How I saved money on home warranties

Everybody wants to save money and this is a fact most often exploited by big corporations and especially suppliers of home renovation and home decor projects. However, there are some tactics that you can employ to save money on your home warranties as well as on items that you buy with crazy warranty money upfront. Let us look at some of the ways I saved money from home warranties. 

Getting a warranty saves money

First of all, it must be said and noted that I am not at all against home warranties at all. This is the first wall of protection against overspending when anything goes wrong in my house. Furthermore, always get a home inspection carried out by a professional since it allows you to get to know any persisting problem that exists in the house you are about to purchase or lease. Getting a home warranty against any new problem that arises not only saves you money but keeps you at peace as well.

Budget protection

I used a nice home warranty to cover my repairs and replacements that saved me tons of money over the last four years. What you might pay in out-of-pocket costs with a home warranty when compared to what you would pay without a home warranty can turn into real savings for you. The table below shows the budget protection that you can attain with a home warranty:-

Air Conditioner$706$2989
Heating System$684$2753
Electrical System$400$1655
Water Heater$860$1600

Find out how Tinted windows helped me save air conditioner warranties

Saving my budget on electricity bill was another smart move I took ages ago. When everybody around me was installing extra lighting unitsin a large house for illumination, I invested in energery efficient windows like the termaly insulated window. This helped me in making my house energy efficient and bringing the bill down easily. 

As the drive to make my house energy efficient, I turned my attention towards low energy utilizing bulbs and led lights. I also got myself a smart Emporia Vue Smart Home Energy Monitor with Expansion Module from Amazon to support the whole energy saving system I employed in my home.

The result was less spent on repairs and subsequent year’s electrical warranties from my home warranty company since my electrical consumption was low. Try to look out for a home warranty company that provides insurance based upon your electricity usage.

1.Emporia Vue Energy Monitor with Expansion Module 

Subtle home improvements can be handled easily with saved up cash and also in the case of DIY projects. However, once you realize that the home renovation idea you are following requires professional help, you may not have that kind of case. Moreover, when it comes to emergency repairs or hiring any of the top 10 professional help for home improvement, your bank statement may not be in a favorable position. Therefore, the best way out is selecting one of the best 10 home renovation loans.

Although, just showing a comparative chart between terms of loan and markup may not be enough for a layman. Therefore, we present the comparison at the end but lay out the kinds of a home renovation loan beforehand so you know exactly what you are getting into.

Sometimes you go for trendy items coming on the market which are not only expensive but high maintenance as well and you end up paying a lot for warranty covers since they are “in” fashion. However, if you get the fixture like WAC Lighting Astoria 13″ Wide Integrated LED Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture from before it goes viral, you save tons of money in actual price and warranty clauses. One way of staying ahead of the trend is by subscribing to for getting news, tips, and tricksbefore everyone.

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2.Youtob LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

You must be saying that saving money on warranties was all about electrical saving for me. Well, that is where most of our annual spending is. If you get to save from electrical spending than you save about 40% on your bills as well as your warranty subscriptions. This is why I went for a complete solar panel installation for my electricity as well as various other systems in the house. I made a smart move of getting the solar pump from and this saved my skin more often than not.  

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3.AEO Solar Water Pump KIT

A programmable thermostat can save you a lot of money on heating and cooling costs. The fancier ones let you control the temperature inside your home afar and can even learn your routines to adjust your home’s temperature according to your daily patterns.

Even a basic digital thermostat that lets you use less energy on heating and cooling when you’re out or asleep can save you a couple of hundred bucks a year. Get the ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat with 2 Room Sensors from Amazon.

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4.ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat with 2 Room Sensors

The best way to save money from home warranties is to get a favorable warranty one, and then use low annual costs to get a rebate on that warranty every year. Moreover, leasing a property is a far better than option than owning one. However, owning a property reduces monthly costs in rent but increases them in repairs and warranties. Therefore, strike a balance and make the most of your home warranty.  

Therefore, if you are looking for a budget-friendly home warranty then you can go for the methods that I employed. However, this is not limited to the methods I used alone as there are a million ways to do so. However, I would recommend being smart in the whole process as the number one requirement especially when it comes to warranties, home remodeling, and DIY home décor projects. You can log on to for the latest updates and ways to save money. Happy saving! 

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