastic. They will not be as long-lasting as a 12 Volt drill if you put in a lot of stress.

It is good to go if you are never going to need a bigger drill in the future. But you should invest in a drill with little more power.

12 to 15 Voltage Drill

If you are a DIY lover, these voltage drills are for you. You can use them for a home makeover or small construction projects. They are powerful, lightweight, and compact. You can drill small holes into hard and softwoods. They are perfect to drive small and long screws into wood and bore small holes with spade bits.

Due to its compact size and lightweight, the drill can be used for a longer time. The professionals keep the 12 Volt drills with their 18 Volt drills. So, you can also use these drills for working in confined areas or when your hands need rest. They weigh around 2.9 pounds. The chuck is 3/8 inch.

These drills are beneficial for normal DIY tasks and home projects. If you are a pro or professional tradesman, you cannot accomplish your tasks. They are not suggested to use with large auger bits and hole saws.

18 to 20 Voltage Drill

These 18 to 20 Volt drills are perfect for tradesmen and passionate DIYers. You can use them to work both inside and outside your home. They are powerful and versatile. You can use such drills with a wider range of accessories and bits. Without a drill hammer function, you can drill into concrete and brick. Whether you need to drill PVC, tile, metal, ceramic, wood, or masonry, they are perfect.

The chuck is ½ inch. They are capable of boring large holes. These drills run hole saws up to about 3 inches. The only issue is the weight that is around 4 pounds. Working overhead or in tight spaces can make you exhausted. But the drills got lighter with the development of lithium-ion batteries and user-friendly cordless drills. The lightest 18 Volt drill weighs only 2.2 pounds.

24 Plus Voltage Drill

This one is best for professional contractors. These drills can help you drill concrete, iron plate, bore a lot of holes through joists or studs. Such high voltage drills are great for working on building sites.

Where to Buy a Cordless Drill

Make sure to get a safe and well-made drill. Shop from trusted sellers in-store or online. Get the necessary information about any product before buying. There are plenty of cordless drills available on Amazon. You can shop safely from amazon and get refunds for faulty tools.


A cordless drill is an essential tool to rely on for both smaller and bigger projects. The larger projects include deck building and large-scale remodeling. While the smaller tasks are assembling furniture and installing fixtures.

We hope you can now easily decide what voltage cordless drill should you buy. You can choose according to your preferences. We prefer both 12-volt and 18-volt cordless drills. The 12-volt is perfect for tight spaces. Your whole family can use it for household use. While you can use an 18-volt drill when you need more power and have enough space to use.

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