Top 5 List of kitchen storage ideas

Storage spaces have reduced over the years as real estate got expensive. This is why various storage solutions have been introduced so that we space everywhere in the house. One of the most cramped places in the house is the garage. The next place is the kitchen which is right in front of our eyes, unlike the garage. Once you mark the most cluttered areas, you can go for home décor trending nowadays.

Therefore, we have come up with a post that helps you in organizing your kitchen at a budget. However, you can also check up on 9 easy ways to use kitchen utensils to save space and add practicality in your kitchen. Furthermore, saving space in the kitchen using storage items can help you in keeping things safe for a longer duration. Any home décor magazine will tell you that kitchen uplift falls in the top 10 interior designs. However, let us go through the reasons why you should adopt a compact storage strategy in your kitchen:-  

If it feels like you never have enough storage in the kitchen despite tons of drawers and cabinets, it may come down to how you’re storing things. All the storage space in the world won’t help if the items inside of it are disorganized. Let us first go through some of the benefits which you reap once you organize your kitchen smartly:-


This is the number 1 reason why I keep my kitchen organized, as my 2 young kids are constantly running in and out of the kitchen when I’m cooking. Too many things on the benches, over-filled cupboards, tripping hazards and sharp objects stored unsafely are all accidents waiting to happen. A clutter-free kitchen will reduce fire hazards, as well as potential accidents, and give you peace of mind.

Ample Storage

The most obvious benefit of installing a kitchen pantry is extra storage space, which is something every homeowner can get excited about. Cluttered kitchens not only look messy and dirty, but they also make it easy to lose cooking tools, small spice jars, and anything else you have lying around. Adding this home storage option is a great way to make better use of kitchen space.

More Cooking

Cooking nutritious meals in your own home is necessary to overall health, and a well-stocked, organized kitchen pantry often intensifies the inclination to cook. You’ll also save money, as cooking ismuch cheaper than dining out.

Added Appeal

Your home’s kitchen has the power to sway home buyers into purchasing your house. An updated kitchen featuring an expansive pantry adds considerable appeal to this high-traffic room and increases selling chances

Saves time

A well-organized kitchen can lead to other time-efficient habits such as meal planning, quicker grocery shopping and unpacking, and easier meal prep. These things, combined with organized cabinets and drawers and great storage, will save you an enormous amount of time. Sometimes putting in that bit of extra time and effort at the start to get things organized can be the biggest time (and stress) saver down the track.

Now let us go through the 5 items on Amazon that can help you attain a good storage strategy in your kitchen, that too in a budget:-

1.Hodedah Kitchen Island with Spice Rack

The Hodedah Kitchen Island is a stylish yet functional addition to any home. It has a versatile design and is ideal for homes that have both traditional or cottage interiors. This kitchen island features a towel rack, spice rack, one spacious drawer and enclosed cabinet space with one shelf. This kitchen island is available in multiple finishes, choose the one that blends with your existing interior. This Kitchen Island features an elegant wood top for enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. It has a frame made of durable wood, which makes it long-lasting for years to come. You can use DIY home renovation tools for setting the island up easily. You can get this ideal storage item from Amazon.


  • A convenient and accessible way to display your microwave, toaster and other small appliances
  • Drawer to store kitchen utensils
  • Cabinet space to store small appliance, pots and pans and much more
  • Wheels for easy mobility
  • Great for home and office kitchen.Cabinet Construction: Framed
  • Overall dimensions (in inches) – 35.2 H x 35.5-44.9 W x 15.5 D
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2.mDesign Plastic Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

The mDesign Kitchen Storage Bins are perfect for food storage. We make it easy for you to organize like a pro. Organize all of your favorite snack foods, energy drinks, condiment bottles, cans and dry foods. Convenient and stackable, these bins can be used all over the home, not just in the kitchen! The handy carrying handles make them easily portable. It’s easy to create a storage solution that works best for you – in any room of your home! You can get this ideal storage item from Amazon.


  • Storage made simple
  • Portable & stackable
  • Functional & versatile
  • Quality construction
  • Each Measures 10″ x 6″ x 3″ high
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3.Rubbermaid Easy Find Vented Lids Food Storage Containers

Easily store food while minimizing clutter around your kitchen using Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers with Easy Find Lids. Featuring a new built-in vent for splatter resistant microwaving, these meal prep containers are easy to organize and help conserve space in your cabinets.

The lids snap to each other and the bottom of the containers and have a bright red color, helping ensure that they are always easy to find. Constructed from durable, BPA free plastic, these food containers are built to withstand a wide range of temperatures and are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. Thanks to their clear bases, it’s easy to see the contents of any container. You can get this ideal storage item from Amazon.


  • Built-in vent for splatter-resistant microwaving
  • Lids snap together at bases to reduce clutter
  • BPA free, microwave safe and dishwasher safe
  • Thick, durable container walls for everyday use
  • Set contains 21 assorted food containers and 21 lids, for a total of 42 pieces
  • Set includes: (5) 0.5 Cup, (6) 1.25 Cup, (6) 2 Cup, (2) 3 Cup, (1) 5 Cup, (1) 7 Cup, (21) Lids
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4.Rack Fridge Wood Organizer Refrigerator Side Storage Rack

This lovely shelf is made with sturdy, solid wood and comes in a beautiful understated white.

This organizer features a 3-layer shelf that is great for storing just about anything in any room of the house. Perfect in a bathroom, laundry room or bedroom, the baskets simply hang over the top of your door or refrigerator so you can use it anywhere! A multitude of shelves reduces clutter and adds extra storage space. You can get this ideal storage item from Amazon.


  • Perfect For Your Storage
  • Simple Stylish Design
  • Multi-Use Shelf
  • Easy To Install
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5.Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container

The lids are deep enough to seat easily, and you can open them with one hand! That’s what most people are looking for! The largest one will not hold 4 pounds of sugar, but it’s pretty close; the tall spaghetti one holds two packages, unopened. It can hold any kind of sugar, spices and even dried fruit. This has to be the best possible cheapest inventory holding item in my kitchen. You can get this ideal storage item from Amazon.


  • Build to last
  • Best value for money
  • Superior bundle
  • Versatile containers
  • Space-saving design
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Therefore, if you are looking for efficient storage space, then these strategies and storage items can help you in doing so remaining in a tight budget. Once you have most of your items organized, not only does your kitchen become stylish, spacious and user friendly but also space where you like to spend more time rather than running away from it. Once you are done with the kitchen, you can also look out for various home renovation ideas to enhance the efficiency of your whole home. Happy Cooking!

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