How to Install a Heat Pump

Homeowners always strive to look for such technological processes that can make their living worthwhile within the budget available. They always try to get their hands on the products that are reliable and stay in perfect working condition for the years to come. So, when it comes to making your home comfortable, the list is a bit long. Among that, maintaining an ideal temperature within the house generally hit the top. So, usually, air conditioners are used during the summer season while and in winters, they prefer using the furnace. But wouldn’t it be great to have a single device that can serve your both purposes? Ah!! Let me introduce you to the ‘Heat Pumps.’

Well, you must be familiar with the term as it has been used all across the globe for decades. It is primarily a system that with the help of a compressor and a refrigerant move or pumps the heat from one place to another, keeping you relaxed and comfortable no matter what the weather conditions are. So whether we talk about hot climates or the cold temperatures, heat pumps work equally well in both the environments.

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How Does Heat Pump Work?

During summers, the heat pump draws out heat from the inside of your home and releases it to the outdoor air, creating a coolerand more relaxed atmosphere in the house. When we talk about winters, the entire procedure is reversed. The heat from the outdoor air is gathered and is transferred inside the home. Here, a query must have struck your minds that how a heat can be collected from outdoor during winters. Well, the air does contain heat even when the air outside is extremely cold, and the heat pumps are designed in a way that works to send this heat inside to make your home warm and cozy.

How to Install a Heat Pump:

Setting and fixing a heat pump is not an easy thing to do. Since it consists of several complex components, you need to have a technical sense for that. However, here we are with a complete guide that will teach you how to install a heat pump.

  • The very first step is to install a condenser. Condenser basically converts and transfers the air through your home. It should be placed outside your home. Initially, you need to drill a hole in the wall of about ½’ for the refrigerant lines.
  • When it comes to the placement of condenser, remember to keep in mind that there should be at least 20’ of clear air above and in front. However, the unit can be placed on the ground as well as be mounted on the wall just the way your TV does.
  • Next step is to place the device which can also be called as ‘air handler’ as it will release the warm or cold air into the room.You also need to drill at least a 3’ hole right below it for the connection purposes. Since, both the condenser and the air handler will be connected with the cords so they should be installed within the range of 30 feet.
  • Screw in the mounting plate that will hold your air handler.
  • Connect the refrigerant lines, control wire, and condensate hose. If you tie all three with a tape or a wire, it will deliver a neater look.
  • Next, mount the unit on to the plates. Make sure to screw it tightly.
  • Once everything is securely fastened, next part consists of connection procedures. Firstly, the outdoor unit power cable will be connected to the breaker cable.
  • Next, the control wire from the outer unit will be connected to the air handler.
  • After, that the refrigerant lines will be connected to the condenser.
  • You also need to attach a gauge manifold and a vacuum pump to the refrigerant lines. Don’t forget to detect for the leakages.
  • Ensure that all the connections are perfectly made.
  • Use a plastic covering to shelter the control as well as the refrigerant lines for its secure and neat appearance.

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Well, as mentioned earlier the installation of the heat pump is a bit tricky, and the homeowners often get confused and end up hiring a professional. But with the pointers above regarding how to install a heat pump, this step by step guide will make your task easy and let you install a heat pump without a specialized person.

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