How to Tile Your Bathroom


It is not tricky to tile a bathroom if you practice your tiling techniques. You can learn to tile your bathroom easily. People don’t feel confident in tiling the bathroom themselves because they find it difficult. There is no need to have a lot of experience in it. You can do it by just following handy tips and tricks. By simply following the step by step guide, you can get the job done with ease. You can also hire a local tiler for this work if you don’t have much time. They’ll tile your bathroom speedily. You can visit Amazon, Alibaba, or Houzz stores to get the required equipment to tile your bathroom. The following steps involve tiling the bathroom.

Tiling Your Bathroom

1. Cleaning and Preparation

You should prepare the surface of the wall before starting tiling the wall of your bathroom. If you want to get professional-looking results for your wall, then the wall should be fresh and smooth. If you don’t make it sure, then it would be expensive for you to fix it after tiling the bathroom. So, you should take some time to consider this part of the project.

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To get a stable, smooth, and waterproof wall, you can apply the tile backer board. It is an easy way to get it. Before using a tile backer board, some other things need to be done. You have to prepare the wall underneath before it. Remove the old adhesive, paint, or wallpaper and then wash the wall with a TSP solution to remove the dirt and grease from the wall. This will help apply to the tile backer board properly. You can get the TSP trisodium phosphate Solution from Alibaba. 

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2. Gauge Stick

You can properly layout your tiles most easily and cheaply by creating your gauge stick. A gauge stick is nothing but the length of the wood having thesize of your tiles marked on it. By using this gauge stick, you can space out your tiles correctly. Just visit Amazon and get Achim Home Furnishings Stick today. 

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You have to align the tile against the gauge stick and mark it on the stick at the end of the tile. It is necessary to add a tile spacer between each tile so you should keep some space for it. After getting done with this, repeat the process on a new stick by turning the tile vertically. One of these two gauge sticks will help you to measure the length and another one to the width of your tiles.

3. Apply with the Tile Backer Board

To get a sturdy, dry surface, you can apply a tile backer board onto the wall of the bathroom. Tile backer-board gives you the following benefits:

  • Tile backer board is compatible with other types of tiles
  • You can fix tile of any material on the tile backer board
  • Around the areas of showers and baths, it is helpful as it provides a waterproof surface

Preparing a natural surface before tiling tile backer boards can be a great option for your wall. You can purchase it from D.I.Y. stores. Before buying the tile backer board, you should measure the space to know how much to buy. Get XPS Tile Backer Board now from Alibaba online store. 

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4. Map out the Guidelines

To get to the center point of the wall, use a spirit level across the width of the wall as well as vertically. It will act as a guide point and will help you to make your tiles look right. Now place the gauge sticks along the width of the line drawn. To get help while applying the tiles, draw the guidelines marked along with the gauge-stick directly onto the wall.

5. Laying Tiles on the Wall

You should start laying the tiles on the wall from the bottom and work upwards. Place the tile against the wall. You should cut the tile only if it is an end tile. It can be done quickly by cutting a tile down to the right size by using a tile cutter. Mark on thetile where you need to cut with a pencil but on the backside to avoid discoloring. Carefully cut the tile with a tile cutter to get great results.

6. Mix and Apply Your Waterproof Tile Adhesive

If you want to avoid the issues with the mold afterward, then you should choose a waterproof adhesive. Mastering the adhesive is the most crucial step in learning how to tile a bathroom. There is no need for mixing in modern tile adhesives because they are pre-mixed. To ensure that adhesive is evenly spread across the whole area, you need a notched towel to apply the waterproof adhesive.

Apply the adhesive directly onto the tiles that you will use around a bath or a shower. You can also apply the adhesive directly onto the wall if there are no obstacles to the vast space of the wall.

7. Add Wall Trim to External Corners

You can have a more high quality, professional-looking finish by installing a wall trim on the wall. By cutting the wall trim to the right size, you can fit it easily in your bathroom. To apply the tiles to the wall, you can use the same adhesive. You should press the wall trim into the wet adhesive to secure the entire length of trim. It can be useful for areas near baths and showers.

8. Mix Your Grout

You should mix and apply the grout properly to get the sealant and waterproofing right. Before starting to grout the tiles, you should wait for the tile adhesive to dry. You need to put the grout in a clean, dry bucket and add some water. After this, start mixing the grout. Before applying the grout to the wall, wait for a few minutes.

9. Apply the Grout

You can apply the grout by using a trowel and a sponge. First, trowel the grout onto the sponge and apply directly onto the tiles. Wipe the excess sponge if you mistakenly apply too much grout in one area.

Before continuing working, wait for the grout to sink into the surface properly. Add more Grout after some time to the area that you were working on. Leave the area to dry after repeating the grouting. That’s it!

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