How To Jumpstart A Cordless Drill Battery | Guide

Instead of throwing old batteries or paying for new batteries, you should fix your dead batteries; Here, we will tell you how to jumpstart a cordless drill battery? Is there any possible way to jump-start the lithium-ion battery? The answer is yes! In this article, we will tell how to jumpstart a cordless drill battery?

How to jumpstart a cordless drill battery

To jump-start your dead cordless drill battery, you have to follow the instructions written below:

  • Check the battery; is dead or not
  • To jump-start the battery, you will need a little bit of charging in a dead battery
  • You will need some tools
  • Jumpstart your battery
  • Give your battery shock by high voltage
  • Charge directly on the lithium cells

How To Check If The Battery Is Dead Or Not

You can connect your battery with the drill; after connecting the old battery, if your drill is not working, that means it is dead, or if you are still not sure, you can connect it with your charger, if the charging LED of the charger is not blinking that means it is dead.

Most Common Mistake

What most people do to fix a battery is that they connect it with a charger and leave it for the day, and they think it will be charged, which is wrong; even if you leave the battery connected with the charger for a week, the result will be the same because the charger does not even know that battery is there or not.

Battery Needs Some Charging

After reading the first step, you may think that it sounds silly because if it can not be charged, how will we change it?

You Will Require A Working Battery

To jump-start the old dead battery, you will require a good working battery. Before doing anything, charge your working battery well.

Tools To Check Your Battery

This step is not necessary, but if you have tools, you will be more sure how your working battery is and how your dead battery is. You will need a checking meter which will have two that you have to connect with leads on your batter; on the battery, you will find 5 leads, but you have to connect with + and -. You will get a 17 to 18 rating on the good battery, but on the dead battery, you will get 1 to 2 ratings on the meter.

So 1 or 2 is not enough for the charger to recognize there is anything or not. There are other ways to jump-start your battery, but if you have a battery, this is the best way to jump-start your battery.

Jumpstart your battery

Before doing anything, do not try this near any gasoline vapors! Now, to jumpstart your battery connect your leads positive to positive and negative to negative. You will see a little spark, and your battery will start charging. Let your batteries sit for a minute, and then try to throw down the charger and see what happens.

Before doing anything, remember positive to positive and negative to negative. After doing that, your battery should start charging; there are 90% chances that your battery will be fixed. After fixing your battery, charge it for hours until completion of charging.

Is it safe to jump start battery by another battery?

Yes! It is 100% safe to do that, and do you know that you can even jump start your car using a drill lithium-ion battery. You will find so many tutorials that will help jump-start your car with a lithium-ion cordless drill battery. It will give a shock to the car battery like it will give to your cordless drill battery.

Give Shock To Your Battery

The most common issue with the lithium-ion cordless drill battery is that they will not be charged one day. People love using lithium-ion batteries because they are lightweight, and they last for a longer time period. To jump-start your lithium-ion cordless drill’s battery, you will need the same kind of power source as your battery is, like; if you have an 18 volts battery, you will need an 18 volts battery to revive it or 18 volts of power.

Why Does Lithium Battery Dead After Sometime?

Several reasons cause your lithium battery to be unresponsive. The main reason for this cause is that they are probably letting these lithium cells get to death. Lithium has to be controlled very well not to go completely flat.

Directly Charge Lithium Cells

For this step, you will have to bypass the circuit and charge cells directly. Before doing this step, you should check your battery by the meter. These lithium-ion batteries come with a warranty, and you have to mail them, but then you have to wait forever because it takes too much time to arrive; this why people try to revive or jump-start the battery on their own.

How To Open It Securely?

The methods we already told you were for an 18 volts battery, and there are different types of batteries, so most of them come with screwdriver packing, which is easy to open, and some of them come with other kinds of seals.

Open the casing of your body, or if you have some trouble opening it, you can watch any video on youtube to do that. After opening, pick up your meter and find metal pieces of cells under the board where you will see positive and negative symbols; now, check every cell if one is better than another. Check every cell, and every cell will show different readings on the screen.

You will have positive and negative symbols on the board of the cordless drill battery. Put your electric source positive on positive and negative on negative. After putting wire, it will spark a little bit, and then you have to remove and connect 3 times, and then you can check your battery readings on the meter. Pack it and charge it for a few hours until it will not get fully charged.

Buy A Good Quality Battery

In case your battery is not recovering, you have to buy a good quality battery that will last with you for a long time. Do not worry here we have also found 1 product for you that will last with you for a long time.

Forrat Cordless Drill Batteries

We have picked the Forrat cordless drill batteries because of the most rated cordless drill battery we have found on Amazon with a positive rating. It is a pack of two batteries set for the craftsman. It has rechargeable batteries and upgraded to 3.6 Ah. The extended capacity of this battery can hold a charge longer than any other battery. You will get a premium replacement with this battery.

Advanced Battery

It is a very advanced and good battery if we compare it to a Ni-CD battery, and there is no way Ni-MH batteries do less than Ni-CD. The Ni-MH is more stable than the Ni-CD battery. It has a longer life, and it is more environmentally friendly. It will not get any memory effect, and you can charge it whenever you want, and it will not affect your battery.

Battery Life

According to the seller of this battery, the Forrat Cordless drill battery’s average life is about 1095 days, and it is average; it will last for longer. The weight of this cordless drill’s battery is about 1.8 pounds of a single piece.

Safe And Reliable

This battery is safe and reliable thanks to its Integrated microchip that prevents overcharging of battery, over-discharge, over-current, provides short circuit protection and steady voltage circuits to lengthen battery life and safer.


You will get 30 days free exchange warranty, plus you will get 12 months of product service with 24 hours of customer support. All in all, it is a good battery to go and grab this battery.

  • 100% Brand New
  • Type: Ni-Mh
  • Rechargeable
  • 3600mAh
  • Advanced Battery
  • Return Policy Is Just Available For 30 days


Q: 1 How Much Chances Are To Recover A Dead lithium-Ion Battery

Ans: There are 90% chances that your battery will be fixed at home, but if you send it to the company, then 100% you will get a fixed battery, but it takes too much time, which is the main reason people do not do that mostly!

Q: 2 What Is the Difference Between Jump Start Dead Battery And Reviving Battery

Ans: Both are pretty much similar, and the way of doing it is also the same, but there is a tiny difference: when you will jump-start the batter,y it will be fully unresponsive, but when you revive the battery, it has a little bit of life in it.

Q: 3 How to jumpstart a cordless drill battery

Ans: To jump-start your battery, you will require a charger of a car battery, or you should have a working battery, attach positive of the good battery to positive of a dead battery and do the same with the negative, and then you will see the little tiny spark, leave it for 1.30 minutes after your battery should be recovered if it gets recovered then fully charge your battery.

Q: 4 Is buying a new cordless drill battery a good choice

Ans: It depends on your choice because if you have just one battery, you should buy it or if your battery is not fixing, we will recommend you buy a new one but remember to buy a good quality battery that will last for longer.


How to jumpstart a cordless drill battery

We have told you two ways to fix or revive your cordless drill. We will recommend you go with the first where you will fix it with another battery because it is safe and the easiest way. If both of our ways do not work for you, then your battery has expired you should buy a new one and if you are having trouble finding a suitable battery we have also suggested you a good battery.

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