General or specialized contractor: which is the best option

If you are going for a home remodeling project or a kitchen/bathroom remodel, you will need professional help. You may not know this but there are two kinds of help out there that can assist you in getting the ideal remodeling plan checked out and implemented. One such assistance isa general contractor and the other is a specialized contractor. These are two main aspects of any remodeling project that you can employ in order to complete a home remodeling project, be it a small roof job or a complete façade remodeling. The post not only differentiates the difference between a general and specialized contractor but also which one should you chose and why!

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What is a General Contractor?

A general contractor is a person who chalks up a whole plan for home remodeling and looks upon each aspect of it. He can do the renovation himself or hire specialists in order to complete the job in bits and pieces. A general contractor has a general contracting license which is easily verifiable. However, once picking a general contractor, always go for one with a good reputation and a warranty policy on his projects. He has a variety of skills as well; making him a suitable contractor for many kinds of renovation projects especially one which has small sub-projects of multiple kinds. You can keep up with the latest trends on related to contracting and finances.

What is a Specialized Contractor?

A specialized contractor is an expert in one particular field of home renovations like roofing or basement remodeling. He can sub-task other jobs to work on a single project but only specializes in his own domain. As per law, a specialized contractor cannot subcontract another contractor to complete your work, which is why you should always check the license and reputation of the contracting company that you are about to hire.

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Do remember that a specialized contractor bond is up to $20,000 whereas a bond for a General contractor is for about $10,000.

Which one to hire?

A general contractor is a middle man who hires other specialized contractorsbased upon your requirements. Therefore, if you have a single job like a basement remodeling plan, it is better to hire a specialized contractor. However, if you have a multiple job project which includes projects like bathroom renovation, curb rebuilding, basement remodeling, etc then a general contractor is a better option. As per research a general contractor is 15% more expensive than a specialized contractor.

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However, if you hire multiple specialized contractors for one big job, not only they cost extra but may also break things that the other is fixing, since they don’t have a master plan. Moreover, a general contractor has specialized contractors on file with a running contract so overall it may become cheaper than hiring multiple specialized contactors. You may not have complete control of what kind of work he brings to the table but you can always decide the accessories that can be purchased easily from burkedecor for interior and thertastore for exterior decor.

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Therefore, a specialized contractor for a single project and a general contractor for a complete home remodeling project is the right way to go. Think wisely and plan your hiring accordingly!

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