Easy and effective tips for Foundation Maintenance

Foundations in our homes are oneof the most important things to look after. It is the thing that our homes are standing upon. So, it is essential to look after the foundations of our home. However, it is one of those things that we overlook or maybe take for granted very often. Being out of sight, it goes straight out of our minds.

Homeowners are more likely to concentrate on their foundation only if something goes wrong. But, what they don’t understand is prevention is better (and less expensive) than cure. So, here are some preventive tips you may look for the maintenance of your home foundation.

Here are some common strategies you can look into, to keep a regular check to your foundation. Check the list below.

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Annual Plumbing Checks

One of the effective steps may include the yearly plumbing inspection system both inside and outside. The leaks that are hiding under the floor or behind the wall are capable of damping. In some cases, it can also destroy some parts of the home. They are not JUST bad. These leaks are fatal for your home foundation. Mouldy walls, low pressure in the faucets and pooling waters are the undeniable and initial signs of some leaks. However, there are some leaks which are not that conspicuous.

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This is why the annual plumbing checks are that much relevant and necessary.

Inspect your home for different Insects, damages or cracks

It is going to be very helpful for you to have a walk around your foundation every two months to check any signs of problems. Trailing insects that sometimes enter places they should not be may make the deterioration of the home foundation faster. Always look for any hairline cracks or any holes you can see and plug them with cement or normal soil. If you have a beam foundation, check the crawlspace for moisture, wood rot or such sort of things.

Maintaining a constant moisture level around the house

Always try to maintain a constant moisture level around the soil of your house. The soil around your home foundation can absorb, as well as lose a considerable amount of water. During the monsoon months, the soil absorbs a lot of water and becomes wet. Whereas, in the summer months, the soil will lose a lot of its moisture and shrink up. Thes constant contraction and expansion of the land around your home foundation throughout the year may weaken the soil and may do the same with the foundation. So, to prevent this particular damage, you may have to use soakers in the months of monsoon and spread water in the summer months to maintain the soil. Watering the home foundation may not fix the current problem. However, they must slow down the rate of deterioration.

Ensure proper drainage

The poor water drainage system may make your foundation weak too. It can wreak havoc on the foundation. One of the main culprits of this is poor plumbing quality. However, sometimes, rainwater may take the blame. The surrounding soil, if not expel or accept moisturizer it may cause the earth to be soft, and that may lead to some unwanted strains on the foundation of the property. Keeping the drainage away from the foundation may help in this case. This may help you to moisture the content below the slabs.

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Keep an eye on the large trees around your home if any

So, after the numerous advantages of trees, there may be a small one that you can count on the disadvantage. Look for any trees around your home. Why? Trees, especially large trees, are capable of soaking up to 150 gallons of water. So the situation is, eitheryou are going to water these trees properly even in the dry season, or the trees will go deeper with its soils deeper. Deeper may mean up to the property’s foundation. Being stingy with water may make you homeless later.

You can also install a root barrier in this case. These barriers are made of plastic. Metal or some other materials. This amazingly simple gadget if implanted approximately 3 inches deep can prevent the large tree roots from reaching to the foundation of your property. Root barriers steer roots down and keep it away from your property.  

Ensure that your structure is on a proper slope

It is one of the best tips to maintain your foundation. It is very important to make your foundation on a proper slope so that there is no stagnant water around the foundation of your home. The ground around the foundation should be sloping away. If that for some reason was or is not possible, Consider having a moisture barrier that is at least five inches deeper around the property.

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Maintain the temperature

Maintaining a proper steady temperature inside your home may help you to take care of your foundation in some way. How? Well, changing the temperature of your room may cause the expand and contract of the concrete slabs of your home. That was happening, again and again, can loosen the foundation of your home. Do not leave your home a long time heating or cooling.

Flower beds may help you, too

Keeping the flower bed ground elevations 3 to 4 inches below the slabs. The flower beds may help you with proper drainage if sloped away properly from the foundation. This may help to prevent the moisture system from seeking through the wall system.

These were some of the best tips to helps you keep your foundation maintained. Do not overlook this important part of your home again. Always be in check.

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