Top 10 home care tools that will save you time and money.

Time and money are interchangeable assets that are most required t home since 80% of your effective day are spent away making money. Therefore, every minute you save at home is highly precious. Imagine running to the local store for getting a wrench or calling in a home repair guy to fix a leaky faucet. The horror of losing time or money or both in this scenario. Although, you can take the basic preventive measures in order to avoid such a leak by following tips on how to fix a leaking faucet. However, the point is that you must have the basic home care tools that allow you to save time and money at the same instant. We have a list of top 10 must-have home care tools that increase your efficiency.

Tool Kit

A basic tool kit is as important as a door lock in every household. A good and extensive kit saves you time every time you need to carry out a small repair in the house. A basic tool kit should have a hammer, plier, wrench and screwdrivers. However, one that saves you time and money should have different sizes and variants of aforesaid tools. You can get an extensive tool kit like the Tool Set- 135 Piece by Stalwart from right away to get a start rolling.

Sponge paint roller

A number of times a small paint job costs a fortune as you need to get a repair guy in for finishing up a torn piece. However, a sponge paint roller allows you to instantly fill the gap. All you need is a bucket of paint that you can pick on the way back home. You can get an ideal set like the Foampro 162 Fine Finish Roller from

Foampro 162 Fine Finish Roller (High-Density Foam), 2″, Pack of 1



A paint roller or a tool kitis of no use if you cannot access the affected part as it is more than six feet above the ground. It may not be the DIY home renovation tool but certainly is an important tool when you talk about saving time for a repair job. If huge ladders are not your thing then get the 2-Step Aluminum Step Stool with 225 lb. Load Capacity from

Double-sided tape

When it comes to home improvement tools,the one you’ll definitely need is double-sided tape. Search volume for the keyword “double-sided tape” is also quite strong with 60,500 monthly searches according to Keywords Everywhere. This kind of proves that no household is complete without tape and two-sided tape. This can be an urgent fix for a problem that has to be repaired later by you or a specialist. This saves from initial damage as well as offer adhesive to hanging objects in the house. You can get it easily from

Multipurpose Double Sided Mounting Tape – Washable Traceless Clear Adhesive Tape – Household & Industrial Gel Grip Tape (16.50 FT)



As they say “if it moves, use duct tape and if it doesn’t use WD-40”. This is a one-stop solution to anything that jams or rusts in the house. Therefore, if you are trying to stop that squeak in the window or open a treasure chest found after decades, this is the go-to item for you in the toolbox. Multiple varieties of WD-40 are available at which you can look at here.

Scissors and Knives

Another essential must-have item is a good sharp scissor and knife set. These help in everyday jobs and help you in avoiding usage of nonstandard cutting equipment that can waste your time and damage your household items as well.

Tape Measure

This is the most needed yet underrated tool in your toolbox as it is at times urgently required before starting the project. However, the project often never starts because you never get to find a measuring tape or have it in the house altogether. This general-purpose tool can be bought from any Homedepot shelf or order the Pro Grip Version online from Amazon. While selecting a measuring tape, always go for the one which has a stop button so your measurements remain intact once you are through with the measuring part.

Tape Measure By Clear Style, 25 Foot Auto-Lock, Inch And Metric Graduation Fractions Marked Measuring Tape With Wrist Strap For Construction, DIY Rubber Protective Case



Working without light in a closed space even in the day time can hamper your DIY progress. Therefore, get a compact and powerful flashlight from Amazon like the Lumen Mini Portable Tactical Clip Handheld Flashlight that is chargeable and do not waste your money on batteries.

Skysted WF-502B CREE XM-L2 U2 U3 LED Single Mode 1200 Lumen Mini Portable Tactical Clip Handheld Flashlight Torch Lamp,for Outdoor Sports and Indoor Activities (Black)


Basic hardware

This is once again a part of the toolbox that people miss out on. A run to the hardware store to get nails, sinkers, screws, rivets, and bolts etc can really be a mood killer and can hamper in your progress towards Top 10 interior designs or a simple home care job in routine. Therefore, always have a variety of hardware available. Moreover, if you are starting a specific DIY project, do go through the kinds of hardware requirements and get them beforehand. If not, get the basic ones ready in a separate box forever there is a need.

Hand saw

This is one tool that falls under the category of moderate or expert DIY personnel. A handsaw can be used making quick cuts in wood, plastic or composite material. A number of handsaws are available for your DIY home renovation projects as they come in various shapes and sizes. However, the most used handsaw is the Stanley 15″ 9PT Handsaw 15-334 from However, you can also get the powered saw from Amazon like the BLACK&DECKER PHS550B 3.4 Amp Powered Handsaw. However, be careful while operating any kind of saw and take the services of a professional even for a DIY project if it seems outside your grasp. 

BLACK+DECKER Electric Hand Saw with Storage Bag, 3.4-Amp (PHS550B)


However, if the job seems like too much and you require to buy extensive tools, then it is better to get professional help rather than spending money and time that may end up in an unfruitful result. Although, having the tools give you a heads up even before the professionals show up.

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