How to Choose the Best Living Room Rugs


You can make your living room look fantastic by choosing an elegant and bright carpet. The addition of a carpet is a great way to express yourself through interior design. They are helpful not only in expressing yourself but also in adding color and texture to your living room. If your living room has a hard tiled floor, then the rug adds warmth and comfort to your living room. Rugs are lighter upon your feet. To choose the best living room rugs, go to the Build, Alibaba, and Houzz store. 

Rugs have another great benefit, they absorb the sound, including echoes. It will be comfortable, pleasant, and kinder on your ears. It is an excellent addition to the living room as with being a decorative accessory; it is right for your health more than other equipment. It also defines a seating area and different parts of the room.

Questions to Answer

To choose the best rug for your living room, you should think about and answer the following questions:

  1. What style of living room area rug?

You should think about the design of the rug before buying it. What type of rug you want to buy is your own choice. But you should buy a rug that you love because it remains a part of your room for years. Loloi Rugs Pad is an attractive choice for you on Build. 

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  1. What sort of living room?

Look at your interior style and choose according to that. If your living room is dull, then a brightly colored rug will be suitable for it. Creating a contrast makes the room look good. You can choose a bold pattern if your living room is calm and restful. An intricately designed rug will be a bit too much for a place that has bold wallpaper. On Alibaba, you can find Polyester non-woven Carpet Rugs. 

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  1. What type of rug?

What type of rug you want fully depends on your living room. Selecting a variety of rugs depends on where you want to place it. It also depends on the focal point. You also choose t based on the star of the room at the moment, whether it is a grand piano, the fireplace, a painting, or an architectural feature. Every such thing affects your decision. It should not be bold if you don’t want to make it the main feature of your living room. Visiting a store like Build, will give you an idea of different types of living room rugs. 

  1. Which color area rug is right?

The color of the rug is the most dominant shade, as most of the rugs have a pattern. If the primary color of your room is different from the curtains and the scatter cushions, then you should go for the rug that is of the color of cushions. You can select the dominant color if the rug has a pattern. We recommend buying Huey Theme Multi-Color Area Rug at the Wayfair store. 

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If you don’t know which color you should choose and also want to create a new accent color, then you should probably go for opposite colors. Contrasting colors look amazing and do highlight the room. You can choose splashes of yellow or another color if the color of your living room is blue. Choosing a combination of colors can also be a great idea.

Things to Consider

The following points should be considered while choosing the living room rugs:

  • A Calm and Natural Approach

It is not right to buy a rug of accent colors if you want the rugs to be discreet for the living rooms. You should go for the colors that blend well with the permanent floor or walls if you are buying rugs to provide comfort and warmth. The neutral rug has a longer life. If you want to change the color of the room, then you can use it because of its neutral color. If you are buying a neutral rug, then go for a versatile design so that it can make your room look good even after changing the wall color. Get a natural living room rug by visiting the Alibaba store. 

A lovely, subtly shaded rug would be great and beautiful. It addsdiscreet luxury to your living room. A rug like this will be fantastic for your place if you have boldly hued furniture such as a scarlet and grand piano. If your living room doesn’t have such things, then you can choose the rug of your choice. You can make this rug the focal point of your living room.

  • Durable Rug

You should be careful while buying a rug for your living room or bedroom. The rug for the living room should be sustainable. To avoid frequent cleaning, you should go for a rug that is dark in color. If you don’t have children and pets, then this problem doesn’t arise. The rug should be hard-wearing, opaque, and aesthetically pleasing. The Build and Wayfair are stores to get reliable living room rugs. 

  • Hand Knot Rugs

Hand-knotted rugs are durable and carefully crafted. Skilled artisans make them. You should choose one that is delicate and rough. So, hand-knotted rugs are best for you as they are made on a specialized loom. Each knot is tied by hand. These rugs are of exceptional quality and have a very long life. If you assume that there are 200 knots in it, then you can also wonder how much care went into its manufacture. You can also buy a machine-made rug. These look good, but they differ in quality a lot from the hand knot rugs. It’s worth buying because they don’t wear them and you get what you pay for.

  • Choose a Rug Based on the Budget

Hand-knotted rugs would be of a higher price than machine-made as they differ in quality a lot. Everything comes at a range of prices, so do rugs. The price of rugs depends on its quality. You will pay more for the best quality. Go to Alibaba and get the Black Budget Axminster Rug which will be within budget for most of you. Hand-knotted rugs have exceptional quality, so you have to pay more for them. If you buy this, there remains no need to change for years.

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This small investment can save you money afterward as you don’t have to obtain a rug again and again.

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