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How to utilize free space in the house aesthetically

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Urban dwellers and the majority of the US population live in not very large spaces. This means that space is of essence in every household. Therefore, utilization of space effectively becomes all the more important with every passing day. However, just stacking up required items in the corner not only fills up space quickly but becomes aesthetically displeasing exponentially. Let us walk through some simple tips and tricks that will enable you to utilize available free space in your house that will give a neat and exquisite look!

Research Is King

There are many projects and space utilizing DYI videos and blogs that you can go through before you move the first piece of furniture to free up space or use extra money. Since you may not be an expert in interior repositioning, so the whole exercise may go to waste. Therefore, it is absolutely important that you familiarize yourself with the general process.

Plan Out Grouped Objects

Before you even plan the methodology on paper or software, be sure to group your available objects together. This can be explained with an example of a large sofa coupled with a couch that will clutter any space. Therefore, grouping according to size and color is absolutely important. The overall effect will give you an aesthetic outlook.


De-Clutter Your Space

Getting rid of unnecessary objects like an uncomfortable couch or an old CD player with large speakers is the number one step once you plan to utilize free space. Sometimes, you do not have inherent space and need to create some for addition of subsequent aesthetics. The available space can then be used to create an attic type environment that can be used as an office or a play area for kids.

Focal Points Creation

This is an intelligent technique where you place objects in such a way that eye focuses on one point rather than everywhere else. This creates an illusion of extra space and aesthetically pleases the eye. The focal point can be any prominent piece of decoration like a colorful painting, a fancy furniture piece or even a well-lit window. The best way is to use a headboard that goes from floor to ceiling and has a distinct color theme as compared to the objects around it.


Illusion Of Space

Certain techniques allow you to create space with the help of an optical illusion. You can use light color walls with focal point technique to make space look bigger than it actually is. This coupled with white ceiling and bright shades on the wall (like wallpaper or curtains) can make the room look bigger than it actually is.

Vertical Stacking And Lofting!

In terms of physical space usage of vertical storage and lofts is the single most effective method of clear out the clutter from your home. This is simple math but many people do not invest in this method. You can also use floor to wall cabinets in the kitchen, change room, bedroom and lounge for reducing the area required to store necessary objects. Specially use free space to position these stacking options so it is visually pleasing as well as space-saving.


Placement Of Plants

This is the single most effective method of utilizing free space to give you home a rich and exquisite look. Artificial plants and cactuses are a long-time investment but real plants give better aesthetics. Creeping plants on the wall also create great visuals with a light background.


Creating space and utilizing it to your advantage is an intelligent decision that you must take right away. If old furniture is lying up and taking your extra space, you need to get rid of it and use the space for the purposes defined above in order to make a visually pleasing sight right in the middle of your home. Not only will it bring compliments, but will also provide you with a sense of achievement and a heavenly feeling in your neat, tidy and spacious home (irrespective of your floor area!).


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