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Give Any Room a Makeover with these DIY Cabinet Refacing Ideas

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Do you want to give your cabinets a facelift without burning a hole in your pocket? If your answer is yes, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Cabinets around the house, especially the ones in the kitchen, see a lot of action. So, they can get a worn-out and weathered look after a while. Unless you want to purchase brand new ones, DIY cabinet refacing is a cost-effective alternative. Put a head full of creativity and some elbow grease together and give your cabinets a total makeover. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a list of tried and tested DIY cabinet refacing methods.

Repaint the Cabinets

The easiest method of cabinet refacing is to add a fresh layer of paint over them. Over time the paint starts to look dull and it might get chipped in places. So simply repainting the cabinets will make them look bright and new.

Before you start painting, get all your supplies like paint, painting tools, gloves and apron. You might choose the quality of paint based on the material of the cabinets. It would be beneficial to take professional advice from a nearby paint retailer on this matter. Remove all the adjustable shelves from the cabinets and paint them separately. Once the paint on the cabinets and the shelves have dried completely, re-install the shelves inside the cabinets.

Use Wood Veneer

This is a simple DIY trick that can completely transform the look of your cabinets. Even if you go for real wood veneer, the cost would be lower than getting new cabinets altogether. Cheaper substitutes are also available, and they are pretty good at imitating the look of natural wood. They come in a wide variety of colors, shades and textures for you to choose from.

Before you start applying the veneer, remove the cabinet doors and drawers. Using denatured alcohol, clean the surfaces well. Use a medium-grit sanding sponge to buff the surfaces and then use the alcohol to clean again. Measure the cabinets, doors and drawers carefully and cut out the required pieces of veneer. Then carefully apply the wood veneers for a good bond and smooth finish. Reinstall the cabinet doors and drawers.

Use Wallpaper

For a quick cabinet refacing project without breaking the bank, add wallpaper to your cabinet doors. It is a simple DIY method of giving your kitchen or bedroom a long-lasting makeover. The best part is you can remove wallpapers as easily as you can apply them. Like veneers, wallpapers come in a wide variety of colors but they are richer in patterns and textures. Adhesive wallpaper comes in different forms like contact paper, shelf paper, vinyl, vinyl coated fabric, grass cloth wallpaper etc.

To reface your cabinets using wallpaper, you will need to sand down the surface vigorously. Measure and cut the wallpaper to length. Wash the cabinets well using warm soapy water. Once they are completely dry you can begin to set the wallpaper on them. Use a stiff brush to set the wallpaper to avoid trapping any unwanted bubbles beneath it.

Add New Doors

Changing only the cabinet doors can make it feel like you’ve replaced the cabinets entirely. Consider adding new doors when the old ones have weathered down or when you want a new design. The cost of the new doors can vary depending upon whether you want wood, veneer or laminate. You can order custom or semi-custom doors according to your preference or go for stock or ready-to-assemble doors. In order replace the doors, measure their sizes and get the new ones ready. Remove the existing doors from its hinges and screw in the replacement.

If you want to transform the look of the cabinets completely, check out the following options. You can turn the doors of your cabinets into blackboards with a layer of chalkboard paint on them. You could quickly scrawl memos onto these quirky looking chalkboard cabinets. Another refacing idea is to remove the doors altogether and have open shelves instead. Paint or reconfigure the inner shelves to vamp up their appearance.

Rustic Barnwood Doors

For a more organic and rustic look, transform your cabinet doors to barnwood doors. Grab 1 x 3 inches wood boards, a nail gun, round barndoor handles and strap hinges. Assemble the wood boards together to form a Z pattern on the front like actual barn doors. Nail them together and sand off any rough edges. Add a layer of varnish or paint and attach the pulling handles and hinges on to the doors.

Change the Hinges

The hinges that attach the door to the frame of the cabinet are tiny and might seem insignificant. But replacing them can contribute much to the look and feel of the whole cabinet. If your hinges have become rusty and squeaky, you should replace them with new ones. If you want a more sleek and modern looking cabinet, hide the hinges completely. Overlay hinges are not visible on the outside making the frame and doors look clean and stylish.

Add Mesh to the Doors

If you want a more textured metallic look for your cabinets, this simple DIY project can be of help. Replace the panels of the cabinet doors with sturdy chicken wire mesh. The bonus is that you’ll be able to see what’s inside the cabinet easily through the mesh.