How To Tile A Bathroom

A house is complete when the bathroom is complete. Whenever we make a house with love, we want to decorate every edge of the house with our own hands. When it comes to the bathroom, it looks nice when it is properly tiled. However, this can be a bit expensive in case you want to fit good quality tiles.You can save this money in case you know how to do it on your own. In this article, we will talk about how you can tolerate your bathroom in the right way. Let’s move towards the steps one by one.

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Steps you need to follow to tile your bathroom

  1. Before you start working, you need to have the proper tools to work. This includes tiles, tile spacers, wedges, timber piece, a pencil and measurement tape, spirit level, tile cutter, driller, tile glue, notch trowel, eye masks, drills, ear muffs, gloves and a face mask.
  2. Draw the datum line. A datum line is one which will indicate where exactly you want your bathroom tiles to fit. For this, you need to know your tile height. Measure this and draw a line 20mm lower to that. This is the line which will indicate the placement of your tiles.
  3. Screw in a piece of timber. After you are done drawing the line, you need to cut a piece of timber, place it along the horizontal lines, and use two screws to stud it to the wall. Use a spirit level to check if the timber is perfectly placed along the line.
  4. Check your tile quality. The nextstep you need to take is to check whether the tiles you are using are of good quality. This includes making sure that the glueing of the tile is okay, and the material is waterproof. Read the instructions carefully as not all tiles are meant for all bathrooms.
  5. Check whether the spacing is fine. Once you are ready with your tiles, check by placing the tiles on the bottom row. Place the tiles on my one adjacent to the timber. Also, put the spacers and check whether the distance is fine. Once you are done, check if the last tile fits well. If it doesn’t, you know how much you need to trim from each of the tiles in order to maintain consistency in the tile sizes.
  6. Mix tile glue for attachment purpose. Once you are done with measurements, you are ready for action. Take a bucket, pour in glue and start mixing it with a power grill. Keep mixing really well till it becomes a proper paste. The texture needs to be like toothpaste. If it is harder, you need to go on mixing. If it is running liquid, you need to mix more glue in it.
  7. Lay the first layer of tiles. Once the tile glue is ready, you need to put them on the back of the tiles with a trowel. Take one tile, place glue and spread on it, then Place it on the wall. Make sure you remove the excess amount of glue from the sides. Put the spacers and then place another tile. Continue this for one entire row and then continue with other rows as well.

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  1. Before you start the second row. After the bottom row is done, please take out some time to check whether the tiles are placed on the right level. Herein case, they are not at the right level you can use wedges to shift them upwards or downwards.
  2. Continue with the other rows. Once the first row is done and you have checked properly, you carry on with the next rows. Put glue properly on the walls as you had done before. Then place the tiles one by one with plastic spacers in the middle. In case you feel any of the tiles need to be cut short, leave that area and apply glue on the remaining parts of the wall.

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  1. For the tiles that don’t fit. As we discussed earlier, there would be some time tiles that won’t fit the walls. Keep them for last. Once you are done with the tiles of standard sizes, take these tiles, cut them with a tile cutter or shape their edges with a grinder. Once you are done, you can play e the time on that area of the wall and check. If it is okay, then spread glue and place the tile on the wall.

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  1. Let it dry. It can be the case study times that even after putting the tiles, the glue doesn’t help much. Wait for the glue to dry and see if it needs any more pasting work. Once it’s done, and it permanently fits, you can get rid of the timber or just color it to make it look good. Your bathroom wall is done and would look beautiful, with all work done at zero cost.

It is always fun to do some work at home but always make sure you take proper advice from plumbers and carpenters before you start working on your bathroom yourself. This is because they will always have more experience than you. Keep all your safety tools and attires ready before you start working. Keep in mind that re-doing it would be a pain. So, proceed accordingly to give your bathroom a makeover.

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