Cordless Drill 12v vs 20v | Comparison

Having confusion that in between cordless drill 12V vs 20V which one is better? So lets solve this enigma with us.

Modern cordless drills pack power into a lightweight and compact home, allowing it quicker and easier to work and delivering nicer outcomes. Cordless drills are a good for everybody, and a must for those who do a lot of DIYing or home improvement. They’re awesome for a variety of day-to-day home renovation tasks, such as furniture assembly and mounting shelves.

If you’re having a look to purchase the right cordless drill for your necessities, you’ll like to remember power output, ergonomics, and battery life. The 12-volt drill will be sufficient for most household jobs and will be more durable and weightless. If you do work on a regular basis or plan to do something really robust, you’ll need to get an 18-or 20-volt drill. In terms of flexibility, you’re going to want to consider much more than contouring and weight—important it’s to have a well-balanced drill. A brushless motor drill is usually quiet and the battery is longer-more lasting than one with a brushed motor.


If you’re using a drill just for light repairs and maintenance all over your household, 12V cordless drills also may make your life easier. They act as a useful household quick fix as they step with small engines.

They are compact and have a smaller footprint than other drills with a constant potential. There is so much feedback from satisfied customers with their 12V power drills as they handle 80 percent of the job that 18v/20V Max models can do.

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Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max

Best Overall 12V Cordless Drill
  • Deliver 265 inches lbs max torque.
  • Durable and weightless-only 1.8 lbs.
  • Ideal for basic handling like tightspaces and overhead operations.
  • Comes with two batteries od 12V 2.0 Ah batteries.
  • Include 3 head-mounted L.ED
  • Generally, not suitable for heavy duty
  • Combo set don’t have belt clips.
  • Not recommend for heavy-duty construction work.

Bosch’s 3⁄8-inch 12 v speed control cordless drill has won over our testers throughout every special discipline. It’s effective and easy for basic DIY projects. The drill equipped with a charger and two batteries that charge swiftly, and there’s little downtime for longer projects.


(1) PS31 12V Max 3/8 In. Drill/Driver
(2) 12V Max Lithium-Ion 2.0 Ah Batteries
(3) 12V Max Charger
(4) Screwdriver Bits
(5) Carrying Bag

Today’s testers stated the good speed of the drill — bit, at a shade over two pounds, it was really compact, comfy to grip, and simple to operate. Whether you’re going to look for a lot of punch in a small package, that’s a drill for you.

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Jobs that use more torque, require higher voltage batteries to complete the toughest tasks, and 20V power drills claim to be effective in this area. Several other people thought they were more costly than auxiliary power tools, but that’s not the scenario for everyone.

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DeWalt DCK283D2 20V Max XR

Cordless Drill Combo Kit
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • comfort, ease and reduction of fatigue
  • Svae time and effort through X.R. Lithium-Ion 20V batteries with a battery charge gauge.
  • It comes with E.D. Spotlight Mode with 20-minute shutoff- more for the visibility in the dark spaces.
  • Belt hooks for more convinience.
  • Heavy bag
  • Some buyers said that device vibrates a little upon usage.

The drill/driver being durable helped in a number of applications and had a lot more power. The LED has 3 modes of brightness; the first is the least setting as when the trigger is depressed.

  • Brushless motor of cordless drill combo kit.
  • XR Lithium Ion batteries with fuel gauge
  • The impact driver combo kit has a compact (6.9-inch front to back) and lightweight (3.4 lbs.) design.
  • The impact Driver has a compact (5.3-inch front to back) design.
  • DCD791 features a 3-mode LED with 20-minute trigger.
  • DCF887 features 3 LEDs imbedded in front of the tool with 20-second trigger

The next setup enhances your LED brightness by 50 percent. If you’re a simple landlord, contractor, or professional, this combo kit will not infuriate your standards. It’s got the right combo of driver-drill and impact driver with long-lasting batteries. All in all, this is a relatively affordable drill.

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Cordless Drill 12V vs 20V | Comparison Table

Cordless Drill 12v VS 20vComparison
Powerful tool for small householdDecent tool
Overall build quality20V Max
Power and performanceFactor
ExpensiveVersus subline

But the larger tool or even the more costly one doesn’t quite mean it’s good. Voltage is not assumed as a sign about what would be the best-performing mechanical device, as not all 20V Max drills can deliver higher R.P.M., torque, or operating time of a single battery.

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