Some DIY Ideas To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home Décor

We live under the misapprehension that handmade home décor items are complicated. However, if you are full of creative ideas, you can come up with numerous attractihome décorve handmade items. Adding those items to your home will enhance the beauty of your home. Moreover, it will establish a feeling of satisfaction as well as achievement inside you. Besides, coming up with innovative ideas will also enhance the cognitive abilities of your brain. So, let us provide you with a list of handmade items that you can craft sitting on your home. Comprehending this list will give you an idea about how to make them where to place them in your house.

Star mirror

Star mirror is oneof the stunning DIY items that can enlighten your house within minutes. Once you witness the item, you will feel that it is a celestial piecethat is gleaming with beauty. Besides, it is not that tough to make. To craft this item, you will need some bright colored strings, some nails, and a round mirror. After that, you have to tie those strings with those nails around the round mirror. Make sure that the shape of the strings looks like a star, and voila! You are ready with your star mirror. Well, comprehend one thing that it will take a bit time of yours. You can order the nylon ropes like the Tenn Well 300Feet Natural Jute Twine from Amazon. 

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Nautical vase

If you are a nature lover, this DIY item will blow your mind. It will not only enlighten your home décor, but it will also bring some freshness to your house. You must be thinking that it is complicated to craft a nautical vase. However, we would like to inform you that it is one of the most straightforward DIY items to make. Yes, you heard it right. To make a nautical vase, all you need are some strong ropes and strong glue. At first, tie those ropes in different nautical designs. After that, stick those ropes in the cylindrical shape with the help of the adhesive. Then, place some plants of your choice and enjoy a piece of nature in your room. However, if you are not the mood of a DIY project than you can always pre-order some from and then add your own ideas over them. 

Chic cabinet tray

There are times when we throw out the waste woods. But we don’t realize that they can come handy when it comes to making DIY items. Thus, if you have any spare or unused piece of plane wood, you can convert it into a tray. However, it is a bit tough to make compared to other items. It will take some time and effort of yours. At first, you have to polish that piece of wood with the help of glass paper. After that, you have to paint it white. After drying it, consider the tray as your canvas and fill it with the colors of our desire. Finally, you have to take some strong ropes and attach it with the tray so that you can hold it properly.

Book side table

This is one of the sophisticated DIY items on the list. Well, almost all of us a dusty set of the encyclopedia that we don’t use much. So, why don’t you convert them into something useful as well as beautiful? Again, you will need strong glue to craft this DIY item. Also, it is quite effortless to make this. You just have to create a spiral shape by placing the books on each other and stick them with the help of glue. Finally, you have to put a flat piece of wood above it and stick that as well. Once your glue is ready, you are ready with your book side table. Place it behind your sofa and witness the aura that is coming out from that table. However, if woodwork is not your forte, you can always get the Griffon Side Table from

Furinno Simplistic End Table, French Oak Grey/Grey


Suite case table

Now, we all have vintage suitcases in our house, which we don’t use. Nothing but a thick layer of dust is the only thing that it is carrying right now. However, you can use it efficiently as a table. During that time, it will store your valuable things instead of dust. Besides, you don’t have to give much effort to craft this DIY item. All you need is a good stool and a strong adhesive. Just pace your suitcase over the stool and stick it with the help of the gum. You can also add some colors to that suitcase to look fascinating. The best part about this DIY table is that you can store and lock all your stuff.

Coin bank

Do you want to witness a smile on your little one’s face apart from making your house look colorful? Well, present him or her with a DIY coin bank. This item is by far the easiest to make. All you have to do is to clean an empty container. That empty container can be anything like a container of talcum powder, medicines, and numerous other things. After that, rip off the label from that container, and draw the favorite cartoon character of your kid. Then gif it to your kid and the witness the smiling face. Besides, you can put it wherever you want. Also, this item will make your kid learn the importance of savings.

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Pillow pocket

Pillow pocket is a simple yet functional DIY item. To make this, find out a good jean of yours. Next, cut the pocket and stitch it to your pillow cover. You can use it to store numerous small things like your remote, medicines, and several other things.

So, these are some of the DIY items that are functional and will make your home look attractive.

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