Kitchen Renovation: All You Must Know Before Renovating A Kitchen

Kitchen is an important place in the house. Well, if you are looking for Kitchen Renovation tips, then this article would help you. Before you start organising things for your kitchen, you must make a plan for the kitchen renovation. Planning is an essential part here. You must plan and set your budget before proceeding. You can also visit some stores to get an idea of what type of kitchen you want. Remodelling your kitchen with a new style and looks can be quiet a deal. However, if you have a clear idea on your mind, then you can think about hiring a contractor and start renovating the kitchen.

Well, if you don’t have any idea, then here is the list of suggestions for you to renovate your kitchen. 

  1. Taking a charge 

Everyone wants to do things on a budget, whether it is grocery or clothing or renovation. Likewise, you must also set a budget for the kitchen renovation and start taking charge. You can hire a general contractor for the task. Well, he can look after the work of the kitchen, but he might charge up to 30% of the total project cost. However, it can be helpful for you because you can get a bit of relief from supervision and you don’t have to poke now and then to finish the work. But, make sure to ask for a schedule and check the work accordingly. You can also do a financial costing by calculating items that you may need from a website like where all accessories are available. 

  1. Determination 

It is essential if you want to renovate your kitchen. You need to stick with what you want. Well, it will help you to form a budget and check if everything is going as per budget. You must not leave ithalf the way and wait with determination till the end to complete the renovation.

  1. Divide your budget 

Suppose if you get to spend one lakh to renovate your kitchen, you must decide where you want to spend them. First, you must divide your budget according to the idea of renovation.

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You must make sure of spending the money in the right way. Therefore, you can get an estimate idea from the advisor and allocate the budget. For example

  • Flooring 7%
  • Lighting 5%
  • Installation 17%
  • Cabinetry and hardware 29%
  • Countertops 10%
  • Appliances and ventilation 14%
  • Doors and windows 4%
  • Faucets and plumbing 4%

Like this, you can get an idea, and you can decide your budget by area of focus. The most important thing is that you must see that you are not going over budget. Just try to balance it out. You must also have an eye on the latest trends, just subscribe to the hot news from

  1. Undo the kitchen 

In most of the kitchen, you will find the cabinets upside to the downside which is attached to the wall by two to three screws. Well, removing all these cabinets door is essential. It is the first step to undo the kitchen and try to start a new set up for it according to the plan. 

All the wires set up should be removed very carefully; all the appliances and lighting that are wired should be covered up properly before going for renovations. You can look out from brillian items to get for your kitchen from, a prime example of it being the Margate 60″ Single Bathroom Vanity by Wyndham Collection.

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  1. Visits stores and showrooms

If you want some idea or a new look for the kitchen, then you can visit showrooms where the kitchen designs are on display. Thus, you would get an idea of the designs. You can also visit the hardware stores to look for what kind of materials are present in the market. 

Moreover, you can get to know the exact prices of various products and can see where the price is less and buy from that store to save money. It is an effective way to save money. You can also look for them online on website like with a dynamic catalogue. 

  1.    Go for New plumbing

If you are renovating the kitchen, then this is the time to replace your plumbing when your walls are open. The water leaking from the sink due to old plumbing can be the worst thing ever. So, try to go for new plumbing. It is the right time to fix the plumbing. Be ready to use a cloth to wrap the pipes which might break and leak. 

Why not repair the stoves or a gas line if you are dealing with problems because of using the old ones? Therefore, install a new gas line for safety, and a valve box for the refrigerator too. It is time to renovate everything. 

  1. Install new lighting

Installing good lighting is very important in the kitchen because it will help you in many ways. Well, in the kitchen, there are several things to cook, and multiple tasks are carried out. Hence, proper lighting is essential. You can check how much natural lightings come in the room if it is less then try to install such lighting which can provide you with more lightings. Like led lighting in such cases is the best one. Cabinets lightings are the lightings which can be used in the cabinets. These are very necessary because it can help you out to put things properly. You can start off by using Maxim Lighting – 57738WT – Wafer – 15″ 36W 3000K 1 LED Square Flush Mount from

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  1. Choosing the right flooring and kitchen walls

Flooring and kitchen wall are a vital part of a kitchen renovation. Hygiene must be maintained. Floor and the walls must be clean and stains free. It can be possible by choosing the base correctly, which gives a long-lasting effect and durability too. 

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Here is the list of some smart choices which you can include in your kitchen

  • Linoleum
  • Vinyl
  • Limestone or slate which is natural 
  • Porcelain or ceramic tiles.
  • Tiles 

So, here are some kitchen renovation ideas which might help you during your kitchen renovation process.

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