How to Repair Cracked Concrete

Concretes are probably one of the most long-lasting building materials if appropriately applied. But just like every other object, nothing lasts forever and eventually suffers from wear and tear; concrete is no exception here as well. It will also crack; as to when and how it depends upon the matter of time and several other factors which we will definitely discuss with our audience later in this blog post.

Cracking of a concrete slab or wall is nothing unusual. Owners often misunderstand it and upon finding such sort of issue becomes extremely upset as if something has gone intensely wrong, however, it is not the case each time. To represent it in a clear statement, it can be said that ‘concrete cracks are unavoidable.’ Say it to be a sidewalk, road, parking area or the driveway of your house, any kind of concrete will get cracked in due course.

Well, my friends!! There is nothing to worry about. We will let you know about how to repair cracked concrete in very simple steps which you can conveniently perform it all by yourself without hiring a professional to help you in this regard. But before moving on to that let us first discuss the hidden reasons behind the cracking of concrete paths and walls.

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Why Concrete cracks?

Although concrete is one of the most sturdy, high strengthand crack resistant products, still certain reasons may cause it to crack. Let us highlight some of its primary reasons for you.

The surplus of water:

The usage of water in preparing the mixture of the concrete is pretty tricky. The water is used so that the dough can easily be installed. However, too much water added to the combination reduces the strength of the concrete, and thus it starts to split apart.

Weather conditions:

Like every other solid, concrete also expands or contracts, depending upon the weather. So, during the hot climates, concrete expands, pushing aside anything that comes in its way. If it tends to meet anything that is not flexible, it will likely to crack.

The settling procedures:

Generally speaking, one of the leading causes of concrete cracks is the ground movements. The growth of the roots of the trees, change of the soil to freezing and thawing cycles pushes the ground upwards, and thus the concrete is cracked.

Overloaded area:

Concretes are designed in a way that can bear a certain amount of load. So, placing too much weight can break the slab, or it may adversely affect the ground under it. Be aware of how much pressure your driveways or the sidewalks can mainly handle.

How to Repair Wide Concrete Cracks?

  • Clear the floor from dirt using damp cloth or vacuum as to ensure its smooth cleaning because even the small particle can prevent the bonding of the concrete surface.
  • Next prepare a mixture for placing the cracked patch of concrete. Remember that each product has its specific set of instructions written on it. Do not forget to follow that.
  • Once the mixture is ready, place it into the crack until the entire area is filled.
  • Smooth the area with the trowel until the patch appears to be entirely set.
  • Remove the excess material from the joint areas if any.
  • After that, clean the surface with a broom or a brush.

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How to Repair Narrower Concrete Cracks?

  • You need to clear the floor of course. Firstly clean it with a brush then use water of bucket to rinse the area.
  • Allow it to dry.
  • For excellent repairing results, we suggest you insert foam tubing first. However, the foam tubing you will use should be slightly wider than the area for its tight fitting. It will form a good base.

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  • On top of that leave a space of about ¼ inch where filler for a cracked concrete will perform its part of work. Get concrete crack filler from the market. Remember to read out the reviews before buying as various companies are introducing this product.
  • Shake the bottle vigorously and cut its tip with the help of a scissor or a knife.
  • Next, squeeze the bottle and gently seal the crack with the concrete crack filler.
  • Leave it for 24 hours for the filler to set up.

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This is it; you are done. It is quite a simple to repair cracked concrete yourself, protecting you from paying hefty amounts to the professionals as well. Hope you have found this blog pretty helpful. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comment box.

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