How to Improve Your Kitchen


It is essential to keep the kitchen area up to date, tidy and comfortable because it is often a hub of the home. A kitchen is a place where one can cook, eat and socialize. Sometimes kids do their homework too in the kitchen. If your kitchen is not up to date for a long time, then you should make some changes to make it comfortable. By changing small things, you can make a significant difference. You can improve some areas of your kitchen that can have a significant impact. It will also reduce the cost. For the best kitchen improvements, Houzz, Amazon, and Build, etc., are some of the greatest online stores to visit. 

Updating your kitchen does not cost thousands of pounds. You can do it in a low budget by bringing improvements in the main areas. Updating or reconstructing your kitchen adds value to your property that can be beneficial for you. You can sell your house at the best price by bringing some changes to the house, and the kitchen is one of them.

Best Ways to Update Your Kitchen

The following are how you can change your kitchen in the best way at a small cost:

1-Paint the kitchen walls

Painting the walls of the kitchen can make your kitchen look different and great. Dark colors make a room look short and tight, so you should put a coat of lighter paint on your kitchen walls. Brighter colors will make your kitchen look spacious and more significant. The ceiling is the first part of your kitchen that gets dirty and changes color with time. You should paint the ceiling in the first place. INSL-X CC560109A-44 Cabinet Coat Paint on Amazon is a good option for kitchen painting. 

INSL-X CC560109A-44 Cabinet Coat – Semi-Gloss Paint, 1 Quart, White


Before painting the walls, you need to get something done. To cleat up the dirt and remove roughness, you should sand the walls. There is also a need to clean up the grease withTSP because it makes your kitchen look bad. After getting these things done, you can paint the walls. Painting is not costly. You can get it done on a small budget. If you paint the walls by yourself, then the cost will be much lower. If you are painting the walls by yourself, you should make sure that you use a primer to seal the wall.

2-Refresh the cabinets and drawers

Another way of updating the kitchen is by painting the cabinets and drawers along with painting the walls. You can paint cabinets and drawers to make them look fresh and tasty. You can just add shine to the existing finish on the cabinets and drawers. To paint the cabinets and drawers, you should use melamine paint. Before applying it to the cabinets and drawers, you should check it by painting on doors. By just buying and investing in a couple of tins, you can make your kitchen look refreshed and updated. Painting the cabinets and drawers is a cheap way of changing your kitchen. Brookings  Shaker Base Kitchen Cabinet at Houzz is an amazing option for anyone looking for kitchen cabinets or drawers. 

Prepac Elite Wall Cabinet, 32″ W x 30″ H x 12″ D, White


3- Update the Cabinet Knobs

There is another way in which you can update your kitchen. You can give a new look to your cabinets and drawers by updating the knobs and handles. It is one of the best ways to have a significant impact on your kitchen. The latest styles that include ornate antiques and modern handles can add considerable results. Buying these handles and knobs is not expensive. You should be careful while getting the new handle or knobs. You should buy the stems that have the same drilling installation as your old one. It should also have the same pattern. You can save time by getting the right size for knobs and handles. Just visit Amazon and find Amerock Abernathy SN Cabinet Knob which is an attractive option. 

Amerock BP29460CG10 Abernathy SN Cabinet Knob, 1-Inch, Clear/Satin Nickel


4- Replace your kitchen countertop

Replacing your kitchen countertop is slightly more expensive but has an impressive effect. It has amazing results. You can get laminated tops that are plastic on a small budget. These laminated tops come in many different edges, textures, colors, and finishes. You can add them to the countertops having natural stones. Byspending more money, you can change the countertops to marble, stone, or other premium materials. Never think of installing solid countertops if you are thinking of changing it later. Countertops Waterproof Self Adhesive Film is an attractive choice for kitchen countertops. It is also available on Amazon. 

Timeet 17.7″x78.7″ Granite Contact Paper for Countertops Waterproof Self Adhesive Film for Kitchen Counters Bathroom Counters Removable Gray Brown Granite Peel and Stick Decorative Vinyl


5- New kitchen flooring

The new kitchen freshens and updates the kitchen as painting the wall does. If you are small on a budget, you can go for laminated floor tiles. Installing laminated floor tiles will save a lot of money, time, and also make your kitchen look fresh. You can invest in other materials, too, like porcelain, ceramic, and vinyl flooring.

There is another way that can save your money and time. You can strip back a tiny piece of current flooring to check whether there is wooden flooring underneath or not. If there is wood flooring underneath, then there is no need to buy any new material. You should check the condition of the wood floor to know whether it needs sanding, blasting cleaning, or not.

6- Modify lighting

Adding new lights and light fittings can have a significant impact on your kitchen. You can use LED bulbs instead of CFL bulbs to save money and to make your kitchen look brighter. You can add table-top and floor standing lamps to brighten the darker corners of the kitchen.

7- Micro hood

Getting a micro hood takes less space as compared to the microwave and can hold two appliances together. The micro hood can be a great space saver and can add a significant impact to your kitchen. It is quite costly.

GE JNM3163DJBB 1.6 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave, Black


8-New furniture

If you want to save time and don’t want to do any of the above, you can buy new furniture for your kitchen from the local store. You can buy a table and chairs, a French dresser, a sideboard, and unique crockery.


There are many ways by which you can make your kitchen look fresh and updated. For instance, you can buy kitchen cabinets from sales or at a low price; you can also purchase some cabinets, countertops, and other things at a low price. Updating your kitchen adds value to your house, as well as improving your way of living. The kitchen should be a comfortable and relaxing place. 

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