Dewalt Vs Milwaukee Cordless Drill | Comparison | Buying Guide

Dewalt Vs Milwaukee cordless drill, which one will be perfect for your? Cheer up! Because we are going to solve your problem. This comparison article will give you a deep and proper guidance related to which brand of cordless drill is best? 

So are you ready to clear all your doubts and get to know Dewalt Vs Milwaukee which one cordless drills and tools going to be a constant companion in your workplace. 

For a better and simple understanding about Dewalt Vs Milwaukee cordless drill. We have divided the features in several categories. Then compare dewalt and milwaukee drills capabilities. Which will give you a better understanding about the both drills even if you are not professional.

So without further delay let’s start to find What is the difference between Milwaukee 18v and DeWalt?

Drill Comparison | Dewalt Vs Milwaukee 

Category # 1 | Dewalt Vs Milwaukee Drill (Battery Power And Timing)

Dewalt’s Battery

The Dewalt drill probably used modern technology based Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries last for a longer time and don’t die in the middle of the work. If we talk about Dewalt drilling kits. It usually comes with two lithium-ion batteries. That makes working more easier because while you are working with one the other one is on charging. It saves your time and you can work more efficiently without any break.

Other than this the more things that are notable in Dewalt batteries is that they provide 33% more power than any other battery pack. And in the last most important they are recharged in a short time and run for a long time.

Milwaukee Battery

Milwaukee drill also comes with standard red lithium-ion batteries. That’s why the battery running and recharging time should be the same as the Dewalt drill. But the difference between Dewalt vs Milwaukee drill’s batteries is that the battery pack construction of Milwaukee is quite modern. The  modern packaging ensures that the battery should remain in good condition with the passing of time.

The most noticeable difference in Milwaukee batteries is that they have redlink plus technology. This technology prevents the tools from overheating, over-charging and overloading.

Category # 2 |  Dewalt Vs Milwaukee Drill (Weight And Size)

Dewalt Cordless Drills

The dewalt drills are normally lighter in weight and have a compact size. While some of the tools offered by Dewalt are a little bit heavy. Mostly Dewalt’s drills carry weight from 2.5 lb to 10 lb which is quite fine for an individual to work with it. 

The dewalt Cordless drills have ergonomic design, which helps the users to hold and grip it more conveniently during drilling. Experts find that dewalt’s cordless drills are an ideal option for individual use because of their lightweight and compact size.  

Milwaukee Cordless Drills

Milwaukee cordless drills are quite lighter in weight and the size of the drills are also much smaller as compared to other brand’s cordless drills. Milwaukee’s cordless drills are highly designed keeping ergonomic manners in mind. 

Besides their lightweight and size, their handles are also made too wisely and keeping the users comfort in mind. Milwaukee’s drills usually have soft and rubberized handles that provide a strong and firm grip throughout the working.

Category # 3 | Dewalt Vs Milwaukee (Torque And Speed)

Dewalt’s drills Range

The rate of torque and Variable speed options of dewalt cordless drills are quite impressive. They can generate lower 250 to more than 2000 RPMs of torque. The dewalt cordless drills are considered as an ideal drill for fastening and drilling applications. 

Because their 2-setting speed features allow the users to adjust the speed limit according to the work requirement. And that’s how they can save the screws from dripping. Plus to keep the drill in balance after selecting the desired speed they have ½ ratcheting chuck that provides a comfortable grip during working.

Milwaukee’s drills Range

The Milwaukee’s drills Torque rates and variable speed options are almost the same as dewalt cordless drills. But mostly Milwaukee drills are able to generate lower 450 to more than 1850 of RPMs and BPMs. The torque range is quite close to the Dewalt cordless drills. 

The plus point of Milwaukee cordless drills is that they give 2x more run time than any other drills and deliver 25% more power by which the user can work with accuracy.

Category # 4 | Dewalt Vs Milwaukee Drill (Warranty Limit And Service) 

Dewalt Cordless drills

Dewalt offers its customers 3-years of warranty, 1 year of free service and 90 days of money back guarantee. But the things do not end here, the Dewalt provides its customers a lifetime warranty of tools. So if your any machines tools failed to work properly you can return it to the dewalt customer service centre and they will replace it with the new one.

However Dewalt some pneumatic tools come with 7 years of warranty, 1 year of agrement and 3 days of money back guarantee.

Milwaukee Cordless drills

Milwaukee provides different warranties time limits according to the tool. But mostly tools include a 5 years warranty. However the procedure of exchanging and returning the product is quite difficult and strict. You have to register your tool first and keep the receipt with you because without it you can’t return or replace it.

So after comparing the features of dewalt vs Milwaukee  cordless drill. Now we take a look on the different Milwaukee vs DeWalt outdoor tools. 

Dewalt Vs Milwaukee | Power Tools

Dewalt Vs Milwaukee | Cordless drill/Driver

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit, (DCD771C2)

Attractive Features

Powerful Motor

Dewalt DCD771C2 drill/driver has a powerful motor attached. This motor gives a high performance and generates 300 units watt of power. That means you can work for a long time without any breakage of power.

½ Inches Single Sleeve Ratcheting Chuck

This amazing Dewalt DCD771C2 drill/driver kit, comes with ½ inch of single sleeve ratcheting chuck. Means now you don’t need to worry about fitting the bits. Because this ratcheting chuck provides a strong grip and strength to any bit that you attached in the tool.

Additional Features

  • Dewalt DCD7712C2  is specially designed to work in tight and congested spaces.
  • Its strong material and excellent technology makes it highly durable. Means you can use it for many years without any service.
  • It has two speed setting features. From (0-450 and 1500 RPMs). So you can select the desired speed setting lower or higher according toyour tasks requirement.
  • It also has an ergonomic handle that provides the user a comfortable and strong grip while drilling or driving.

2. Milwaukee 2407-22 M12 3/8 Drill Driver Kit

Attractive Features

Battery Indicator

Milwaukee 2407-22 drill/driver kit has a modern technology included that is on-board battery fuel gauge. This on board battery fuel gauge displays how much battery is remaining and how long the tool can run.  It also prevents the tool from overheating, and overcharging.

Metal ratcheting Chuck

2407-22 drill/driver kit of Milwaukee has a metal ratcheting chuck attached. This metal ratcheting chuck can easily hold any size of bit. So no need to worry to find the right size of bit for your drill. Just install any size of bit and start working with maximum durability.

Additional Features

  • This amazing drill/driver can deliver 1500 RPMs of torque. For working with great speed.
  • Its new ergonomic handle design makes it easy to hold and grip the drill more conveniently during drilling or driving screws.
  • This Milwaukee 2407-22 drill/driver kit comes with a power drill corded drill and power drill drivers.

Dewalt Vs Milwaukee | Hammer drill

3. DEWALT Hammer Drill, Pistol Grip (DWD520)

Attractive Features

Amazing Motor

Dewalt hammer drill DWD520 has a power 10 Amp of motor attached. That incredibly increases the performance level of the drill and you can work more professionally. Plus it also prevents the drill from overloading means if any issue occurs it automatically stops and saves the tool from any serious damage.

Dual Mode

The Dewalt DWD520 is featured with dual mode (hammer drill and drill). It’s all up to you to change your desire and needed mode and Perform various drilling applications. This hammer drill is ideal for working in masonry, wood and steel.

Additional Features

  • Soft grip handle included for better griping and reduce fatigue
  • 120 volts of lithium-ion battery that provides an extreme level of power to increase your workability.
  • 2-speed range option included to select the required torque to accomplish your work with accuracy.

4. Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 Hammer Drill

Attractive Features

Brushless Motor

Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 Hammer drill has a brushless motor inside it. This brushless motor reduces the rate of friction and increases the capability of the drill. It normally provides 60% more power as compared to other hammer drills.

Redlink Plus Intelligence

This Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 hammer drill has modern technology included that is redlink plus intelligence. This technology indicates the user when the tool is overheated or the battery comes to end. It not only indicates but also prevents the tool from all kinds of serious damages. Means this technology makes it super save.

Additional Features

  • Red lithium battery pack included that helps the drill to get enough power to work perfectly.
  • It can generate 1,200 lbs. of torque, which is 60 times greater than any other hammer drill.
  • This hammer drill grabs the attention of the buyers because of its highly ergonomic design. Because with this drill you can perform your task in a relaxed mode.
  • The drill comes with a side handle. That provides a strong and comfortable grip throughout working.


So here we have done with our Dewalt Vs Milwaukee cordless drill comparison. We had tried our best to give you deep, informative and useful details related to both brands of drills.

Now it’s all up to you to decide dewalt or Milwaukee which one is perfect according to your work and budget. But we must say that in between Dewalt Vs Milwaukee both are better in their own working tasks. So choose the right drill which is made for the specific task. Otherwise your money would be wasted even buying a reputed and high quality of brand drill. 

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