How to Unclog the Shower Drain

Standing under the shower and your feetin the standing water, feels filthy. Well, this is because your shower drain is probably clogged. At some point in our lives, our shower drains do get blocked which is pretty annoying and upsetting.

Well, hard water minerals, soaps, hair, and dirt are the bathroom realities which cannot be eliminated and in my point of view, employing a plumber for clearing your drain should be avoided as unclogging it yourself is not that difficult. There are numbers of methods that can be adopted. Majority of the clogged shower drains problems can be solved with the help of simple tools which are even available at your home.

Before moving on to the methods how to unclog your shower drain let us first check out its causes.

What Causes the Shower Drains to Get Clogged?

  • Clogging of the drains is usually caused by the hair that is often wrapped around the parts of the drain. They combine with the dirt and greasy stuff to form the clog. It mostly happens where the shower is being used by the people with long hair otherwise short hair is less likely to create such problems.
  • Soaps include fats. These fats come in contact with the minerals present in the water and thus leaves thick residue along with the pipelines.
  • Washing showers and the dirty bathtubs take all the dirt down the drain which we do not realize and eventually block it after sometimes.
  • Minerals in the water can build up and cause the drain to get clogged.
  • Being ignorant about the cracks or any kind of leakages in the underground pipes invites root growth, thus causing damage to your pipe as well as blocks your drainage system.

How to Unclog Your Shower Drain?

After listing down a few of the common causes, here we are with some good solutions to your clogged shower drains. If one does not work out well, try another one. Have a look!!

Pour Hot Water:

Well, this is the easiest and the simplest method and in most of the cases works out well. All you need to do is to take a saucepan, fill it with water and bring it to boil. Now pour this boiling water down the drain, and it will help in breaking down the grease and the soap particles holding up the clog together.

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Try Out a Natural Ingredient:

One more thing you can add to the previous tip, i.e., a combination of baking soda and vinegar. Pour half cup of baking soda and then a half cup of vinegar down the clogged drain and leave it for 15 to 30 minutes. When the time is up, pour hot boiling water. It will clear the drain. If you feel that the drain is still not working correctly and running a bit slow, repeat the procedure.

Use a Plunger:

How about using a plunger that will either help free the clog or move it a bit closer to the surface where you can easily reach out to it and clear it with your hands. If the clog is deep and is of hair, it will definitely require a lot of struggle so for better results, put some petroleum jelly on the edges of the suction pad for its better grip and seal. Next, do add water to the shower so that the ends of the plunger are properly submerged in it. Be consistent with plunging as it may take a few minutes. You can geta good plunger set like the Deluxe Freestanding Toilet Brush and Plunger Combo from Amazon.

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Use a Wire Hanger:

This is one of the oldest methods but really does the trick. So, put on your rubber gloves and unscrew the shower drain cover. Next, take a wire hanger and straighten it up, retaining a hook at the end. Insert the wire down the drain and fish for the long hair, dry soap particles and other dirt materials that have clogged the drain. After clearing it up, pour hot water and put the cover of the shower drain back in place.

Usage of chemicals:

If following the above simple techniques do not turn out to be fruitful, you can always switch to the chemicals but with extra care. Open up the bottle and pour it down the drain, it will do its magic. Do read out the instruction mentioned on the back of the bottle and always wear gloves and goggles before using it. You can get this great Renown Dry Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner, 1 gal from and enjoy this commodity for years to come.

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Ways to Prevent Clogs in the Shower:

  • Brush your hair before taking a shower as it will remove your loose hair in advance
  • While using shampoo, if you lose hair, place it on the edge of the tub and throw it in the bin later on.
  • Buy a shower drain cover. They are designed in a way that they catch up the hair and drain the water. You can also try a steel mesh to be placed on top of the drain. Get a shower drain prtotector like the TUBSTRAIN Tub Drain Protector from
  • You can also cover the drain with a soft fabric sheet that will trap the hair and all the dirt and protect the shower drain to get clogged.

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