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Electric Trash Cans You Must Have In Your Kitchen

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Cleanliness must be a priority for everyone to keep yourself and others safe and happy. If there is one item that will help you to keep your space clean is a trash can. It is one of the most frequently used household appliances, especially in the kitchen. It is undoubtedly one of the most important things that need special consideration while renovating a kitchen. The first thing that comes to our mind before buying a trash can is that the best trash can is the one that makes tossing garbage easy.

Today with the advancement of technology, trash can have become more than just garbage dumping appliances. With its more active, hygienic, easy to use and electronic features, it has become the most useful appliances. Therefore, due to the vast number of included features, colors, materials, etc. buying a trashcan can be quite daunting sometimes. But keeping some key points in mind can reduce the number of choices to a manageable level.

Things you must know before buying an Electronic Trash can

  • Material

Trash cans are primarily made from plastic or metal. You must choose the right material for your home or office because it will ensure the life span of the trash can, and it will not require too much maintenance. Metal, such as stainless-steel trash can are robust and sturdy. Plastic trash cans are more economical. Some trash can is also made from concrete for outdoor use.

  • Automatic lid

One of the essential features of an electronic trash can is an automatic lid. You are not required to touch the trash can to open the lid, and it opens automatically. This is how it promotes hygiene, as touching the trash can quickly spread germs throughout your house or workplace.

  • Accessibility and easy to use

Find a trash can that is easy to use. The switching of the garbage bags and cleaning the trashcan should be easy to access. The electronic trash cans’ features and controls must be easy so that everyone can understand and use it properly.

  • Size

 The size or capacity of the trash can depends on how much garbage you throw away every day. Consider buying a larger trash can if your older bins fill too quickly. However, a standard size indoor trash can hold up to 40 gallons of waste. It also depends on the size of your family or the number of people using that trash can.

  • Air freshener

Trashcans can sometimes produce an awful smell, so having a compartment for deodorizer or air freshener is a great perk. Some companies make scented bags, but they are not really useful or strong enough to cover the smell.

Best Electronic Trash cans for your kitchen

  1. Ninestars auto open infrared trash can

The trash can is made from stainless steel, making it one of the sturdy trash cans available in the market. It is built to last. This 21-gallon auto open infrared trash can has a motion sensor and a hands-free automatic opening lid, which makes it hygienic to use. It also has a manual open/close button option and a power-saving on/off switch when not in use.


  • Infrared sensor
  • Bag retainer ring to keep the garbage secure
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Prevents contamination from the trash can


  • Heavy


  1. Kohler Step On Trash Can

With its thoughtful details and smart functionality, the Kohler step on trash cans will simplify your daily work. The elegant design of the trash cans will enhance the look of your home, and it will fit any brand 13-gallon trash bag. It has an efficient footprint with flush features. It also has a rim-lock that makes bag changes easy.


  • Easy to clean
  • The lid closes gently and silently
  • Fingerprint proof design
  • Made from stainless steel


  • Expensive


  1. iTouchless Automatic trash can

It is a touch-free automatic trash can, which is appropriate for your kitchen. It will make your work easier and keep you germ-free all the time. It is made from stainless steel for longevity. The trash can has air vents in its base so that the removal of the trash bags becomes easier. It also comes with a carbon odor filter to eliminate odor and keep your kitchen fresh.


  • Infrared sensor
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Fingerprint proof
  • Extra-wide opening for more substantial items


  • The hassle of replacing batteries.


  1. Simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor trash can

Simplehuman is always known for its best quality trash cans. This Semi-Round Sensor trash can with liner pockets opens automatically with just a wave of your hand. It makes throwing away trash easier and quick. The smart sensor technology adapts according to your task and keeps it range short to avoid false triggers. When the lid is open, the sensor expands itself so that the lid won’t close till you finish throwing away trash.


  • Smart sensor technology
  • Fingerprint proof finish
  • The liner rim lifts up for easy access
  • Made from stainless steel


  • Hefty
  • Expensive


  1. iTouchless Automatic Sensor Trash Can

Tired of the unpleasant odor that oozes in your kitchen because of your trash can. This newly modified and upgraded version of iTouchless Automatic Sensor Trash cans is equipped with a carbon filter gate that will keep your kitchen odor free. The activated carbon helps to neutralize the most pungent smell. It also comes with the most advanced infrared sensor, which opens and closes automatically to make you work more efficiently. This beautiful looking trash cans will give your kitchen a better value.


  • Motion sensor lid
  • Carbon filter deodorizer
  • Stainless steel body
  • Removable lid and liner ring for easy cleaning


  • Less space



If hygiene is your first priority, then electronic trash cans are must-have appliances in your home. The modern functionality and technology will help you do your work more effectively without getting yourself contaminated to germs. The elegant design of these trash cans will surely give a modern look to your house. These selected trash cans are best in class and will definitely meet all your needs.