How To Charge Cordless Drill Without A Charger | Guide

Cordless drills are considered as delight among the clients. In view of their versatility and other energizing highlights, they have become the sweet offspring of the drills. This question of “How to charge any device without a charger?” is the most common question that clicks your mind when you are out of the charger. Devices come along with the charger but sometimes you get yourself in a situation where you need to charge your device without a charger. Similarly, think about a situation in which you are working with your cordless drill at some place and forget to bring the charger. Now, what? Obviously you need some solutions through which you can easily charge your cordless drill without a charger.

Nonetheless, there is another method of charging without purchasing a charger. Now, you should think How to charge a cordless drill battery without a charger? All things consider, it’s basic, you need to charge it through different batteries or you need to make a charger.

We also know that buying a new charger in a hurry can be so much costly and it can also delay your work. Don’t worry! We have brought you a bundle of solutions for you that will definitely help you whenever you are out of the charger.

We are here to help you with 7 best ways to charge a cordless drill battery without a charger.

  1. A battery requires a battery.
  2. Getting a charge from another battery.
  3. Getting current and voltage from bench supply.
  4. Make another charger:
  5. Getting the batteries connected (assembling):
  6. Charge a lithium ion battery of a cordless drill with a USB port:
  7. Charge a Li-Ion battery of cordless drill with car battery:

Let’s have a look at each of the above ways.

1. A battery requires a battery

You must be thinking what we are trying to so. Yet, before we start we should begin by saying that force needs to come from some place. To charge a battery you need a source of force. This may seem like a peculiar. However, there are countless ways around the excess. In order to bring up charge to your cordless drill battery, you can connect your battery to a fundamental source. But, there are a bundle of disadvantages along with that option. We recommend you to utilize another battery and not a principal power.

Let us dig in more. So, what happens when your subsequent battery batteries stop working or pass on? Would it be a good idea to go out and purchase a lifetime supply? Well your drill battery was battery-powered, so for what reason shouldn’t the batteries which are currently going to control that one? It might appear as though you are taking far around, yet in the event that you need to continue to utilize your cordless drill, at that point it is an extraordinary method to do as such.

2. Getting a charge from another battery

The primary activity is to check your battery. You need to ensure that you have connectors which your new battery will be associated with. The following activity is to ensure that you have your batteries from which you will draw your charge and ensure that they are charged. At that point, check the voltage of your drill battery. You need to guarantee that you have enough batteries to charge your batteries to the right voltage (deciding in favor of alert and going beneath is suggested). When you know the voltage, you need to amass enough batteries to give you that voltage. For instance, in the event that you drill batteries is 12V, at that point you will require 8 x AA batteries (1.5V) associated in arrangement. This will give you 8 x 1.5V-12V. You likewise need two bits of wire to interface the new batteries to your drill batteries.

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3. Getting current and voltage from a bench supply

This progression utilizes a bench power supply to charge a battery. Great deals of us have those lounging around regardless of whether we can’t discover our cell charger. So, what we actually have to is:

Turn the current and voltage handles right to one side. Turn on the power supply and attach it to your cordless drill battery, remembering that red and dark wires can be connected to some unacceptable attachments. Peruse the names and unplug it in the event that it is by all accounts arc welding on your battery.

Turn up the voltage and current breaking point handles until 500 milliamps is streaming into your battery. On the off chance that you want to be cautious look into how much current the specialists use. The purpose of this strategy is to stream charge anything without having the option to think a lot about the properties of the battery.

4. Make another charger

In the event that you feel that the primary strategy isn’t for you, at that point we have concocted another way. In any case, this strategy needs a ton of count and actual work. You need to chop down wood for this technique. Additionally, you need to do some unpredictable electric work. You need to make a stage down transformer. Presently, what is that? This changes high voltage AC in to low voltage high Amp DC. On the off chance, that you need to dig in to this overly unpredictable cycle, at that point there are few online instructional exercises about it. Experienced to 2 or 3 instructional exercises and you will comprehend the entire interaction. We talked about this technique completely here. In any case, later on, we comprehended that it’s difficult to cause somebody to comprehend through comprehension. Be that as it may, even after the video instructional, we suggest you take help to somebody capable in electrical designing. This is on the ground that this technique has chances as well.

On the off chance, that you commit errors in choosing segments, at that point you may confront grave outcomes. Lightening little fire quite standard for the situation. On the off chance, if your luck goes upside down you can face huge disaster. Along these lines, it’s smarter to keep a fire quencher alongside you while doing this.

Nonetheless, we again recommend you evaluate the principal technique. Additionally, on the off chance that we think about expenses, purchasing another charger is far less expensive than any of these techniques.

5. Getting the batteries connected (assembling)

The batteries should be associated in an arrangement. Get 8 AA batteries (they will charge one 12V battery) and prepared alongside with two wires and some electronic tape. There is a thing you need to remember when you are interfacing the AA batteries that they ought to be associated with positive to negative, yet when associating with the cordless drill battery, they ought to be associated positive to positive and negative to negative.

Take the initial two batteries and spot the positive finish to negative finish of the other battery. Utilize the tape to associate the two batteries together by holding them so they interface and afterward folding the tape over the two batteries to hold them set up.

In the event that there is a hole between these two batteries (or any of the others), at that point the framework won’t work. Keep on adding batteries to the initial two, wrapping them with tape each time, until you have length of 8 batteries.

Then, you need to join the wires. Discover wires with plastic covering and uncover the two closures on each wire. This will permit you to control; the wire without getting injured (you are under no genuine danger, yet the wire can get hot).append a wire to the positive side of your ling batter (the end with the positive finish of a battery uncovered) and one to the negative side (the end with the negative side uncovered).

Uniting everything

When you have the entirely of your batteries associated and the wires set up, you can append the long battery to your drill battery. This is the place where you need to ensure that you are associating the positive side to the positive associations and the negative to the negative. Make certain to check for both of these terminals on your drill battery. Before you interface the wires. You can hold the wires onto the connectors of your drill battery, or you can tape them there, yet you ought to consistently be there in the event that something turns out badly. On the off chance that you recognize any strange scents, at that point take the battery outside and separate it.

On the off chance that anything appears to be strange, at that point separate the battery. The charging will take some time, yet in the event that the long battery has the equivalent or less voltage than the drill battery, at that point you won’t ever cheat the drill battery.

6. Charge cordless drill with a USB port

At the point when you are in a critical need to charge a lithium-particle battery (6600-37) charger, the most straightforward and bother free route is to accuse it of a USB port.

To charge a lithium particle battery (6600-37) utilizing a USB port is basic and precarious. We should have a look at the accompanying strides to make your work simple:

  1. Get a USB link like a cell phone charger.
  2. Associate the USB end to your PC, printer, camera, power bank or whatever other electronic gadget that permits the USB port
  3. Presently, take your cordless drill and associate the charging end of the link to your cordless drill that you need to charge.

Charge cordless drill with car battery

Do you need additional choices to charge li-particle battery of your cordless drill without a charger? Chill off. You have another convenient alternative as you are driving your vehicle. We can charge your cordless battery of lithium ions with your car’s battery.

You can charge the battery simply associating it to your vehicle battery which accompanies a lead-corrosive battery. However, charging in a particularly astute way, you need to utilize little lights which will manage the current stream. Presently, you may have an inquiry: what number of little lights would it be a good idea for me to utilize? On the off chance that your vehicle possesses a lead-corrosive battery and you need to charge your cordless drill battery, you need to utilize 6 to 7 little lights. Also, you need to mastermind or place those bulbs in an equal manner to achieve the charging position. It will permit some amperes to the battery so the battery gets charged with no difficulty. At that point hang tight and wait for 15 to 20 minutes. Your battery of cordless drill will get sufficient charge for the utilization.

Safety Precaution

Regardless of how secure the procedure is, you ought to never leave the site of your work. Fundamentally in the event that you work is electrical. In this way, utilize plastic shows while working with these batteries and transformers.

Final verdict

In the event that you are somewhat of a jack of all trades and like to fix things around the home, at that point you realize that it is so imperative to have a cordless drill which works. Having a cordless drill is significantly more helpful than on with a line, yet there is the issue of energizing battery, and after some time, the charger will surrender the apparition and stop to work.

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