How To Change Brushes In A Cordless Drill | Guide

This article will give you a proper guide related to How do you change a drill brush?

Yes, you read it right, changing the brushes in a cordless drill is not a rocket science. You don’t have to struggle and please the electricians to fix your drill brushes. You can do it at home by following some precautions and simple steps. 

Drill brushes are considered as the backbone of any brushed drill. This is the main part that makes any drill able to work more effectively. If these brushes become old their capacity of reducing friction is affected badly and this can ruin the performance level of your drill. If you are not concerned about the brushes in a cordless drill’s performance then it can cause serious damage in the future. 

To save yourself and your cordless drill from serious damages and costly repairing. It’s better to replace the brushes in a cordless drill on the time. 

So without further delay let’s begin our guidance that will help you to change the brushes in a cordless drill. Not only this but it also guides you to some other essentials aspects that you must keep in mind to increase your power tool’s efficiency.

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What Are Drill Brushes?

Basically brushes are the medium to create a relation in between stationary wires and the moving parts of the drill. Usually Brushes have different shapes and sizes. But the most common shapes of brushes that are being used most likely are square and rectangle.

What Brushes In A Cordless Drill Do?

Do you know What do brushes do in a drill? 

The brushes  are one of the most important and effective parts of any brushed drill. These brushes can increase any drill’s workability and capability of drilling or driving. These brushes work really hard to provide you a fast and better drilling/driving experience. But as they are being used they get older and lose their capacity. That’s why it’s essential to change or replace them after every few months to continue the effective working.

The brushes in a cordless drill bring all the components of the power tool together. So they can work with their full energy and provide a desired result.

Composition Of Cordless Drill Brushes

The Cordless Drill Brushes are made from Carbon-graphite that are a perfect blend of carbon and graphite. The more the amount of graphite included in any brush the less friction it produces. Beyond this some brushes are also made from graphite and copper as well. 

When To Change Brushes On Drill

If you are continuously using your drill without any repairing and replacing of its parts. Then it could be highly dangerous for the drill because this can cause serious damages and failures of several parts in the drill. That’s why it’s mandatory to take care of drilling inner parts because they play a much important role in any drill to increase its efficiency and capability.

Having query that How do I know if my drill needs new brushes? We know that probably not all the drill users are professional and they aren’t properly aware from the precautions and indications related to drill and drill’s parts. So for them we are mentioning some indications that a drill gives you when it is suffering from any kind of issue and worn you before any serious damage. 

The factors that you will see if the brushes in a cordless drill needs replacement are listed below.

  • The most common and noticeable thing is that your drill is not able to work as good as it was before. It starts generating less RPMs and begins to lose energy and power while working.
  • Another most common indication that the brushes in a cordless drill are worms is the smell of burning. This burning smell indicates that the carbon brushes are completely worms and start generating a huge amount of friction that could cause serious damage.
  •  The third most noticeable factor is the sparking from the cooling vents. During working drills produces sparks that are totally normal. But if you see sparks are generating more frequently from the cooling vents of the power tool it means it’s time to replace the carbon brushes.
  • The last sign that indicates that your drill brushes become old and useless is, your power tools give up by stalling and cutting out. This is one of the most clear signs that the brushes in a cordless drill need to change.

Precautions Before changing The Brushes.

No doubt it’s quite simple to change the brushes in a cordless drill. But you have to follow some safety and necessary precautions to accomplish your work accurately. 

  • Wear tight rubber gloves to protect your hand from hurting.
  • Mark out all the components serially. So you don’t skip any component when refitting the housing.
  • Use a standard and sized screwdriver to work more conveniently. Otherwise it can damage the body of the drill.
  • Choose a standard and suitable pair of brushes. For them, try to find the providing brush sets of related brand’s drill that you have.

Procedure To Change Brushes In A Cordless Drill

Thoughtful: How to replace carbon brushes in a drill? Relax it’s not as tough as you think. 

No matter which brand of drill you carry. They follow almost the same procedure of changing brushes in a cordless drill.  However there would be a few steps differ but the most common and easy steps that must be followed during replacing the brushes are given below. 

Phase 1: Unplugged The Battery

The first and most important phase while changing the brushes in a cordless drill is removing the outer case and unplugging the battery from the drill.

Phase 2: Identify The Location Of The Brushes

The next step is to identify where the brushes are placed. After getting the location of the brushes open the housing up to expose them.

Phase 3: Separate The Brushes 

Now apart the brushes from the drill. The brushes are usually clipped inside the drill to work properly. You can easily separate them by using a small screwdriver.

Phase 4: Replace The Brushes

After unclipping the brushes. Now you can easily remove the old and useless brushes in a cordless drill. So remove them from their housing and place the new ones at that place very gracefully.

Phase 5: Refitting

Now it’s almost done, just simply reverse phase 1 carefully and refit all the components (Spring, contact clip and housing) one by one.

Here you are done with the replacing of brushes in a cordless drill. Now your cordless drill is all set to drilling and driving on any material with its peak level of energy and speed.

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Bottom Line

Now it’s time to wind up, we are quite sure that with above giving proper guidelines now you can easily change the brushes in a cordless drill. 

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