Creative paint ideas for your house

Creative paint ideas for your house It doesn’t mean from which standard a person belongs to, everyone wants their home to look tremendous and attractive to others. If you just have a sense of choosing the best paint colors for your house you can put a very good impression on guests or any other person that passes by your house. And the best part is that it’s not always about budget, if you have the manner to mixing different colors to make attractive one you can came up with different ideas in a less expensive budget. Here on our blog we have different paint ideas for your different places in house that can be very helpful for you.

Painting ideas for the living room: First of all the good impression starts from your living room. It is the room where your friends and guests can sit around watching television, have discussions or any other gathering so it has to be attractive. Let’s get start with some of the different paint colors that you can use for this room:

The accent wall: It is the wall where your TV can be hanged or other paintings and decoration pieces which faces your couch so everybody is looking right onto it. So you can paint this wall with navy blue color and to make it attractive add a little

light green color into it so it can give a bold color shade. Or you can create your own mixture just be sure to paint the wall with a darker color.

Contrast with the ceiling: If you are going to make your walls a little darker than your ceiling should be of light color so it can give you a bright contrast. Helpful colors for this are Mustard, Cream, or you can add splashes of light green and maroon.

Painting the floor: If you are looking to paint your walls with light color and also wants to make a darker impression then you can just work on your floor color. Paint your floor with a dark color like dark brown or furniture color so that it can match up with your couch or chairs to make good impression.

Painting ideas for Bedroom:

It doesn’t matter where a bedroom is, like in a home, hotel or in a castle it always uses mostly for sleep or a room where you can have rest. So we have a different color combinations that can make your bedroom looks pretty cool.

Purple and white: If you are looking to make your bedroom looks amazing than surely these are the only colors for you. You can add dark purple to your walls and to lessen the dark effect of this you can paint your ceiling with the white color or vice versa.

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Coral and Creams: For a better gesture, these too colors can mix up with any kind of curtain and bedsheets you are having. Coral on the wall back of your bed and cream color on the walls, with light pink bed sheets and grey color curtains makes a beautiful bedroom.

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Blue and Red: These two colors can make not just bedroom, even your whole house looks amazing. So if you are looking these colors for your bedroom then these are the best and not just for the paint. For example, with royal red curtains and royal blue bed sheets? How amazing that bedroom is. And with these colors with a different shades and mixtures on your wall, than it doesn’t matter how you decorate and sets your furniture it will be look beautiful and eye-catching.

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Yellow and lime green: these light colors can be helpful usually for the kid’s bedrooms. Lime green color painted on your wall with light yellow on the roof, makes the room to give a happy impression to the kids.

Brown and orange: These two colors can be perfect for any bedroom. Dark brown furniture, withlight orange paint on the walls can make a good combination. Or you can add dark orange on the ceiling and accent of brown on the walls with orange pair of pillows and orange bed sheet to make an attractive bedroom.

Moon Purple: If you are finding a single color that can make your bedroom wonderful, than its Purple. Imagine your dark grey curtains, bed sheets and the pillows with purple color painted around your wall, just how impressive is that.

Creative ideas for kitchen: If you got the best paint color combinations for your kitchen, you can save yourself from re construction. All you need is just a brush and paint. Greige or attractive to vibrant colors, whatever you are, we have some different color combinations for your kitchen that can suit you well.

Moon Purple: The benefit of this beautiful color is that it is not just limited to your walls. You can paint your cabinets and cupboards, and with a lighter shade paints your walls with it, it surely is a hell of a combination. Or you can put this color in a darker accent around the wall of your sink and add white into it for your chairs and tables for dining if you have an attached kitchen.

Matte Black: Black is the most efficient color that can make your any place tremendous. Imagine having a matter black color refrigerator in your kitchen with same color on the cabinets and coral color to add on the walls, looks perfect?

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Bright white and baby pink: With these two colors you can make any arrangement of your cabinets and furniture in your kitchen, it looks perfect. For an instance, paint bright white colors on the cupboards and cabinets and light pink on the walls of the kitchen.

Red and green: If you are looking to give your kitchen a childish manner then these are the colors for you. You can spin these two colors on different walls and furniture of your kitchen to make a better impression. Like with pale greenish on the chairs, tables and the walls and reddish on the cabinets and cupboards.

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