What Are The Best Makita Cordless Drills? (Product Reviews)

You are blessed if you have the best cordless drill to get your pending carpentry or home renovation work into an acceptable output. However, the selection of tools was also a headache and which company to choose from. Anyhow, you have decided which brand tool you are going to buy. Yet, there are several models in every company for different work purposes. At this point, you might be stuck in choosing the best possible drill just according to your need. So don’t need to worry. Here is the complete solution to your problem. I will explore the best Makita cordless drills by keeping in mind all the factors that you need to think about before buying a cordless drill.

The Makita is a Japanese lead mechanical tool making a brand for many years. Makita has an interesting history. From repairing motors or small lights, this company started selling motors in Japan.

As they started their first power tool production in 1958 and till now they do with almost no customer complaints. Ever since they have done enough improvement even they are counted in the list of those who invented the first power tools.

The reason behind reviewing the best Makita cordless drill is to give the right information to their user with a buying guide and frequently asked questions. Hopefully, after reading this review guide you have no query about Makita cordless drill.

These are the 5 best Makita cordless drills that I am going to discuss and all of them are easily available on the marketplace.

5 Best Makita Cordless Drill

 Makita CT225R 18V LXT 2-Piece Cordless Kit

 Makita CT225R 18V LXT cordless drill

CT225R lists first in the best Makita cordless drill due to the many features in this combo kit. Its drill is capable to generates a greater RPM of 1900 along with 480 inch-pound torque.

It contains two tools; impact driver and drill driver whilst on the other side the impact driver is also the best for creating a 1400+ inch-pound torque with an RPM of around 2900 plus.

This combo kit is designed for pro-level as well as beginners who use cordless drill rarely. This kit includes Li-ion batteries that ensure the best backup. Along with backup, it provides equal power until the last charge of its battery.

This tool works seamlessly in all hard stuff material drilling, driving, and fastening. Moreover, it can be used for general purpose drillings operations.

CT225R is easy to adaptable due to its compatibility and lightweight(3.3 lbs). Even it is compact and light design, it produces maximum torque and power for fastening and hole down a rigid wall.


  • 2-speed Setting – It has a half-inch chuck and a two-speed setting ( 1-speed 0 to 400 & 2-speed 0 to 1500) RPM
  • Quick Recharge – It takes very less recharging turnaround of about 25 minutes
  • Multi-device Compatible Battery – its battery BL1820 is compatible with almost all 18V LXT tools.
  • Torque Variability – it has an option torque variation by it chuck position. 
  • Best Running time – its battery BL1820 producing high torque along with 50% extra run time.
  • Quick recharging
  • Longer run time
  • Brushed motor

Makita XFD11R1B 18V LXT Sub-Compact Brushless Drill

Makita XFD11R1B cordless drill

XFD11R1B LXT fits second in the list of best Makita cordless drill. It is also more compact than Makita CT225R in terms of weight but produces a little bit less power and RPM(1700). 

Moreover, it is capable of producing a torque of (320-350)inch-pound possessing a weight of 2.8 lbs along with the battery. Its less weight makes drilling work so easy to do compared to others and won’t suffer from any lack of energy even after some long run. For a small task, it is a handy tool. 

Amazingly, its brushless motor intensifies the productivity even with low voltage dissipation. It s quick charging feature takes work toward a new path of fast-moving with low sitting time. XFD11R1B is the best Makita hammer drill due to its best hammer effects. 


  • Compact Structure – Makita XFD11R1B has an ergonomic and compact design.
  • Wide range Of Drilling – It produces two speed ranges from (0 to 500 & 0 to 700) RPM with a wide range of drilling tasks like; driving, fastening, and hammer drilling.
  • Less Weight – it is only 2.8 lbs in conjunction with a battery.
  • Two L.E.D – LED illuminates the area of the site of work.
  • Ideal for working in tight spaces
  • It has dual LED lights for increased illumination in darker areas.
  • Too pricey

Makita XFD131 18V Cordless Drill/Driver

Makita XFD131 18V cordless drill

What makes the XFD131 18V drill driver the 3rd best Makita cordless drill

Several features make this drill stand out among many others drill in the category of cordless drill market. Its power-to-weight ratio is very sound that makes the user experience outstanding.

As far as torque is concerned, it produces (420-440)lbs torque with an RPM of 900 value. Its 18V brushless motor helps in making its battery long run & powerful throughout the drilling operation.

According to research, it increases the battery run time by 40 to 50 percent whilst no heating originate. Most importantly, it has a quick re-chargeable 3.0 (Ah) Lithium-Ion battery. 


  • No Heating Issues – Even having a longer running life, its brushless motor does not produce heat.
  • Higher Torque – This tool delivers a max torque of 440 inch-pound.
  • Slow or Fast Speed – Makita XFD131 provides slow or fast speed for different tasks.
  • Higher torque drill in cheap price
  • Produce less heat
  • Little bit lacks in Power

Makita XT269M 18V LXT

Makita XT269M cordless drill

How it could sound if we talk about the professional drill driver? Yes, it sounds charming to those who have their workshop work behind and regular drill-driver tasks. Therefore, I decided to include such a hard-hitting cordless driver that can efficiently be used for professional purposes.

XT269M would be the best Makita cordless drill for this purpose. It contains an 18V Li-ion (4.0 Ah) battery that is quicker to charge in 30 to 40 minutes. Its QUICK charging increases the productivity of the task. 

This 2-piece combo kit includes a brushless motor and (½) inch size of the chuck with metal gear which fulfills all operations of drilling, fastening, and screw driving.


  • Brushless Motor – Its brushless motor technology can save up to 40 to 50 percent battery and as a result, longer run time delivers.
  • Speed Variability – it produces max torque of five hundred & thirty (530) inch-lbs with 2 speeds mode.
  • Onboard LED illuminates drilling area
  • 4 Ah high charge storage battery
  • None

Makita XRH06ZB 18V LXT Brushless Cordless 11/16″ Rotary Hammer

Makita XRH06ZB cordless drill

With 4.5 K blows per minute and 1.1 k RPM production, XRH06ZB one-inch is the best Makita cordless drill 2021.

It can produce slow or faster rotational force for different drill or driving tasks. But it works smoothly on concrete or masonry objects.

The most significant innovation in this drill is that it disengages the motor when a bit gets to hold out from the chuck. This tool ideally works in tight & narrow spaces.

It has 2 modes; hammering with rotation and rotational only. Another innovation that needs to be discussed is that Makita introduces start protection computer control that allows real-time signal exchange from drill to its computer and protect overcharging, heating, dis-charging. 

Its brushless motor ensures the best transfer of energy which causes long-run battery time.


  • Less Vibration – Its modern style handling ensures less vibration and low effort needed to get the task done.
  • Brushless Motor –  It can produce two(2) Joules energy for impact drilling and 88 ft/lb of torque due to a brushless motor.
  • Light Weight – It weighs only 2.08 kilogram.
  • Intuitive Design – Makita XRH06ZB 18V has a very compact design and handling as well.


  • Compact structure
  • Less vibration & best handling
  • Little bit weighted than above ones

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Buying Guide – Buy Cordless Drill Considering These Factors

For some people, a cordless drill is expensive because they want to buy it for their startup or small home renovation works. I am convinced that cordless is not so easy to buy every few months. That’s why I performed extensive research on the most important factors to which you should pay attention before buying Makita cordless drill.

Please avoid this useless question that there is any drill that fulfills all the factors that I am gonna discuss, It is impossible and I would like to say it again, it is out of the question. The reason behind this is that everybody has different needs for the drilling operation. Such as; someone might want it for hammer drilling which requires greater power or you just need it for screwing.

Read these factors and implement them before buying according to your demands and hopefully you will not disappoint.

Brushless Motor

The best condition for every power tool is to have less friction in its motor which increases longer run time with no heat issues. And It requires a Brushless motor. Manufacturers admit this feature of brushless motor. Any cordless drill with brushless is better to buy than a brush motor.

As you can notice, cordless drills with the brushless motor have a long term warranty. I would definitely recommend buying a Makita brushless drill to obtain comfort.

Charger and Its Indicator

Obviously, overcharging greatly affects battery health, and the cause of cordless drill becomes useless. For that reason, you should check whether a cordless drill you want to buy having a charger indicator or not. Because Li-ion batteries become useless if it is overcharged.

Chuck Size

For higher power, you need to have a greater chuck size in your cordless drill. Most drills have one-half or three-fourth sizes chuck. This size tells how bigger bits your drill can support.

Auto Speed Change

This feature does not come with all drills but Makita offers it. Makita’s above discussed cordless having an auto-speed change feature. It performs auto-adjusting of speed according to the task you are doing. It enables high speed for heavy tasks whilst for lower speed for small tasks.

Drilling Power

The main concern for the hard-hitting work drills should be a higher power. The higher the power, the greater will be the impact or force that the drill produces on the opposing object.

But with Makita cordless drill you feel greater power than other cordless drills available in the market. However, it is not sure that having a greater drill performs smooth drilling operation rather it should have a good handling/grip.

Drilling Speed  

Not every task you want a speedy drill. For some tasks, you need a high speed or for others, you need a lower speed. Suppose you want to drill in a hard object so you should go for high-speed mode whilst for screw driving you should look for lower speed mode. 

However, now cordless drill comes up with a charger and indicating a charging light that preventing the overcharging of batteries. This feature ensures the best long run time and a long-lasting cordless drill.

Less Vibration

High vibration in any mechanical power tools causes a bad experience. Because it makes a driller tired much before and as result productivity become less. So look for a cordless drill that must have a low vibration.

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What Is The Best Makita Cordless Drill?

By the way, all Makita drills discussed above are best but personally, I like Makita XFD131, it is an all-in-one tool and you can perform almost all drilling operations seamlessly.

Where Can You Find The Best Deal On Makita Cordless Drill Set?

You can find the best Makita cordless drill 2021 at Amazon.com.

What Is The Best Drill To Buy For Home Use?

For home use, I would suggest you to to go for Makita CT225R because it is best for light tasks at home for renovation.

Final Verdict

In short, if we consider all the features, I can conclude that Makita offers the best cordless drill in the market. I have explored the best Makita cordless drills by keeping in mind budget, quality, and buyer reviews at all.

The drills I have chosen above are evergreen for almost every task but even then you should consider the above buying guide for making your buying experience better. 

Overall, I can say Makita is easy to use for every age group person due to its smooth performance. It all depends on the work you want to perform.

Hope, this guide helps you, please share your buying experience in the comment below.

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