How to Choose the Best Chainsaw Oil

Well after conducting significant discussions on the important pointers that determine the best chainsaws for you and compiling the list of the finest electric and gas chainsaws in the market, which I believe must have been turned out to be fruitful for you, today I have decided to talk about the chainsaw oils with my audiences. After all, it is the most crucial element that is extremely vital for the excellent performance and longevity of your chainsaws.

Since we have observed in our study that chainsaws come in different designs, composed of various materials and are set for different standards, they definitely require different types of oil to deliver at their best. So, in this post, you will find everything that you need to know aboutchoosing the best chainsaw oil. Some of the best options are avaialble on Amazon. 

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For What Reasons You Need to Select Chainsaw Oil

While considering various kinds of chainsaws, we all know that the most attention-seeking parts in every type are the bar and chain, making a lot of contact with one another. The entire working with the best possible results immensely depends upon them. Basically it is the speed at which the chain moves over the bar, and of course, lubricating oil is required to ensure that excessive friction does not damage the parts or reduce the lifespan of the chainsaw. Furthermore, the chainsaw oil prevents clogging and keeps your things clean as well.

Since chainsaw is a sharp device, we cannot afford to be careless with it. Poorly maintained or less lubricated chains may result in severe consequences due to the increased risk of kickback. Thus, also from a safety point of view, chainsaw oil is exceptionally essential.

Lastly, low quantity or cheap quality chainsaw oil will not protect your chainsaw from wearing down, and therefore you will end up in spending hefty amounts fixing it. One of the best chan saw oil available on Amazon is the Makita 181116-A Bar and Chain Oil, 1 Gallon, Black.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Chainsaw Oil

Numerous factors are said to be kept in mind when buying the best chainsaw oil. Let us have a look at the most significant ones.

1. The very first thing to understand is to assess the working hours of your product. Professional spends all day cutting woods and clearing the area. Of course, they require using the chainsaw for long working hours as well as on every day. Therefore, their tool must be properly oiled with the best type of the chainsaw oil.

2. Next, you need to consider the efficiency of the oil you want to purchase. The oil should be such that prevents leaving too much residue as it may damage the chain or even force you to replace it at times. Moreover always keep the bar and chain oil levels up to the mark.

3. How can you overlook your budget? You may come across various brands in the market. To keep it budget friendly, it is advisable that you should purchase the oil in bulk. However, we suggest you buy the chainsaw oil that is especially recommended by your chainsaw manufacturer. That is going to be the best suitable one for sure!! You can get a sample size first from Amazon like the Husqvarna 610000023 Bar & Chain Oil, Quart.

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Types of Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil

Based on the chainsaw you have, the climatic conditions, number of working hours and of course your personal preferences, you can select from the several types of chainsaw bar and chain oil to lubricate your equipment. However do keep in mind that in summers, the oil used should be thick as the heat from the sun will make it thin; while on the other hand in winters always use thin oil because the cold temperature will eventually thicken the oil. Now, check out the different kinds of chainsaw bar and chain oil to get a better idea!! However, it is always a good idea to know what other tools you need for your DIY projects by going through the Must have DIY home improvement tools.

Manufacturer Produced:

As I have mentioned it earlier that various companies with the help of little research work are producing their own brand of oil which they always ask you to use along with the chainsaw you purchased from them. While a lot of people do feel that it is an expensivechoice but since they have complete knowhow about their product, their oil tends to offer excellent results.

Makita 181116-A Bar and Chain Oil, 1 Gallon, Black


Generic oil:

Now if your manufacturer has not yet started to produce his very own brand of oil, then go for the generic ones. These bar and chain oils are manufactured by keeping mind the various brands of chainsaws in the market and thus get along with almost every brand quite proficiently. So if you are using more than one brand of chainsaw, you will be better off with only one most excellent choice of the generic oil for all your machinery.

Motor oil:

Though some may talk about using motor oil which you will find the cheapest of all but it really doesn’t provide the same level of lubrication as others do and do not offer much protection from heat and friction as well. Hence, motor oil can be used in the case where the workload is pretty light.

How to Lubricate a Chainsaw?

Almost all new chainsaws are self-lubricated. All you have to do is to check and refill the tank on a regular basis. The only part which may require manual oiling is the nose sprocket which is lubricated by pumping oil into the small grease hole at the tip of your saw. Furthermore, you it is always a good idea to have a non traditional chain saw for small projects like the Saw Kit M18 Hackzall Cordless from

Maxpower 337045 1-Gallon Bar and Chain Oil,Black


See the pointers below to learn how to add bar and chain oil to your chainsaw.

1. Unplug the chainsaw. Never do such task with the chainsaw plugged in.

2. Place your chainsaw on a leveled surface

3. Unscrew the cap of the reservoir and fill in the oil up to the set mark. Remember not to overfill it.

4. Put back the lid and wipe it with clean cloth for any excessive oil.

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