5 Best Garage Door Keypads for Maximum Safety

Safety is all that matters at the end of the day. Owning a garage door with a keypad has many benefits that will safeguard you in various situations. It will help you to allow access to those people with whom you are comfortable to share the security pin. No one can enter your area illegally or can hack the system of the lock. So, say goodbye to criminals and hackers that are targeting your property. Many people often step aside after knowing the fact that it takes time to install this system on your door.

There are many advantages to owning a wireless door with a keypad in the garage. Among all those, one of the most important is that you do not need any extra hardware to install it. You will be able to access multiple garage doors by using only one keypad. The others include safety. If you are a garage owner for a long time, then you must be aware of the fact of how the vehicles are susceptible.

Is it your first time buying garage keypads? Then you are on the right page. We will present you with the best garage doors with a keypad that will fulfill all your requirements. You can choose anyone by comparing among the best garage door keypad reviews.

1. Genie Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Keypad

Genie Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Keypad

Genie has a wide variety of garage accessories among which this product is the best-selling and highly rated one. The price of this product is extremely reasonable and is worth buying. Genie brand is serving the public for more than sixty years and has a wide range of happy and satisfied customers. They have built trust among them.

Genie uses the latest technology for manufacturing their products. They are well known for using Intellicode technology to maintain the highest security. They have a range of opening three garage doors at once. These versatile characteristics of their products make it comfortable and accessible to the customers.

The one feature that makes it unique is the rolling code. This feature changes the frequency of the transmission code on every usage. For this reason, any intruder cannot access or hack the code virtually due to a change in the frequency. To maintain a clear and strong signal and to minimize the interference, these Genie doors have a dual-frequency for communication. 


  • Secure and Safe- the Intellicode Technology Will Not Allow an Intruder to Hack.
  • Hassle-free Installation- It is Readily Mounted With Screws Without Any Expertise.
  • Flip Cover for Extra Durability- It Helps to Maintain the Robust Behaviour of the Doors.
  • Backlight- It Makes It Easy to View It in the Dark.


  • The plastic material is not preferable by many customers.
  • The instructions on the keypad can be atrocious.

2. Liftmaster 877max Wireless Keypad

Liftmaster 877max Wireless Keypad

This garage door keypad from LiftMaster is high in both durability and performance. It guarantees you maximum safety with a sufficient connection. It has a rolling code feature that does not allow any unauthorized people to access it. This works on the mechanism of changing the frequency every time you use it. In this way, there is no duplicity and hence preventing the intruder from hacking it.

The wireless feature makes it convenient to set up and use. It works on a single nine-volt battery that is a reliable option for first buyers.

This power is enough to access all the advanced features in a garage door keypad. Its range can extend up to four gates. It also has an option to set up four different pins for all four of them. The one feature that makes it the smart garage door keypad is that it is compatible with all its older versions since 1993. So, if you own one for a long time, no need to worry anymore.

It allows its customers to set various temporary passwords for access to multiple users. If you are someone who does not want to go through any complications, then you can use a single button to unlock your door.


  • Comes with a guarantee period- It ensures maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Backlight for the buttons- Gives a clear vision both in the day and at night.
  • Consists of a waterproof flip cover for maximum protection.


  • The plastic material is not preferable by many users.
  • It operates on alkaline batteries.

3. Chamberlain 940ev-p2 Garage Door Keyless Keypad

Chamberlain 940ev-p2 Garage Door Keyless Keypad

In today’s world, it is crucial to prioritize safety above everything. Considering these factors, the garage keypad doors come under the light. A wired garage door keypad needs more expertise to set up and can be sometimes tough to repair. This is where the wireless keypad doors became popular among people. It is convenient and reliable to use compared to any other device. It will effectively safeguard your vehicles without any hassle.

Chamberlain is a brand that is well known for its integration of multiple technologies in one device every time they launch a new unit. These garage door openers are compatible with every device that is launched on and after 1993. It has a unique sensor technology that is one of the prominent features in their devices. It is easy to install this device without any pressure.

You do not need to take help from experts to set up or configure the product. All you need to do is to follow the instructions as it is mentioned in it. There is no wiring, and it also comes with hardware that is easy to mount on it.

It operates on highly economical batteries. It has various features that include the usage of dual-band radiofrequency. This ensures a stable connection in various regions having high radio interference.


  • It uses lithium batteries that are better than alkaline ones.
  • You can set temporary pins for granting permission to other people.
  • The keypad illuminates for a precise usage at night.
  • It has a one-touch close technology in it.


  • You will have to remove the battery compartment to assess the screw holes.
  • The plastic material is not durable.

4. Overhead Door Wireless Garage Door Keypad

Overhead Door Wireless Garage Door Keypad

Apart from the technologies induced in the product, we often miss some of the crucial points. One of them is waterproofness. Have you ever thought that if heavy rain with a thunderstorm hits in your area? Are you prepared to buy a new one after the damage? If not, then you should always keep in mind to buy a waterproof and liquid proof garage door keypad that lasts long without any water damage.

Overhead door has a wide range of such keypad door openers that are weatherproof and comes with a flip cover to protect it from the harmful UV radiations from the sun.

It has simple functionalities that do not need any expert help. The buttons have a backlight that will provide you with a clear view even at night. It is highly economical and operates on two AAA batteries. In case your battery is drained out, no need to worry. The indicator on the device will prompt you to change the battery when the device is low.

The one outstanding feature is that the keypad is programmable even if you are changing the batteries. This product takes a four-digit security code to unlock your garage door. 


  • Easy and convenient to use by following the simple steps provided in the manual.
  • Compatible with top door openers.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Consists of a unique triple lock feature.


  • You need to have a battery backup in case of an emergency.

5. Yale J20 Smart Rim Door Lock

Yale J20 Smart Rim Door Lock

The world around you is getting smarter, so why would you stay back? The time had gone when you used the big and bulky lock to protect your garage. Switch to the smartest lock for your garage that ensures maximum safety without any hassle.

This garage lock has multiple options for your convenience. Swipe off all your tension and get the ultimate peace in your mind. One incredibly great feature is their voice guide. It will notify you of the operation status.


  • It has a feature of auto-locking that will lock your door automatically once you close it.
  • Has three modes of locking which consist of pin code, RFID card, and BLE.


  • It is a bit costlier than another garage door keypad opener.
  • Completely wireless without any hassle.

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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Garage Door Keypads

There are several features that you need to take into consideration before buying the ideal one for you. Some of the standard features include:

Size is one of the significant factors that play a vital role. Even if your keypad size is smaller, try to find a device that has big buttons on it. It will be easy for older people to enter the pin without any hassle.

Temporary Code
A temporary code is a pin that is active for a certain period. Suppose you have a guest in your house and they want access to your garage. In this situation, all you need to do is provide them with their temporary code so that more than one person can have access to your garage for a specific time.

Wired or Wireless
We all know that this is an era of wireless devices. There are both pros and cons of having a wired and a wireless device. On the one hand in a wired device, there is no need to check the battery level, and it lasts a lifetime, but on the other, the setup can be complicated, and the maintenance can be costly in such cases. Prioritize your criteria and choose according to it. Nowadays, people are more inclined towards wireless garage door keypad lockers.

Latest Technology
The latest technology includes dual-frequency, unlocking by RFID code, and usage of BLE. Every new release will add some extra features that will match the latest technology. Try to search for a product that matches all the requirements and fulfill your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we completely trust these digital garage door keypad lockers?

Yes. They are entirely safe. You can entirely rely on them without any second thought. These lockers are made using the latest technologies to restrict hacking of the device on all means. No one can enter without entering the correct pin. It lasts longer without any wear and tear.

Are these garage door keypad lockers universal?

Few garage door keypad lockers are universal and compatible with every device. You only need to change some of the settings, and then you are good to go.

How can we reset the clicker of the garage door keypad?

Each keypad has its instructions to change or reset the pin. But commonly have the same type of settings that includes:
1.Enter your correct password/pin.
2.Click on the Reset option.
3.Enter the new one.

What is the lifetime of a garage door keypad?

Nowadays, most of the device comes wireless and are operated with batteries. It would help if you changed your battery every time the device prompts you to do so. Generally, a garage door keypad locker lasts for approximately ten years. If it stops working or not responding appropriately, then try to check the battery level or repair it with a local electrician before replacing it with the new one.


It’s time to upgrade your garage and install the latest technology-based garage gate keypad openers. Safety is the primary goal of every individual, and this device has done a great job of acquiring it. Are you a new buyer and confused about which product to buy? Refer to the buying guide and the best garage door keypad locker to choose the ideal one for you.

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