How to Keep Frost from Building up in Your Freezer

Freezer plays a vital role in our kitchen to make our food items edible, safe to eat and at the same time make our lives comfortable. Freezer prevents bacteria and mold from developing into food items as well as enable its users to buy food items in huge quantity so they don’t have to go shopping very often. Along with that it also helps us to keep mouthwatering desserts, chocolates, ice-creams and many more things.

On that note, when a freezer provides so many benefits and helps us to save our time and money, it is our job to pay attention to its health too. In simple words, it is our job to use it properly to prevent it from unnecessary problems, and frost building is one of them.

Thus, in today’s post, we will share with you some sure shot ways to prevent frost from building in your freezer. 

So here our list begins:-

1. Put a Limitation to Freezer Opening Time

Yes, you read it right. By putting a certain limit to your freezer opening time, you can do it. When you keep it open for a limited time, it helps to keep freezer temperature consistent and at the same time allow limited warm air to slither in. Warm air creates humidity and humidity is the way to frost build up.

Thus, you can use this preventive measure to avoid freezer frost. For the same, you can gather all food items at once in a food basket and then place them into your freezer. You can use the food basket by Premium Life which will ideally help you to serve your purpose.

Another thing you can do to limit your freezer open time is that you can label your food items so that it becomes easy for you to recognize them quickly as you open freezer to take anything out. For the same, you can use food storage labelsby Evelots. It will correctly serve the purpose as these labels designed in such a way that it will remain stuck in extreme cold and moisture.

2. Keep Your Freezer Away From Heat and Extreme Cold

The next tip to restrict Freezer Frost is that you should always place your freezer away from heat such as heater or furnace. The reason for it is that when a freezer gets set in a warm location, then it has to work hard and overtime to maintain the temperature and which results in frost formation. Also, placement of freezer in an excessively cool area is not suitable. In both cases, the result will remain the same, i.e., frost. Thus, you should place your freezer in a region having a moderate temperature.

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3. Don’t Stick It To Wall

If you want to keep your freezer free from frost, then you should pay attention to this tip. It is because sticking your freezer strictly to wall restricts it to emit heat from the coils of the compressor and hence it becomes a hindrance in air circulation which is not a good thing. Thus, you should place your freezer or refrigerator (if both are attached) in such a place where it can get space to get cool done systematically.

4. Check Your Gasket Seal From Time to Time

The next vital method to fix ice buildup in your refrigerator or freezer includes the checking of your gasket seal from time to time. Yes, it’s true. For checking all you have to do is that you have to move your hand around the outer portion of the door of the freezer and if you feel cool then it means that your seal either dirty or got damaged.

Another thing you can do to perform a check by putting a dollar bill while closing the freezer door to remain dollar bill between the door and freezer. After that if you feel no resistance while pulling it out, then it is time to replace the seal as this loose seal allow the outer air to get in and which will result in the frost build up. Also, if there are any rips or tears in the seal,then there is no option left other than replacing it. You can purchase a new gasket seal designed by Frigidaire if you are ready to replace damaged one.

But if your seal is not damaged and is only dirty, you can go after the following steps to clean it. For cleaning seal, all you have to do is to take it out and then over it wipe the solution of water and baking soda or bleach with the help of a spray bottle after that dry the seal with a clean cloth before fitting it into the freezer and closing its door. You can use a spray bottle by Houseables to accomplish your task.

5. Keep the Thermostat Temperature Right

You can also prevent ice buildup in the freezer by keeping the thermostat temperature of the freezer on a particular degree or Fahrenheit. For making your freezer to work correctly, you should maintain this temperature at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or -18 degree Celsius. It will prevent the frost. Also, you should check your freezer’s temperature after the regular interval with a freezer thermometer that whether the temperature is right or not. And for the same, you can use freezer thermometer developed by Taylor Precision Products. Get this great ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer from Amazon.

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6. Don’t Leave It Empty or Overstock It

It is a fact that keeping your freezer overstocked (as overstocked items make it difficult to close the freezer door appropriately) or keeping it too empty also leads to building the frost. Thus, to maintain a right temperature in freezer place two to three pounds of frozen food for every cubic freezer foot. Also, break the bigger packets or chunks into smaller and then place it in the freezer.

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7. Clean Out The Vents

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A vent is a grid-like cabinet or compartment under or behind the freezer. Cleaning vents of your freezer also help to prevent frost formation as most of the times these vents get blocked up by dirt, dust, and debris which creates the problem for air to circulate properly. Get this great 2 Pack Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit Dryer from Amazon.

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