How To Convert A Garage Into A Room

Have you already decided to convert your garage into a room? Here’s is the full process for a fruitful transformation.

Some people like to keep the car in their garage. So, planning for a garage conversion and making a comfortable room will be a better way of having an extra living space.

Before starting the process, you need to consider what you’ll do with currently stuffs in the garage. If it is full your lawnmower and garden tools, you will have to find out a new garden or shed for your plants. If you have no room for your stuff, a partial garage conversion can work better.

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Usually, a basic garage conversion may cost around $1,000 to $1,250 per square metre. If your walls and floor are here stable and the ceiling height is enough to leave around 2.2-2.4 metres of headroom after building up the floor by 15cm above external ground level.

Not only this, if the structure is adjacent to your house, and needs structural repair, it will be more cost-effective.

Design costs

Design fee ranges from $1,200 to $2,500, plus $300 to $400 for a structural engineer. A single garage conversion (18 square metres) will cost around $17,100 to $23,900, and a double (36 square metres) $31,300 to $43,300, plus VAT.

A garage conversion will be more cost-effective if the original structure is unsound. Besides, if you want to spend a lot of money on establishingthe building, knocking the original garage down and building from scratch, then it might be less expensive.

When a garage conversion costing is the perceived value that will add to your home. You can check the value of different houses in your locality. If there is little off-road parking, homes with garages might be valued higher

Only some materials will be needed there. But the services such as electric and plumbing will still have to be installed. If you are looking for the latest design trends, you must log on to


It’s worth checking what’s allowed if you live in a conservation location where the development process can be restricted to protect the appearance of the surroundings. So, you can apply for a certificate of lawful development from the local authority. The removal of permitted development does not rule out the potential of a garage conversion. You should ensure that the design is sensitive to the setting and apply for full planning permission.

When Will You Need Planning Permission?

  • If you are living in a listed building.
  • If the conversion is beyond the permitted development rights.
  • If you are converting the garage space for business.
  • You need to convert the garage interior as long as the exterior is unchanged.


You need to have the building regulations consent for the various elements of your garage conversion. Check that, your local council is not unhappy with your plans.

The conversion is always related to the building regulations approval. So, you should inform your local authority. Your garage should be structurally sound and have a damp-proof course; floor, the walls, and roof need to be upgraded. Moreover, all the electrical need to be tested to ensure safety.


Before starting the work, the commission scaled drawings of the finished indoors, project, and out including the power sockets and furniture layout. Just consider these points:


You should ensure the materials, brickwork, and windows for replacing the garage door. Ask builders to fully tooth and bond the new brickwork into the old.

  • Floor levels

The garage floor must be lower than the floor level. Try to avoid a step down into the room and raise the floor.

  • Access

You need to design the position of the door to the new room. You should also work out how the door’s position will affect the furnishing of the new room.

  • Natural daylight

If you are able to fit an extra window to make your new space feel more like a room and less like a conversion, do so. If your garage faces the garden, you can replace one wall with floor-to-ceiling windows. It feel wider and much more spacious, and consider how this will restrict the layout of the room.

  • Room proportions

If space is long and narrow, just think about dividing it into two areas with better proportions. You can change the proportions of the room using paint colours. Keep the windows uncluttered, and hang mirrors to reflect light. Invest in good storage. You can get pre-made garage doors like the Bradford Cinnamon Glaze Straight Appliance Garage from 

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If you’re ready now, contact an architectural designer and build contractor, who’ll help you to form your plans. Then, take help of an architectural technologist. The starting point for your design is to draw up a floor plan.

There are many companies that are specialized in garage conversion. You should work with someone who has been recommended and a member of an accredited body.

If the garage is attached to your home, think about the best position for access, and put plans in place to redirect this.

Garage Conversion On Your Own?

You can do the garage conversion yourself. Your work will be regularly inspected by building control officers and anything that’s not up to scratch will have to be undone at your own expense.

Get some written quotes from different companies with a clear specification. The help of an architect can give you a more creative outcome.


  • Replacing the door: The garage door will have to be replaced with a new wall and window. Including having lintels set just below the ground level that bears on sound masonry each end.
  • Roof: The roof certainly needs to be upgraded to ensure it’s water-tight. You can use new tiles and materials. Swap a flat roof for a pitched one. Doing much more than the general repairs to the roof will have to be approved by your local building control department.
  • Windows: New windows will need to be energy-efficient and double-glazed to be approved by building control. They may also need to be able to be opened right up, too, to comply with fire safety regulations. You can get a sneak peek at the CarGarage Kits Household Easy Installation Magnetic Panels from
  • Ventilation: Shower rooms and kitchens should have building regulation requirements. You may also include an extractor if you’re planning on using the room as a home gym.
  • Insulation: Building regulation requires walls, windows, the floor and roof to be insulated. This means dry-lining walls, using polystyrene floor insulation and fitting sealed double-glazed windows.
  • Heating: If the boiler won’t cope with another radiator, then consider your electric underfloor heating.
  • Walls: External garage walls will be single course brickwork. This can be solved by adding an interior, insulated stud wall built off a damp-proof course.

If your garage is located in a garden and faces not the road, you can convert it into an annexe.

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If your garage is joined the living room, a home office is sensible. Here’s how you could use the room: 

  • Kitchen-diner extension

If the garage is adjacent to your kitchen, brighter kitchen-diner will provide the best results in terms of usefulness. So, be prepared to plan very carefully. It’s important that, the new room doesn’t have the feel of a boxy converted garage.

  • Extra living room

If your family is growing, you need extra living space. A converted garage will be helpful for gaming, relaxing or entertaining. The older children become, the noisier they get. Here, you need to ensure the sound-proofing is up to the job.

  • Utility room

When a garage adjoins a kitchen, it will be useful as a utility room. You can use it for everything from laundry to extra storage. You will be able to devote half of a large garage to utility and leave the other half for a car. For a utility, underfloor heating will be useful for keeping the room warm and dry.

  • Extra bedroom

With a small garage off a living space, converting it into an extra bedroom for guests is a good idea. The downside to a downstairs guest bedroom might be lack of access to a toilet or shower room. If there is enough room, squeeze in a space-saving wet room.

  • Playroom

This is the perfect use for families. Just include a TV to keep your living room much more of an adult space. Good daylight, ventilation and lots of practical storage will be there.Children grow up quickly. When you’re converting, think five or more years ahead to how you might use the room

  • Home cinema

It is perfect for the converted garage. The rooms can be created without the need for windows.

  • Home gym

A home gym will need with air conditioning. You can add a flat-screen TV and mirrors to make a real gym look. You can take a look at the latest trends on 

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  • Check structure is suitable for conversion.
  • Produce design drawings.
  • Confirm whether planning permission is required.
  • Apply if consent is required.
  • Produce detailed design and building regulations drawings.
  • Notify local authority Building Control of commencement.
  • Strip garage back to retained structure.
  • Structural alterations, including knocking through to the house.
  • Damp-proof new floor, if necessary.
  • Insulate walls and new floor, plus the roof if a single store.
  • Pour new floor, if required.
  • Install new window and doors.
  • First fix joinery, wiring and plumbing.
  • Plaster and dry-line.
  • Fit new doors, skirting, architrave, fixed floor finishes and light fittings.
  • Decoration.
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