Milwaukee vs Dewalt Cordless Drill Which Is Better? | Comparison

There is no doubt that Milwaukee and Dewalt are the most popular brands and the most trusty brands in the construction industry. Some prefer Milwaukee and some people prefer DeWalt and they have their own reasons. Here we will compare Milwaukee vs Dewalt drill which cordless drill is better.


Milwaukee is introduced in 1924 and the company does not take much time to get famous because of its durable and reliable tools. There are more companies that make good stuff like Milwaukee but I do not know why but there are a large number of people who love to pick their tools for Milwaukee because of the durability of the product and the performance.

History Of Milwaukee Tools

Before starting the comparison of Milwaukee vs Dewalt cordless drill first we will look at the history of both companies. Milwaukee was founded in 1924 and its goal was to produce the best heavy-duty power tools accessories for working professionals.

After the first world war, Ford founder Henry Ford was looking for the quarter-inch portable power drill for his workers on the assembly line. Milwaukee took up the challenge and created the hole shooter, the first lightweight quarter-inch drill. Back then this drill was the competition and this was considered lightweight.

Revolution In Industry

This tool makes a revolution in the construction industry and greatly improved business for both Ford and for Milwaukee as well. Over the years in true Milwaukee fashion they started making their own motors and parts to greatly improve their design, tool became more lightweight, more powerful, and more durable. With these improvements, Milwaukee quickly earned a reputation for quality.

Other industries eventually turn to Milwaukee to improve their tools as well. They improved the sander grinder with a spring clutch design and they also improved on the design of the circular saw then in 1949 the company came out with the new tool, the half-inch right angle drill. The drill was really helpful for both electricians and plumbers because it could easily fit between studs to drill holes for conduit and pipes.


The next Milwaukee company invented was Sawzall, it was the first reciprocating saw thanks to the blade and Milwaukee came up with it that could cut a variety of material perfect for demolition and other rough-cut applications.


Dewalt is the brand that comes to mind if you are talking about construction or the competitor of Milwaukee. The tools you are buying today and you think that’s are perfect for you have brief histories so now we will talk about the past of Dewalt tools.

History Of Dewalt Tools

The Dewalt was founded in 1923 just difference of one year like they have a difference of their product. The founder of the Dewalt was the mister Raymond EDA Waldo and he was the inventor of the radial arm saw. So both of company did invention to earn their place.

Radial Arm Saw

I think most of these young people do not know what radial arm saw is and they may be never seen it. The radial arm saw is the precursor of today’s sliding double bevel miter saw and kind of table saw. It was one of the first single-person operated powered woodworking and lumber making tools. Now why we are telling you this because if you go to buy any lumber cutting facility these days you are likely to find a radial arm saw and there is a good chance that it is still old Dewalt.

Comparison (Dewalt Vs Milwaukee Cordless Drill)

So we have learned that what they have done for the construction industry in the past and we all know both are great companies in terms of innovation but now it is time to compare them in different tools.

  • Dewalt Vs Milwaukee 12v Cordless Drill
  • Dewalt Vs Milwaukee Compact Tools
  • 18 Volts Cordless Drill Milwaukee Vs Dewalt
  • Impact Drivers Milwaukee Vs Dewalt
  • Milwaukee Vs Dewalt Hammer Drill|

Dewalt Vs Milwaukee 12v Cordless Drill

If you are looking for the 12 volts cordless drill or impact driver then you should pick Milwaukee rather than Dewalt. So if you are looking to buying the drill then we will also provide you the best product you should pick in every category.

Dewalt Vs Milwaukee Compact Tools

In the terms of compact tools then we will also prefer you to go with the Milwaukee tools rather than picking Dewalt but if you are looking for a lightweight tool Dewalt can also be good for you. Milwaukee is good at giving us great quality tools and Dewalt also does that but Milwaukee is far far ahead of Dewalt in terms of compact tools.

18 Volts Cordless Drill Milwaukee Vs Dewalt

In terms of 18 volts drill both have great tools to look for both have great 18 volts compact and lightweight tools in the terms of 18 volts and 20 volts. So here we will say Milwaukee vs Dewalt comparison in 18 volts cordless drill is a draw because both have great tools in this category. But if you will go with ou recommended pick we will recommend you to buy DeWalt DCD708, so yeah I know you are thinking that it was drawn but Dewalt is better than Milwaukee in 18volts cordless drill.

Impact Drivers Milwaukee Vs Dewalt

In this category again if you are looking for faster work then you should pick Milwaukee but if you are looking for durable work then it is recommended to pick Dewalt because Milwaukee is fast but Dewalt is a little bit slow but effective than the Milwaukee impact drivers. The impact drivers of Dewalt are a little bit expensive so if you are on a budget then you can buy the best impact drivers from Milwaukee that will be at a very cheap rate.

Milwaukee Vs Dewalt Hammer Drill

So in the category of hammer drills, we will recommend you to go with DeWalt rather than Milwaukee or you can choose between these two because both have great hammer drill tools in their store. Most Milwaukee tools are best for regular jobs and Dewalt has made great tools for tough jobs. So if you are looking to buy the best hammer drill we have picked the best hammer drill down below.


Now we will talk about who is the manufacturer of Milwaukee and Dewalt which are your favorite tools. There are lots of manufacturers for your favorite tools mentioned below.

Manufacturer Of Milwaukee

  • Step Bits
  • MX FUEL Rocket Tower Light and MX FUEL Drain Machine
  • Corded Sawzalls
  • Large Drills
  • Sawzall Blades
  • Hole Saws
  • Bandsaw Blades
  • Oscillating Multitool Blades (Imperial)
  • Empire I-Beam Levels; Torpedo Levels; and Rafter, Combination, and Framing Squares
  • Empire Caution Tape
  • Milwaukee Rafter Squares and Framing Squares

Manufacturer Of Dewalt

  • Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.
  • AEG
  • Empire
  • Ridgid (licensed)
  • Ryobi (licensed)
  • Hart Tools
  • Imperial Blades
  • Stiletto
  • Homelite
  • Hoover US
  • Oreck
  • Vax
  • Dirt Devil


So, Milwaukee is best for you if you are looking for a regular job done and Milwaukee is also good at providing you heavy-duty tools to do your work and they are also good in performance and durable but not as much as Dewalt is. But in one thing Milwaukee is still ahead of Dewalt is in making good tools at a reasonable price.

Dewalt is good at providing you the heavy-duty tools and tools that are durable and highly good at performance. If you are looking to buy Dewalt’s tool to do a regular job done then it will not be a good choice.

Hope you have found something intresting in this article about milwaukee vs Dewalt cordless drills or tools.

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