How to Redo a Bathroom Tub


Mostly in every house, the bathtubs are an important part of any bathroom. Instead of replacing the old bathtub that looks worse, you can redo it. After redoing the old bathtub, it will start looking good. You don’t need to worry about how to get the bathtub resurfacing kits because you can get this kit at any home improvement and hardware stores. After redoing the tub with this kit, it will look like a new bathtub. Some of the best stores to buy bathroom items are Alibaba, Amazon, Houzz,, and ModernBathroom.

Is it necessary to replace an old bathtub?

It’s the thinking of most people that the bathtub should get replaced when it gets old. One of the options available on Alibaba for you is the Fashionable acrylic durable Bathtub. But you’ll change your mind about replacing the bathtub when some other factors are added. The top factor that becomes the cause is its cost because the cost of a very basic 5-foot enameled steel tub is approximately $150. The cost of a contractor, landfill fees, tilers, removal, demolition, and plumber, also becomes the factors that can cause a change of mind.

Relining a tub with a liner is an alternate way and pricey. Instead of a full replacement riling and refinishing it is always cheaper. After relining or refinishing, the tubs start looking just like new. 

Things You Will Need

These things are required for the refinishing process:

  1. Household cleaner
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Painter’s tape
  4. Rubber gloves
  5. Trisodium phosphate or phosphate-free substitute
  6. Scrub brush
  7. Fine-grit sandpaper
  8. Sanding block or palm sander
  9. Shop vacuum
  10. Tack cloth
  11. Plastic sheeting
  12. Acrylic primer
  13. Commercial-grade paint sprayer
  14. Scrap lumber
  15. Epoxy acrylic or acrylic polyurethane enamel paint
  16. Silicon caulking

Steps To Redo a Bathroom Tub

These are the steps that are needed to redo or refinish the bathtub.

Step 1

The bathtub should be cleaned from inside and out so that any soap scum can be removed. For this purpose, any household cleaner can be used. However, Diversey Crew Bathtub Cleaner on Amazon is our recommended option. You should rinse it well then leave it to dry.

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Step 2

Before this step, you should wear rubber gloves. Youcan use trisodium phosphate or a phosphate-free substitute for scrubbing the entire surface of the tub. To get these things you can go to the home improvement store. After this step, you should rinse the bathtub again with clean water and leave it to dry well.

Step 3

If you find any faucet handles and the drain spout on the bathtub, you should remove them. You can remove the handles by using a screwdriver. To twist off the tub spout, you should turn it counterclockwise. Painter’s tape and any other metal plumbing fixtures should be placed on the metal portion so that they can’t be removed from the tub. If you are interested in Pull out Single handle with Flexible Spout, visit Alibaba and buy it today. 

Step 4

You can use fine-grit sandpaper to sand the entire surface of the porcelain bathtub. This can be done by a palm sander or by hand with a sanding block. A vacuum cleaner can help in removing the dust. If any dust gets missed out by the vacuum cleaner you can remove it by wiping the surface if the bathtub with a tack cloth.

Step 5

The surrounding of the bathtub should be covered with the help of plastic sheeting. To paint the walls and floor the edges of the sheet should be taped with painter’s tape. SelfTek 8 Pack Disposable Bathtub Cover Liner is an interesting choice available on Amazon. 

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Step 6

Instead of getting a household-grade spray painter, you should get a consistent spray that can be gotten from any home improvement store or rental center. The acrylic primer should be poured into the paint pot of a commercial-grade spray painter. 

 Step 7

Instead of spraying on the bathtub, first, spray onto the surface of a piece of scrap lumber to avoid any problem. After practicing you should make horizontal passes with theuse of a paint gun. The trigger of the paint gun should be released at the end of each pass so that over-spraying and drips can be avoided.

Step 8

The next step is to apply or spray a coat of primer with the use of a paint gun. Our recommended option is the Home Electric Paint Sprayer System available on Houzz. After that, leave it till the time it dries. When drying it can take 30 minutes or more time due to humidity. After getting dried again, spray a second coat on the primer. Leave the bathtub to get this coat dry as well.

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Step 9

Now it’s time to apply a coat of paint to the bathtub. To apply this coat, epoxy acrylic or acrylic polyurethane enamel paint should be poured into the paint pot. After getting this coat of paint dried you have to apply a second and third coat of paint. You should leave the paint for the drying process between each coat. Acrylic Paint Pouring Kit is a good choice available on Amazon.

Step 10

To reinstall the plumbing fixtures you should leave the paint for at least 48 hours. From the joint which means the intersection of walls or floor and the bathtub, the moisture should be sealed out. For this purpose, you have to replace the silicone caulking around the bathtub with a bead of new caulking.

Always Keep in Mind

There is no need to repaint the whole tub if there are only small nicks on the surface of the bathtub. By using appliance repair paint these small nicks can be repaired. To apply repair paint on the nick dab it uses the applicator in the bottle. After applying the paint, leave it to dry. If you are using spray painter windows and doors should be left open for proper ventilation also you should wear the mask while using it.

The Benefits of Redoing a Tub

While redoing the tub you don’t have to place it somewhere else because it can be done on the site. While remodeling the house changes, one thing can affect the adjacent. You’ll not have to experience the awful, chaotic, cascading effects of flooring, cement boards, and plumbing fixtures if it gets done on the site. This reason makes the refinishing of a tub the best thing. After refinishing is done all the materials of the surrounding like flooring, tiles and other elements are masked. You can use Heat Resistant Automotive Adhesive Masking Tape available on Alibaba to mask the other elements during the process. 

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