# Question Answer
1 Do you verify email? Yes. When you register you will get a confirmation email. Please follow instructions. To prevent our emails from being filtered out please add housener.com
2 How do I change my password? Sign and click my account. When the draw down menu opens, click my profile. The page will open, then look for change my password and follow instructions.
3 How do I purchase item on housener? Housener.com is a unique home improvement discovery website and a connecting hub to find the best professionals and solutions for home improvement community. If you see something you like, you can contact the business owner, or the professional directly with information provided, as we do not facilitate the transaction between sellers and buyers.
4 How do I set up a shop? All you need is register or create housener.com account, set up the shop with all necessary information that will identify you and you are good to go.