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Cleanup and Maintenance Checklist of Yard

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In summers, everyone thinks about the tools that are needed to clean the lawn because they want to make their lawn clear before spring arrives. You should clean or prepare your lawn in autumn to enjoy the chilly months ahead of it. A green and clean lawn makes your springtime great.

The steps that need to be done to make your lawn look great are described below. By following these steps you’ll get a clean yard:

Tasks before winter

  1. Remove Any Debris

Dead leaves and other waste should be cleaned up before the winter season to get smooth grass. To rake regularly helps in preventing the grass from growing. If you have debris or waste of dead leaves then it can have a damaging effect on your lawn. The organic waste of dead leaves can be harmful in a way because it can make a place for pests like mice and groundhogs in your lawn. Excessive waste can also be harmful to your drainage system in the yard after the snow melts.

Best Ways to Remove Leaves from the Yard

  • Use a Tarp

You can use a trap to make it easy for you to carry the dung pile of the leaves.

  • Rake in the Rows

You can divide the rake into rows because by this you would get portions in a more manageable way at the end of the row.

  • Use Leave as Lawn Fertilizer

You can decompose the fallen leaves into natural fertilizer by mower over them to shred them into small flakes.

  1. Take out the Dead Shrubs and Trees

If the shrubs in your yard don't grow as you might think it might even be after passing the full sunshine season. It might be possible that the shrubs are dead. You can check whether the shrub is dead or not by scratching the bark if green is under the tree than it is not dead otherwise shrubs are dead.

There is no advantage of having a dead shrub so you should cut it down. The dead shrub should be removed before the hardening of the ground. If you want to have a maximum growth of the shrubs and trees you should plant them in the fall season.

Tips for Cleaning Out Dead Trees and Shrubs in the fall

  • Cut Your Tree During the inactive Season

You can remove the dead leaves and shrubs that fell in fall or early winter season in the colder season because in this season the dead leaves and shrubs don't move from its place.

  • Don’t Do It All in One Day

There is no need to clear the lawn in one day. You should do it slowly.

  • Rent a Dumpster

Instead of carrying the debris of leaves by yourself you can dispose of the large branches, stumps, bushes by using a roll-off dumpster.

  1. Don’t Stop Mowing Just Yet

To make your lawn withstand the bitter temperature of summer you should water and mow your plants regularly according to the need. To get a strong lawn to finish maintenance of the lawn is important.

If you want the soil to dry fast in the spring season then for the last two cuts of the season mower's blades should be set in lower settings. This will help in reaching the sunlight in the crown of the grass.

  1. Aerate the Lawn

Heavy organic waste can be removed by aerating the lawn. By removing all the thatch can give the roots elements such as air and water that are very important elements needed for roots. If you don’t want to let it happen then the excess debris under the grass should be removed.

You should aerate the lawn in the fall season because this is considered the best season for aerating. You can aerate by buying aerator powered by gas or you can take it on rent from any local hardware store.

  1. Add Fertilizer

You can walk and stroll with pride around your neighborhood if you have green grass than all of them. There is a need for some additional ingredients to get green and lush grass instead of just giving water and sunshine. The lawn needs to gain strength again after a stressful summer heat.

To get that strength back on your lawn you should have the perfect setting to fertilizer. Morning dew and the cooler temperature of fall can give you this.

  1. Mulch around Plants and Trees

To avoid solid erosion and have a protective layer on the vegetable mulching is done you should do mulching in the fall season because it’ll suppress the weed. This will help you in the spring season because there would be no need to pull the weeds.

The 2 to 3-inch layer of mulch is necessary to give to perennials and cool-weather annuals if you want to keep them healthy after the cold season approaches.

  1. Rake over Bald Spots

The fall season is great in terms of maintenance of the lawn. You should buy a lawn repair mixture that can be purchased from any local home improvement or lawn care store to handle the dead areas of the lawn.

By using this mixture that consists of grass seed, fertilizer, and organic mulch you can make your lawn look great. Bald spots on your lawn should be handled in the fall season if your lawn is a little patchy.

  1. Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance should be done regularly otherwise it could be harmful to your garden. You should remove all weeds and debris from the garden to save it from the insects and different harmful diseases in winter. This all should be done before the winter season because in winter the cold temperature makes your ground hardened.

You can spend your winter greatly if the plants are watered according to their need. After the winter season arrives, there might arise a need to trim perennial vegetables and herbs back a few inches.


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