Tips To Make Your Kitchen Counter Look Stylish And Classy

Stop putting random pieces of stuffto your kitchen. It is the food factory in our house, and it needs to look classy and sophisticated. Apart from that, decorating your kitchen can be fun as well as challenging. Thus, follow some tips to make your kitchen look stunning so that it can make a long-lasting impression on your guests. Get the latest kitchen design trends from

Small appliances

In case if your kitchen has a short amount of space, this tip can be beneficial to you. It will help you to save a considerable amount of space. Make your counter consists of small and stylish appliances like coffee grinders, stand mixers or blenders. It will not only make your kitchen counter look trendy, but you can also get access to those things quickly. Just make sure to tuck all the cords properly so that it doesn’t look messy. You can get these all conviniently from Amazon.


You can consider canisters to be an excellent way to keep your most common ingredients within your reach. For example, you can keep sugar and flour to the canisters if you bake frequently. Also, you will get the canisters in several sizes and styles. Choose the ones that are going with the ambience of your kitchen so that it looks brilliant. It is always a good idea to have an item like the  IMAX 5358-3 from

Set of 3 Labeled Ivory Ceramic Kitchen Canisters with Lids



We know that you will get almost all the recipes on the internet. But those cookbooks have an old-school charm. They will not only make your kitchen counter look classy, but it will also give a nerdish touch to your kitchen. Also, it will convey a message that you and your family still have a connection with traditions. To be more precise, it will add personality to your kitchen. On top of it, these little friends will add some colors to your kitchen.


To make your kitchen look vibrant, bring on the plants. Plants can be a fantastic way to decorate your kitchen. In addition, to keep your kitchen environment healthy, they will add up to the vividness of your kitchen. Include some plants to your countertop and enjoy the aura of freshness. You can bring some insect repellant plants to your kitchen to keep the insects away from your food. Just be precise about taking care of them. It is always a good idea to have a plant like the Cypress Cone Topiaries Set of 2 from

Two 4 Foot Artificial Topiary Cedar Trees Potted Indoor Outdoor Plants


Wooden board

If you are looking for some enticing décor for your kitchen, you can opt for a wooden board. They will reflect a raw wooden charm to your kitchen. Apart from making your kitchen look stylish, these wood boards will also benefit you in numerous ways. You can chop veggies as well as meat in those wooden boards and also roll the dough if you need. So, investing on the wooden boards will be a good investment.


Candles can do wonders to enhance the décor of your kitchen. Try to go for the candles that have a beautiful fragrance. It will amplify the freshness of your kitchen and some vivid colors to it. Keeping the candles on your kitchen counter will help you to get rid of the unwanted smell of food. You will find candles in many fragrances like herbs, citrus or vanilla. So, make your cooking more enjoyable, include candles to your countertop. You can get the Cyan Design Candle Cup 2.5 Inch Tall Brass and Candle Holder from

Lulu Candles | Fresh Linen | Luxury Scented Soy Jar Candle | Hand Poured in The USA | Highly Scented & Long Lasting | Small – 6 Oz.


Pretty towels

Most of the times, you will find that your kitchen comprises of hard things like metals, tiles and stones. So, if you want to establish a soft touch to your kitchen, you can add towels as well as curtains. Buy the tea towels and place it to your kitchen; you will witness the difference of the ambience by yourself.

Coffee station

To most of the coffee drinkers, morningcoffee is a significant part of their routine. So, setting a coffee station in your kitchen can never be insignificant. Apart from sipping the freshly brewed coffee, the coffee station will bring a techno touch to your kitchen. Make sure that the coffee station is compatible with the size and space of your kitchen, or else it will look a bit out-of-the-place.


Adding art to your kitchen can never go wrong. It will justify your aesthetic taste, and it will also make your kitchen look pretty. Well, we know that most of us don’t think of adding art pieces to our kitchen, but it is a unique idea to work on. Adding art pieces to your kitchen will add a beautiful personality to your kitchen, and you can also utilize the left space of your kitchen. You can go for framed artworks, or if you have something out-of-the-blue in your mind, you can add that too. It is all about your creativity.You can get this cool 10-Pc Drawings Gallery Wall from and be the point of envy for your friends and family alike.

Kate and Laurel Bordeaux Gallery Wall Kit, Set of 10 with Assorted Size Frames in 3 Different Finishes – White Wash, Charcoal Gray, and Rustic Gray



You can use beautifully decorated vessels to keep your kitchen utensils. It will serve your purpose to make your kitchen look elegant, and they will also help you to keep your kitchen utensils. So, you can consider using this utensil for dual-purpose. It will add color, character and texture to your countertop and will grab the attention of your guests. You can purchase the Striae Vessels from

Pretty water bottles

Well, we all know the importance of water bottles. So, why don’t you choose the water bottles that are colorful and beautiful at the same? Apart from holding your water, it will help you add colors to your kitchen. You can put those water bottles in a wooden cutting board to add a gripping visual effect.

Hence, these are some of the tricks that you can use make your kitchen counter look amazing. It will not only make your cooking more refreshing, but it will improve your mood while keeping. Thus, follow these points and enjoy your kitchen.

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