How to Turn Your Attic into a Living Space

We all love to have something extra without any additional cost in our lives and the same as it is in the case of our home or living space. We always want some extra space for our day to day increasing needs. Now, for the same, we have three options either we can go for a new larger area (house), full new addition in present house or can do something innovative within our current home’s available space.

If we go for the first option then it will be a costly affair and the second option will also add some significant value, but if we for the third option then we can get some extra living space without going out of pocket. Now, if you are wondering how we can do that then answer to this question is simple – You can do it by just converting your attic in living space.

Now, before moving ahead to know about the steps to turn the attic into living space let us know some essential things which plays a vital role in conversion and which you should know.

I. Building Codes:-

Yes, building codes play an important role in conversion so you should know about building codes in first place. Itis because most of the homeowners consider them as a barrier. So you should know about these below codes to avoid any complications later.

a. Ceiling codes

To convert your attic into living space, the first thing you should have is an attic of around 7 feet 6 inches above your floor and your floor area should be of minimum 70 square feet. It is a must requirement for conversion otherwise conversion is not possible.

b. Egress Codes

Another essential requirement for conversion is that your attic should have both a window and a staircase to level beneath. It is because according to egress code for a standard room there should be two exit points in a room, so your attic is no exception then.

c. Joist Codes

Another primary requirement is that your attic floor joist is enough strengthened to hold up extra weight of modified room. So your attic should meet up that standard code requirement for floor joist. The other essential things you should also pay attention to are rafters and trusses on which we will discuss in next point.

II. Examine Your Roof  for support

The next important thing which you should look for is trusses and rafters. If you have traditional rafters in your roof for additional support then it is good to go sign for conversion (as they provide open space) but at the same time you have trusses then it can be a tricky and challenging conversion and configuration task for you to permit for open space. 

III. Don’t Forget These Important Elements

When you are about to turn the attic into living space, there are also some other essential elements on which you have to pay attention which is as follows:-

a. Plumbing:-

In your attic conversion if you are planning to add a bathroom there then built it at such a place that it got aligned above another bathroom of your house and also nearby the pipes which carry wastage to a septic tank. It will not only help in cost cutting but will also help to make plumbing renovations easier.

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b. Electricity:-

Also, the next thing which you should have to make sure is that whether the electrical panel is capable or not to bear the augmented weight of an attic converted to living space.

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Now when we have discussed all the crucial points required, let us know how to turn the attic into a living space.

1. Ceiling

The first thing that will attract anyone in your new room will be your ceiling. Thus, you should design your roof in such a manner that it adds beauty to the overall look of the room. For the same, you can go fordifferent kinds of paneling which includes traditional paneling, wood paneling, and beadboard paneling. To serve the purpose, you can go for Graham & Brown Paintable Prepasted Beadboard Stripes by Graham & brown.

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2. Walls

The next attractive element after your ceiling can be your walls. Thus, you should pay attention to walls too. For the same, you can do innovation in your knee walls (which are usually below 3 feet) thereby by going for inbuilt seating and storage. You can also go for recessed shelves and can get the best-recessed shelves by Fox Hollow Furnishings.

3. Flooring

Flooring is yet another vital element for your now attic living room. So it is must for you to choose such flooring for your new living room which works well as per other parts of your house. Most of the time people choose carpet flooring because they want to keep the surplus noise of upstairs to the least amount.  So you can also go for it, and Carpeting Flooring by Safavieh will serve the purpose best.

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4. Windows

As we know there should be two exit points in an attic and windows are one among them. Thus, we should also pay close attention to it not only for this reason but because of another great reason that windows are a great source to bring in natural light. Natural light not only saves money on electricity but also makes your new room to look bigger and better. Thus, you can select any dormer or skylight windows whoever you want for your new living space.  If your concern is in skylight or roof windows then FAKRO FWU-R 69107 Egress Roof Window by FAKRO will best serve the purpose.

5. Staircase

The next important thing to pay attention to your new living space is the staircase. For your new room, you should have a staircase which is stable and is capable of bearing surplus heavy foot traffic. And for the same spiral staircase is the best choice to select. It is because they can get configured anywhere in a corner. For serving the purpose in the best manner, you can go for Dolle Graz Modular Staircases by Dolle.

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