How to Install or Replace a Door

The doors of our house protect us from the intruders and various weather elements. Every day we open and close the door several times. While our doors perform the function smoothly, we do not give much focus on their parts. However, due to the regular usage, the doors can start malfunctioning. In that case, youhave to replace your damaged door and install a new one. Lots of homeowners also replace their doors for installing a more durable one.

Now, you may have not called the professionals for this door replacement and installation process. We have presented the best tips to do this work in a DIY process.

The easiest steps for installing or replacing your doors

1. Measurement of the present door

While you are going to buy new door, you have to know the size of the old one. Find out the door’s height and width precisely. The width of the jamb is another essential factor to you. Place your tape from interior trim’s backside to the exterior trim’s backside. This makes sure that the trim fits rightly to your wall. You should also have the measure of the space from the base of your door sill to its top. You may better look for a door that has a good amount of molding. You may be able to fill any gap by using additional wood strips. In case you need precise measurements, you must get the general-purpose tool that can be bought from any Homedepot shelf or order the Pro Grip Version online from Amazon for specific measurements. 

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2. Removal of the old, damaged door

There are few steps for detaching the old doors. You have to use your nails and hammer for loosening the pins of the door hinge. After that, you can swing open your door and then remove it. While it is a heavy door, you can spread a cloth on the floor to protect the surface from getting scratched. Cut the old caulk joint, present between exterior trim and siding. Then, loose the jambs by using your handsaw. You may do it with the simple pulling action.

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You must also take out the door frame safely. Check out the subflooring and frame condition. Replace the rotten part of the wood. When the new door has a thinner sill, it is essential to create a sill potion. Adjust the height of sill to swing the door inward smoothly.

Make surethat you have protected sill from the intrusion of water. The major target is to ensure that water can pass away from your wood. While the house is constructed on the concrete piece, the frame is to remain on this slab directly.

3. Preparing the door sill

The brick opening has to remain aligned and highly levelled. You can try to check out your sill potion with the level of two feet. In a few cases, it will be easy for you to make the levelling. You have to place the shims with a gap of four inches.

You can then try to check out whether you are able to fit the door unit in the available space. Make adjustment to the frame and door until aligning the jamb. The frame must also fit in the siding. For the accurate fitting, you can trim your siding. Aspen White Sample Door is a nice sample door available from that you can try out!

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4. Installing the trim

At first, you have to insulate the gap, present around your door unit, and then, you may fit your interior trim. Try to focus on the space between your flooring and doorsill.

For the wider gaps, you have to use foam backer, and then put caulk into it. In case of most of the doors, there is a need of more trim panels for backing up the outer edge. At the last step, you have to paint your door, trim and jamb.

You may find doors of various types. The steel ones are now highly popular as they are available at a lower price rate. You will need minimal effort for the maintenance of these doors. Fiberglass door is also good since they will not get warped easily. However, the real timber doors are very pricey. You have to choose the door, focusing on the surrounding décor of your house.

5. Attaching the knob to your door

Every door must have a knob. Thus, you have to know the way of fitting the knob to the door. By pulling the knob, you can easily open or close the door unit.

  • The size for the door knob cutouts is not different. You cannot find a difference between the distance to your door’s edge and a hole. Put into your latch rightly. The angled potion of your bolt has to face to the frame.
  • From the door’s opposite direction, you have to thread your spindle through an adjacent hole, present in the latch. Keep your hand at that place for holding the knob.
  • Use your screws for securing both sides of your knob. Check out that you are able to turn this knob smoothly.

While you are trying to replace the strike plate and knob, you may better install the new hinges. Each of the hardware parts will be new, and you will get a fully new setup. Although it increases your investment, you will have a better unit. Get the lasting value from your investment.

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However, to install the door or its knob, you may follow the above tips. For the DIY process, you must have a stock of all the essential tools, including the screws, nails and hammer. When you are having issues in this installation process, you may hire the professional for their assistance. They will install the door in their own way. Get a durable door knob like the Schlage Georgian Passage Door Knob Set from to enhance the beauty and durability of your door.

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