The Best Gas Chainsaws: Which one to opt for?

‘Gas Chainsaw’ is a saw that with sharp-toothed edges and superb efficiency smoothly cut down the hardwood surfaces at an extremely fast pace. These chainsaws are powered by oil and gasoline and are portable. They can easily be carried along anywhere and has the capacity to withstand any harsh weather conditions.

Gas chainsaws come in different sizes and the power capacities. When it comes to the strength of the chainsaws, it primarily depends upon the power of the engine, and its bar length determines the cut that can be made in a single go. People have different purposes in their minds in terms of using these chainsaws. Some are farmers and the professionals while there are a few homeowners as well that prefer keeping chainsaws at home for trimming, pruning and cleaning their gardens and backyards. So, no matter what the purpose is, there is a need to have complete know-how about the features of each of the chainsaw before you decide which gas chainsaw to you should buy.

What are the key factors to consider when buying a ‘Gas Chainsaw’?

When going to shop for the gas chainsaw, there are a few necessary questions that must be answered which will be pretty helpful to you in getting the right one.

  • What do you need the gas chainsaw for?
  • How frequently will you be using it?
  • How physically strong you are?
  • What are your skills levels?

Other than these relevant queries, there are indeed more factors that need to be taken into account. You can also look at the complete collection  of gas chainsaw from Amazon. Check these out!!

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Engine power is one of the most vital factors that must be analyzed and assessed in detail. Higher the power the stronger the chainsaw is. The power of lightweight chainsaw ranges from 20cc to 30cc while talking about the heavy duty ones their power lies between 50cc to a 70cc range and are usually preferred by the professionals.

Bar length:

If you are looking for the chainsaw that can cut and make big trees fall then the long bars length has the potency of creating deeper cuts and will undoubtedly be the comfortable choice for you. However, the small and medium-sized bars are aimed at firewood, trimming and cleaning.

Additional features:

Other than the common ones, look for some unique features of the chainsaw like auto-oiler that is essential for keeping your saw run smoothly. Also, the inclusion of an air filtration system will surely be helpful to make your motor run well and for a more extended period of time.

Safety measures:

Undoubtedly chainsaws are one of the most powerful tools, but the risks attached to it are equally very intense. Therefore, you must get to know about the safety measures being provided by the chainsawyou like to buy. These include;

  • Stopping of the chainsaw in times of kickbacks
  • Anti-vibration system to reduce fatigue, etc.
  • Get protection equiment like these gloves from Amazon


Last but not the least, finally comes the amount of money you are willing to pay. You may find numerous kinds of chainsaws under different price tags. Some cost less; others are a bit pricey. But remember, never compromise when the point of safety arises.

Best Gas Chainsaws to buy:

  • Husqvarna 435E Gas-Powered Chainsaw
  • Remington RM4620 Gas Chainsaw
  • XtremepowerUS Gasoline Gas Chainsaw
  • Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas-Powered Chainsaw
  • Poulan Pro PP4218AVX Gas-Powered Anti-Vibration Chainsaw
  • Tanaka TCS40EA18 Gas Powered Rear Handle Chainsaw
  • Echo CS-400 Gas Chainsaw
  • Homdox 58CC Gas Powered Chainsaw
  • Remington RM5118R Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 435E Gas-Powered Chainsaw:


Are you looking for a gas powered chainsaw for occasional use? Well, Husqvarna 435E will be the right choice for performing the best cutting procedures around your house or at the farms.

The unit comes in very solid construction. Additionally, it comes with a centrifugal air cleaning system which makes sure that no massive particle reaches the air filter. This means that the filter will not be requiring frequent cleanups, saving your time and money. Its 40.9cc engine delivers 2.2 horsepower, which we believe to be more than enough for light cuttings.


  • Well-constructed
  • Smart Start
  • Lightweight
  • Great cutting capabilities
  • Quiet


  • Lacks tool-less chain tensioning
  • May require carburetor adjustment

Remington RM4620 Gas Chainsaw:


Remington RM4620 Gas Chainsaw supports the 42cc 2-cycle gas engine and delivers a high capacity performance. The handle of this chainsaw has a cushion like wrapping, encourages working in a balanced way and reduces tiredness.

Remington RM4620 is equipped with the QuickStart technology for smoother, safer and easier start-up. Due to the adjustable automatic oiler, no serious problem occurs in the chain during the working sessions.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Easy grip
  • 5-point anti-vibration system
  • A side-access chain tensioner
  • Two-years warranty


  • Unsuitable for heavy-duty tasks

XtremepowerUS Gasoline Gas Chainsaw:


XtremepowerUS Gasoline Gas Chainsaw comes with an engine air-intake system that ensures to keep the engine of your machine dust free. Since the construction is pretty simple, you no need to consult an expert and quickly remove the system to clean it, when requires.

The engine of XtremepowerUS has very low emissions and makes your machine consume less fuel than the average saws. Keeping in mind the safety of the clients, the company has introduced spark arrestors, so the users are kept safe from the flashes while working.


  • Efficient
  • Helps you economize on the fuel
  • Has anti-vibration technology
  • Environmental friendly
  • Lightweight


  • Chain sometimes came off the track
  • Tightening chain requires tools

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas-Powered Chainsaw:


Reducing emissions by sixty percent and taking care of the vibrations, Husqvarna 455 Rancher gas-powered chainsaw comes with an x-torque engine, ensuring less fuel consumption and higher power output.

Equipped with centrifugal force, the filters are prevented from the dust, thus facilitates its own cleaning. On the other hand, the machine also offers an easy replacement of the filters. The handles are comfortable to hold and are cushioned against vibrations. The easy start reduces the chances of injury.


  • Low vibrations
  • Has centrifugal air cleaning system
  • Extremely powerful
  • Easy to manage and handle
  • Self-lubrication


  • Loud and heavy
  • Expensive

Poulan Pro PP4218AVX Gas-Powered Anti-Vibration Chainsaw:


Poulan Pro PP4218AVX ismarked as one of the best anti-vibration, gas-powered chainsaw. It comes with anti-vibration handles and delivers supreme comfort to its users.

Equipped with a reverse sprocket offers easy replacement of the chain and does not even require any tools. The automatic oiling system of the machine keeps a close check on the lubrication and ensures that it serves you better for a more extended period of time. The eighteen-inch bar allows you to make the correct use of the machine.


  • Excellent performance
  • Anti-vibration handles
  • Easy to use
  • Auto oiling system


  • Difficult to start

Tanaka TCS40EA18 Gas Powered Rear Handle Chainsaw:


With a heavy-duty commercial grade 40cc engine and power output of 2.4hp, Tanaka TCS40EA18 gas powered rear handle chainsaw is designed with stunning features that ideally performs well in case of pruning and tree felling.

The equipment is armed with a long 18 inches blade and chain, eliminating strains and tiredness. Tanaka TCS40EA18 supports S-start mechanism which helps you to start the engine by applying at least 50% less force. With the side access to the chain, you can quickly adjust the chain when needed.


  • Very compact and portable
  • Efficient and powerful
  • Reduced kickback
  • Anti-vibration design
  • Facilitates chain tensioner that let you adjust the chain in no time
  • Seven years warranty
  • CARB certified
  • Excellent tool for the price


  • The carb to gas tank return line is very short
  • The components appear to be less sturdy
  • The chain goes dull in the middle of a job

Echo CS-400 Gas Chainsaw:


Powered by a 40.2 cc dual cycle G-force engine, Echo CS-400 gas chainsaw comes with a bar length of 18 inches. The G-force engine helps in optimizing the filtration system, eliminates clogging and increases the lifespan of the machine.

The auto oil feature keeps the chain of the machine lubricated, hence allows the machine to work uniformly. It comes with i-30 starting system offering its users immediate startups.


  • Can accommodate two bar lengths
  • i-30 starter engine
  • Auto-oiler feature
  • G-force engine is ideal for air-filtration


  • Frequent oil leaks from the chainsaw

Homdox gas powered chainsaw incorporates 3.5HP 58cc engine with two stokes and is usually favored for cutting jobs around the farm or the garden of your house. This fantastic gas chainsaw combines assisted starting system and quick stopping control, thus delivering excellent precautionary measures and efficiency.

The automatic chain oiler extends the life of the chainsaw while a quick release air filter contributes to the excellent working status of the machine.


  • Slip-free design
  • Comfortable to operate
  • Anti-kickback chain designed
  • Effective anti-vibration.


  • A bit loud

Remington RM5118R Gas Chainsaw:


Ranging from challenging to simpler ones, Remington RM5118R gas chainsaw flawlessly performs well to carry out various activities. With a robust two-cycle engine, the capacity of 51cc and the bar of 18 inches ensure a rapid and smooth cutting even the most healthy trees.

Integrated with quick start technology, the startup of the machine is pretty fast and straightforward. Moreover, its handles feature anti-shock capabilities which essentially deliver great working procedures.


  • QuickStart technology
  • Durable construction and chain
  • Front and back anti-vibration handles


  • At times chain oil leaks after use
  • Bulky
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