Best Home Air Freshener System of 2021

Almost every one of us wants to have fresh air in our home. It is essential to keep our home environment fresh and lively, but it seems challenging. You must also have noticed whenever you enter someone’s home, and you smell a different odor.

Just like body odor, different home smells differently due to various reasons. There can be many reasons like the carpets are not cleaned, the curtains have become old, or maybe you are sweating a lot. 

You may have faced challenges when you have sudden guests in your home, and there has been an embarrassing situation due to foul smell. While such situations are unavoidable, and you seem to have taken all the necessary measures, home air freshener systems can be the rescuer. The best air fresheners for your home can only freshen up your home but can also give you a sense of relaxation when you are tired. 

A good fragrance is meant to be the real and quick stress-busters of all times. One of the popular reasons to have an air freshener is to eliminate bacteria and viruses that can cause respiratory issues. It is psychologically proven that air fresheners keep your mood light, swipes away your depressed mood, and cheers up your home. Also, a house that smells good leaves a good impression among people and has been given positive feedback. 

When we talk about air fresheners, we have dug on top 5 home air fresheners that are immensely reviewed and have been the most popular. 

1. Aera Smart Fragrance Electric Diffuser

Aera Smart Fragrance Electric Diffuser

The first product that we have on our list is the Aera Smart Fragrance Electric Diffuser for obvious reasons. How amazing it will be if you can control your home air freshener just the way you want! 

Well, with Aera, you have everything on your fingertips. Aera has introduced a revolutionary air diffuser that allows you to create or control a fragrance through wi-fi using their own Aera app. You can even use it with Amazon Alexa!

Aera understands customers’ needs and based on that, and they have left the option of customization. You can adjust the droplets from 1 to 10, depending upon the room size and your need. Also, you have full control of how much scent you want to allow!

Keeping in mind the house size, you can use the Aera air diffuser in large, small, and medium rooms looking at the position and airflow. The freshness lasts up to 800 hours if used at the fifth stage. It freshens up each corner of your house with surround scent technology uniquely. 

Aera air diffuser is safe to use and has a 100 percent healthy fragrance with essential oils. You do not have to worry about your furry friend as it spreads a hypoallergenic effect with zero alcohol.

  • Can carry it anywhere as it has a portable size.
  • Compatible with pets
  • No overpowering of scents
  • Capsules of scent last longer
  • Can be a bit noisy
  • Wifi-connectivity can be an issue. 

2. SilverOnyx Air Purifier for Home

SilverOnyx Air Purifier for Home

Another best home air freshener on the list is the SilverOnyx Air Purifier for home. If you are a pet lover and are hesitating to buy an air freshener, thinking it would harm your pets, well, we have spotted the right one for you.

SilverOnyx air freshener comes with a unique HEPA H-13 charcoal filter that spots 99.99 % of allergens and dust. It captures animal dander, room dust, pollens, and animal odor.

No compromise is made in air filtration as it contains five levels of improved filtration to give out the pure form of air. SilverOnyx has an Ion generator that helps to purify the air. The PM2.5 sensor smartly sensors and adjusts according to the airflow to get the quality air. 

SilverOnyx is exceptionally user-friendly and soft-touch push buttons. The buttons help you to use a 5-speed fan, on and off mode. You do not have to worry about the change of filter as it will signal you beforehand. The effective DC motor works super fine to eliminate any smoke in the house. 

  • Stylish Look
  • Colour changing facility that signals air quality
  • Keeps allergies away
  • Easy use of settings
  • It can be noisy, even at low levels.
  • UV Sterilization may not always work fine. 

3. Elechomes P1801 Air Purifier for home

Elechomes P1801 Air Purifier for home

Elechomes P1801 Air Purifier is the third most advanced air cleaner in our list. If you have been troubled with the air purifier’s noise before, trust us, this device will give you a different experience. 

With eccentric buttons, you can switch off the bulbs anytime without being distracted from sleep. The air purifier on the sleep mode uses just 22 dB without interrupting your office work and sleep. 

Elechomes P1801 Air Purifier comes with H13 authentic HEPA, more in-depth filtration that filters smaller molecules like dust particles, pollen, animal hair, etc. up to 99.97%. It also eradicates odor from the kitchen, pet litter, and smoke. 

With dual air inlets and aerodynamic designs, it gives a tough competition to the other purifiers. The purifying speed can be 130m 3/hr covering almost 269 sq.ft in just one hour and 135 sq.ft in less than 30 minutes.

You cannot thank this device less as it automatically understands by emitting red light when to clean the air inside the house. This device is hugely suitable for a large house, offices, and nursery. There is almost no consumption as it uses just 40W even for 24 hours a day. 

  • Money-Saving
  • Almost no sound
  • Immediately spots smoke 
  • Air filter replacements may be available. 
  • Sensors can be inconsistent.

4. UNbeaten Air Purifiers for Home

UNbeaten Air Purifiers for Home

UNbeaten air purifiers are a beauty for home and have received much attention for its efficiency. H13 HEPA filtration attracts most of the dust particles, and the antibacterial blue layer counteracts the bacterias and viruses. It is a significant purchase for rooms up to 200 square feet.

As California Air Resources Board certifies this device to be ozone-free, there is no doubt that it does not emit damaging ozone or ions. Giving a pin- drop silence sleep mode works on 24 dB and keeps the room fresh and clean when you have your sound sleep. 

UNbeaten’s highly developed air quality visualization indicator and clock make it an outstanding home air freshener system. The filter changing indicator is useful and allows you to understand the need to change. 

The UNbeaten air freshener has an excellent warranty period for two years and has Lifetime support to help you with any issues. 

  • Small Enough to carry anywhere
  • The best nightlight that helps you to sleep
  • The auto setting mode adjusts air cleanliness.
  • User-friendly
  • May not work effectively to remove smoke always

5. TCL Breeva A1 Air Purifier for Home

TCL Breeva A1 Air Purifier for Home

The last highly recommended air purifier is the TCL Breeva A1 Air Purifier for Home. 

Talking in terms of air purifier performance is appreciable as it is highly applicable for 161ft² spacing. It purifies the air four times each hour, which means it takes only 15 mins to clean the air. 

It is a 3 in 1 multifunctional filter with a carbon filter. They catches airborne microparticles that spread diseases and eradicates cigarette smell and gas fumes. Talking about the settings, the control panel has the timer control button to set time for up to 8 hours. 

TCL Breeva understands the importance of your sleep and uses just 20 dB at the sleep mode to freshen the air without making any noise. The three wind speed is adjustable with any situation. 

Another remarkable feature is the child lock button for on and off on holding at least 3 seconds to ignore touch by pets and children. You get various ambient light settings to create any mood that you desire. 

If you are looking to have a travel-size portable air freshener system, you can carry it anytime, as it is weightless. The design and style are unique and gives a fashionable look to your room. 

  • Works great as a night lamp
  • Works excellent on removing allergenic particles
  • Does not make many sounds
  • No light variations available at the time of sleep mode. 
  •  The buying guide for your perfect air freshener system

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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Home Air Freshener System

Our top research has listed above the most useful air freshener systems ideal for the home. But there are some certain checks that you need to do before buying an air freshener system. 

The Scent

The purpose of having an air freshener is to clean the air and make it breathable. Also, a mild scent with it can refresh our mood. Often air fresheners have an overpowering smell that is not ideal for the home environment. It is crucial the scent is mild and is 100% natural with no alcohol so that your kids are safe. Also, if you have pets at home, make sure the scent is suitable for animals. A smell test at the store will be ideal while purchasing. 


There are various air freshener systems available in the market, and it cannot be evident. Different air fresheners have different varieties and features. So, it will be best if you have an outline of your needs to search accordingly.

Room Size

Another vital factor to look at is room size. Not all air fresheners are for all room sizes. It is better to know your room’s sq.ft, and based on that, you can determine the right product. Each air freshener does mention that for which sq.ft is okay to use. Though all the air fresheners will say that they are suitable for all sizes, it is still better to check the sq.ft.

Warranty period

All the air fresheners do come with the warranty period, but most of them have less warranty. 

These air freshener systems may incur some difficulty to use or damage. The extended warranty period will help you to get the right service and may even exchange your products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long-lasting can an air freshener be?

Yes, air fresheners are long-lasting. If you are purchasing the right kind of air freshener of a good brand, it goes far with you. 

Are air fresheners suitable for allergic people?

Not all air fresheners are for allergic people. It is best to check the filtration process and the capacity to capture the dust particles to eliminate allergies. 

Are air fresheners really good for pets and animals?

Air fresheners can be harmful to pets and animals if they include harmful substances that can cause significant health issues. Please check if the scent has natural ingredients that are safe for hypoallergenic pets. 

How long does the fragrance last?

The fragrance depends upon the emission and how effective the essential oil you are using.

Do the Air fresheners make a loud noise? 

The air fresheners tend to make noise, and sometimes it can become loud and intolerable. Some air fresheners may also make significantly less sound so that your sleep is not getting disturbed. 

Does air freshener consume more energy?

Air fresheners do not consume much energy as most of them work on 40 dB, 20 dB, or 22dB. Air fresheners are money-saving.


In this pandemic situation, it is essential to use air fresheners when most of us are indoors. We should keep our home environment clean as dust particles carry dangerous bacteria that can cause life-threatening diseases. In this article, we have searched the five topmost air fresheners that are highly recommended. We have also added the best home air freshener reviews, giving a clear picture of the functionality. 

There are many air fresheners available in the market, and picking up the right one can be confusing. It is better to take time and purchase. A home that has fresh air and clean surrounding is liked and enjoyed by most of the guests. So, start refreshing your home and feel the best!

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