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What to Do When a Pipe Bursts in Your Home

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A burst pipe is one of the biggest headaches for a homeowner. When water freezes inside weak pipes in the winter season, it expands with great force and may cause pipe breakage. However, there are some temporary fixes as well which are important to be done before the arrival of a plumber.  These temporary fixes are to slow the impact of a burst pipe. It is important to know and follow along with the steps given below to do the first things you need to do when a pipe bursts in your home. While fixing such burst pipe issues, you can visit online stores like, Amazon, and Houzz. etc. to get the best equipment. 

Best Things to Do After Finding the Burst Pipe

  1. Shut off the Water Supply

The first step you need to do is just shut off the water as well as electricity is needed. You can minimize the water damage by performing this step as soon as possible. That is why you should always know about the main water shutoff valve as well as the electricity main switch. Dome Home Automation Water Shut-Off Valve is an amazing and innovative item available on Amazon that can be used after fixing the issue. 

  1. Open the Faucet to Relieve the Pressure

After shutting the water off, the second step is to open a faucet. It will relieve any remaining pressure in the pipes. After clearing everything, you can install the faucet with the help of IRmm Faucet Installer which can be found on Amazon

  1. Locate the Burst Pipe Exactly

Locating the burst pipe is another important step to be taken when a pipe bursts in your home.  Place a bucket underneath the place from where the water is dripping. Locating the exact place of pipe burst is necessary to prevent further damage. The main water pipe burst requires more care and consideration.

  1. Call a Professional Plumber

Calling a plumber will make you feel relieved as a professional always has better solutions. However, you just can't wait for the plumber to come and start the job. There are some activities you should have just mentioned above. According to studies, an average homeowner spends $1,000 to $4,000 on burst pipe repair as well as cleanup. For the best pipe cleaning, Copper Pipe Cleaner on Amazon is our recommended choice. However, the costs depend upon the location as well as the extent of the damage. A licensed plumber will always make reliable repairs, whereas an inexperienced homeowner can only repair inadequately.

  1. Getting Rid of the Water

Use buckets or any other equipment to start getting rid of the water as soon as possible. It is very important to dry the wet areas of your house if the water is flooded from a burst pipe. The water may cause long-term damage if you keep sitting inside your house for a longer time. XPOWER P-80A Mini Mighty FLoor Dryer is an ideal choice to get rid of water on your floor. It is also available on Amazon

  1. Turn up the Heat to Melt Ice

You should keep the garage door closed and blow heat into cold rooms by setting up fans. Heat the vulnerable pipes with a hairdryer if you have reduced water flow. When you are applying the heat, keep the faucet. The flow will increase as you melt the ice. The Areo Hair-Dryer Holder on Houzz is a great choice to be utilized while melting the ice. 

  1. Keep the Doors Open

Always keep your doors open if you have exposed pipes inside closets. Opening vanity or cabinet doors will allow the warm air to reach the pipes under sinks.

  1. Place a piece of Rubber over the Leaked Pipe

This is another good step to be taken in case of a burst pipe. Just put a piece of rubber over the leak along with placing some kind of clamp over the broken pipe. For this purpose, you can visit Amazon and get Stainless Steel Pipe Clamp

  1. Add a Block of Wood Before Adding a Clamp

Before fastening the clamp, adding a wooded block over the rubber piece is a step to be taken in case you don't have the necessary tools to stop the leak. The block of wood will help in preventing the pipe from collapsing by spreading the pressure.

  1. Add a C-Clamp Over the Wooden Block

The next step you should do is to add a C-clamp over the wooden block and a rubber piece.  This is a temporary fix to seal the leak to some extent. It is recommended to visit Houzz online store and get C-Clamp to be added over the wooden block. 

  1. Cut Out the Damaged Pipe, If You Can

If you have enough knowledge about plumbing repair, you can also take this step before the arrival of a plumber. However, always keep in mind that you must shut off the water supply and drain the damaged water line before proceeding to this step. If possible for you, cut out the damaged area of the pipe. You can use a pipe cutter to cut out a section of pipe that extends about 1 inch to each side of the leak. Ridgid 23488 Plastic Pipe Cutter is our recommended pipe cutter available at Houzz. Firmly grip the pipe in the jaws of the pipe cutter and tighten the cutter’s screw. Rotate the cutter in the right direction as you tighten the screw handle until the pipe snaps.

  1. Flux Mating Surfaces After Cleaning

This is the time to use a wire fitting brush to clean corrosion from the inside of the repair sleeve. Use plumber’s emery paper of sand cloth to clean the outside of the pipe. Brush flux onto all four surfaces after proper cleaning. Nylon wire tube cleaning brush on Alibaba is our recommended choice. 


   13. Sliding on the Repair Sleeve

After brushing flux on the mating surfaces, this is the time to slide an end of the sleeve over one pipe. After that, slip it back over the other. You might also need to loosen the nearby pipe hangers. Keep half an inch of each pipe inside the sleeve by centering the sleeve over the pipe ends. 

  1. Solder the Joint Appropriately

Hold the torch flame tip to one side of the joint and the tip of the solder wire to the other side. When you think that enough solder has melted to fill the joint, just pull the solder away. J&F 63/37 Tin Lead Rosin Core Flux is a great choice that is available on Amazon.

  1. Working on Insulating the Pipes

This is a preventive measure to avoid any future burst pipe occurrences. The step of insulating your pipes will come long after the completion of the repair work. However, it will surely save you time and money by avoiding future burst pipes.