How to Update a Fireplace on a Tight budget

Who doesn’t love sitting near the fireplace? Crackling flames, cozy fires; pull out your favorite chair and read a book or gather around for countless chit chat friends and family fun, a fireplace is a blessing on cold winter eves, right? I can bet, no other heating appliance can offer you such kind of warmth that a fire does. Whether you have an open hearth or fireplaces insert, or maybe a wood stove, or a pellet stove, watch the cold melt away within no time and let you breathe in a completely comfortable environment.

Talking about its different kinds, fireplaces can be used for fulfilling some other purposes as well. A wood-burning stove allows you to even cook on it. So, heat your soup and coffee as the fire warms your home, saving good amounts on your utility bills. If it is an open fire hearth, you can enjoy cooking marshmallows and even hot dogs on it.

A fireplace is definitely an excellent addition to your home. You must have been scrubbing it clean quite often by using powerful commercial fireplace cleansers, but now you are bored the way it looks anymore. So, if you are interested in changing the look of the fireplace without spending a lot, then you surely deserve to know some real creative tips that not only deliver an excellent appearance but also help you out to update a fireplace on a tight budget.

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Creative Ideas to Update a Fireplace on a Tight Budget:

Here we have jotted down some very interesting and simple advice on how to update a fireplace on a tight budget. Let us check it out!!

Add Tiles or Paint to the Fireplace Surroundings:

If you have outdated bricks or it looks more like from the time of the 1970s, you can paint them to give it a fresh look. However, the best idea is to match the paint of the fireplace with your room. Say it to be white, deep blue or any other; of course, it depends upon your preferences.

On the other hand, how about flavoring things up with some colorful new tiles? Numerous tile designs and materials are available in the market. You can survey the market to find out what best suits your pocket before taking the wise decision. It will definitely offer a complete makeover.

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Turn your Bricks to Stone:

you are tired of the typical styles of bricks, you can switch to placing the inexpensive stones. Well, of course, installing stones will surely going to change the overall look of your fireplace. Adding up a little more to this point, you can opt to build a stone-veneer fireplace surround. Numbers of styles are also available under this category ranging from stacked stone to the river rocks.

Change the Fireplace Screen:

Another very affordable option is just to replace the fireplace screen. You can find the best selections of fireplace screen under different price tags. Moreover at any time in the future, if you feel like changing the color of the screen, you can always use high-heat paint to update it.

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Get a new Mantle:

Buying a new mantle is another outstanding option that can exhibit an exceptional look of your fireplace. Other than serving as an architectural anchor, it can be used to display accessories, thus being functional for your home décor. However, if you still want to stick to your old mantle, you can add your favorite color to it.

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Tile the Hearth:

Why is the maximum of the attention gained by mantle each time? Mantles can be replaced or renovated anytime, but it is the hearth that remains there all the time. So, taking care of the hearth is equally essential. We suggest you select from some perfect pieces of tile designs to be placed there between the fire and your rug. The tiles can be easily installed and offer an elegant look.

Wrapping up:

For updating a fireplace, the possibilities are endless. Moreover, you do not have to spend fortunes; it can be uniquely done within the limited money you hold in your pocket. All you have to do is to keep in mind the above tips on how to update a fireplace on a tight budget, and you will end up with an entirely stunning changed look of your fireplace.

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