How to Accent Your Exposed Brick Wall

We all love to live in a place which makes us feel beautiful and soothing at the time, and we can achieve the same by decorating our houses in such a way. Now when we are talking about decorating our homes, then it should be such that, not it looks phenomenal but also gives you a refreshing feel when you are any guest arrive at your house.

Thus, in simple words, it means that it should always look fabulous and visually appealing irrespective of changing decorating patterns and styles and the exposed brick wall comes under such a decorating technique or design. On that note, if you are also planning to décor your home with this fantastic décor pattern, then you are at right place. It is because today in this post we will discuss the same that how to accent your exposed brick wall.

So here our list begins:-

1. Surround it With Greenery

Yes, you have heard it right. Accenting you’re exposed brick wall with the greenery is one of the best decorating options you can go for. It will not only provide your exposed wall an appealing look with more of nature but will also offer some fresh air and an outdoor-inspired pleasure. You can get Palm Tree Plant from to kick start this surrounding. 

Nearly Natural 5043 4ft. Sago Silk Palm Tree


2. Shelves Without Back

Decorating with Exposed Brick Wall seems quite hard to most us, but it is not true. If we pay a little attention, then we can do wonders with it, and we can do it by using shelve without back as it will not cover the beautiful exposed brick wall. And at the same will be a piece of furniture which you can use for keeping books, showpieces, photo frames and many more things of your day to day use. For accomplishing the task correctly, you can go for Metal Bookcase, Open Etagere Book Shelf by HSH furniture. Get some beautiful frames from

Golden State Art, Gold Metal Wall Photo Frame Collection, Set of 7, Aluminum Photo Frame with Ivory Color Mat & Real Glass


3. Givea Try To Turquoise Pop

Most of us hesitate in trying something unusual when it comes to furniture. But it is time we should change our mindsets and try something new. And to do the same, you should endeavor bright turquoise colored pieces of furniture like a couch or just a table with your exposed brick wall. It will not only bring the bright mark to your place but will also look outstanding with the coarse texture of the brick. To serve the purpose in the best manner, you can use turquoise French Country Hall Table by Convenience Concepts.

Convenience Concepts French Country Hall Table with Drawer and Shelf, Blue


4. Be Artistic with some Artwork

Now whether you have tried it or not, this tip comes under the popular brick accent wall ideas. Yes, you have read it right. You can bring life to your exposed brick wall by using some artwork or painting one on your room’s wall. Here you can play with colors carefully and can choose any color of artwork or do a painting with different colors that compliment your exposed brick wall. Try to keep it simple yet attractive so that it doesn’t lose its charm. Thus, on that, if you are planning to use a wall-artwork, then you can give a chance to 3D Hand-Painted on Canvas Abstract Artwork Art Wood inside Framed Hanging Wall Decoration Abstract Painting by V-inspire. Get the beautiful floral artwork in the form of Dawn Wolfe, 3D Plant Montage: Fall from

5. Floral Pop Also Looks Amazing

You can also use this one of the best ways to accent your exposed brick wall. Yes, you can provide a floral pop to your exposed brick wall thereby using decorating items having a floral print. For instance, you can use some real flower pots, floral paintings and moreover you can also use floral sofas to make the overall look of the room complete.

Thus, to accomplish the complete look you can use Devlin White, and Blue Floral Fabric Love Seat by GDF Studio and Home Decorations Modern Stretched and Framed Pretty Floral Giclee Artwork by Wieco Art or BPAGO Modern Flowers Painting Plateau Gesang Wall Décor by BPAGO.

6. Outstanding Large Windows

Yes, largewindows go well with exposed brick walls and hence this tip comes under the best-exposed brick wall decorating ideas. Large windows offer a terrific look to your room along with ample amount of natural light, which makes your room to look grand, what else anyone can ask for.

7. Family Pictures Look Marvelous

The next thing you can do to accent your exposed brick wall is that you can hang a collection of your family pictures and hang it all over the fence. This decoration looks just incomparable when you do it with frames of contrasting colors as that of your wall. To do the same with your exposed brick wall, you can use SONGMICS Picture Frames Set by SONGMICS. You can get awesome metallic frame like the Mattis Aluminum Metallic Picture Frame from

Umbra Prisma Picture Frame, 4×6 Photo Display for Desk or Wall, Brass


8. Give Some Metallic Touch

Exposed brick walls go well with metallic touch. On that note, you can also give a metallic touch and feel to your exposed brick wall thereby using metallic pipes, copper lighting, wall arts, candle holders and lamps, mirrors, paintings and many more things.  To serve the purpose in the best manner, you can make use of Logam Ajoure Gold Metal Hanging Ceiling Lamp by Logam. 

9. Incline Large Assets Against It

Last but not the least, the further thing you can do to augment the beauty of your exposed brick wall room or house is that you can incline large assets against it.  For instance, you can tilt a long mirror, by doing this you will not only get an appealing view, but it will also make your room to appear grand. Along with that you will even get a right amount of natural light and hence light up the entire space. Also used concealed lighting from

Thus, if you want to have a visually appealing exposed brick wall room or house then do apply the tips mentioned above in the post and offer your guest a treat to watch. Also, if you want to receive such amazing posts on home décor and home improvement then forget to share your comments. And also don’t forget to share the post. As you all know sharing is caring, just as we care for you, so we share.

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