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If you are involved in DIY, house maintenance, and other carpentry projects, then you have mostly required a tool that makes your work more convenient and better off. A cordless drill is one of the essentials machinery that your home improvement power toolset should have. Well, so don’t feel helpless as you are at Housener, and I will show you the top grade best Festool cordless drill.  

There are many options out there in the range of 18V, but few are not budget-friendly and lack quality somewhere. OK, one thing that you should never forget, exploring a worth to money cordless drill is still a problem. Therefore, I will not merely show you the best Festool cordless drill; rather, you will be guided appropriately to buy the best cordless drill in quality and budget limitation.

Throughout the research, I kept the average budget in mind of the consumer plus quality. Numerous factors I have considered to compile this review guide. Such grounds are; speed, production of torque, speed gear, and RPM setting, etc. Moreover, the foremost consideration was buyers’ reviews on the marketplace before showing the list of 8 best Festool cordless drill reviews. Let’s not deviate and take a look at the list.

Top 8 Festool cordless drills

1. Festool 574700 Cordless Drill



Festool 574700 Cordless Drill


Festool 574700 stands first in the list of best Festool cordless drill because of many reasons. The top-notch rationale behind having it at the top of the list is its more power in small size. 

With 4-speed gearbox facilitation, you can adjust for different speed modes for a different task. You can select the low-speed mode for screwdriving and high-speed mode for drilling holes in concrete or other materials.

Moreover, you can change its bits easily without being de-screwed its chuck through its key. 

You can operate at a maximum of 3800 RPM, which is a high value in terms of the power tool.

Skimmed its features, I hope you might not deviate from this cordless drill because of its durable features.


  • Tremendous Range – With its 4-speed gearbox, you can run it at low speed and very high speed, hammer mode. Its high-speed mode can easily workable on concrete material.
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Technology – ITs Li-ion battery provides durability in run time, even for heavy tasks. 
  • The Most Versatile Drill Ever – Its Centrotec system enables you to fix bits quickly in less time. Most importantly, you don’t need to put bits in the chuck for many operations.
  • Convenient – When you switched it on, LED lights illuminates the work area.
  • Huge range for adjustment
  • Quick bits changes
  • Huge range for adjustment
  • Quick bits changes
  • LED light for illumination
  • None

2. Festool 576481 Cordless Impact Drill


Festool 574700 Cordless Drill


Festool 576481 has tested and cross-checked its performance many times and observed no significant changes in its score even at different conditions. 

This tool is capable of produce 180 Newton0metre torque due to its durable brushless motor. It has T-mode, which is made explicitly for self-screw driving.

It has a kickback-free system or no-reverse torque that doesn’t produce jerks while operating it at a higher speed. This mode hopefully won’t make you tired. It comprises of 4 Ah Li-ion battery which less weight and provides long run even at power mode. LED lights play a vital role during a task in hard-to-reach areas to detect the drill’s right point.


  • Stable At Screw Driving Mode – With no reverse torque effect on your wrist, you can do screwdriving work.
  • Three-speed Setting – The electronically controlled speed setting doesn’t bother for speed adjustment for different types of materials.
  • Brushless Motor –  It has a powerful EC-TEC brushless motor, which provides an efficient longer run time.
  • Ergonomic DesignIts lightweight, ergonomic design lets you work for many hours without any feeling of tiredness.
  • 4 Ampere Hour Battery – Even for the hole of solid material, its 4 Ah li-ion compact battery doesn’t get down its charging and provide seamless operation.

  • Very stable for screwdriving
  • 3-speed adjustment
  • Compact design   
  • Heatup issues in the regular long run

3. Festool 576103 Cordless Drill TXS 2,6-Set 240V

Festool 576103 Cordless Drill


When it comes to performance, 576103 works as the best Festool cordless drill, if the size doesn’t matter for you. Its Li-ion battery strengthens it for the longest sustained usage.

As it has a FastFix interface and CentrTec system, which enables faster tool change. It has 12 clutch setting of torque by which you can easily set the torque for a specific operation.

This tool is designed in T-shape, which helps in working even in narrow spaces with LED light illumination.

Moreover, It is mainly used for kitchen fitting, wood structure, and much other related work. Festool 576103 is easy to use in drilling holes in different materials like metal, wood, plastic, concrete, etc. It comes with two batteries, which are quite enough for more prolonged use. 


  • High-performance – It is very comfortable to use when it comes to performance.
  • 12 Torque Settings – It has more than ten torque settings that allow you to change mode according to the drilling operation.
  • Quick Tool Change – Centrotec feature enables you to change the tool quickly.
  • 2-battery Pack – This toolset includes two battery packs.
  • Easy To Screwdrive – Whatever the material is, it can use as a screwdriver in almost every object like; metal, plastic, and wood.

  • Smoothly perform screwdriving operation
  • It has two batteries  
  • None

4. Festool 576094 Cordless Drill CXS 2,6-Set 240V

Festool 576094 Cordless Drill


Since Festool 576094 stands out at fourth position in the list of best Festool cordless drill. This Festool model has an impressive design with two Li-ion batteries. This combo makes this cordless drill ideal among all others.

Like other Festool cordless drills, this tool is also lightweight and easy to handle. This CXS cordless drill produces exceptional torque. That’s why I call it a powerful cordless drill in the market with compact size. 

Moreover, it has a charger indicator display, which ensures battery health intact longer.  Due to its narrow size, it helps in doing task even at hard to reach areas efficiently. 


  • High-quality Lithium-ion Battery – Li-ion technology battery makes it possible to sustained longer.
  • CentroTec – It has a FastFix interface and CentroTec quick-tool change system.
  • Compact & Handful – It doesn’t matter workspace is cramped or uncomfortable; Festool 576094 even makes your work easier.
  • LED Light – it has built-in LED lights that illuminate the work area.
  • Impressive Design – It is just 0.9 kg(900 gm) in weight and very convenient in drilling and fastening.
  • 12 Torque Settings – It also has a 12 clutch setting option, which makes sure different speeds for the other operation. This feature makes it efficient in terms of run time.
  • Charging Display – Its charging percentage appears on its charging display.

  • Charging display
  • Impressive design
  • CentroTec feature Led Light
  • Bit expensive

5. Festool 574763 Cordless Drill, 18 V, Multi-Colour

Festool 574763 Cordless Drill


Festool 574763 18V cordless drill in a classic t-design with the optimum center of gravity support ensures ideal force absorption. It has an EC-TEC brushless motor, which prevents energy losses. 

Since this tool has an energy-efficient motor that supports it longer run with high RPM. This tool fits best in hand due to its handling grip and lightweight. It is mostly used for the installation of the door, windows, and kitchen fitting.

Whatever the material is, Festool 574763 can drill smoothly in wood, plastic, metal, and concrete.


  • Brushless Motor – EC-TEC brushless motor guarantee its last long service.
  • Comes with brushless EC-TEC motor with long service life
  • Best For Wood Work – It is mostly used for woodwork. For instance, kitchen fittings, furniture assembly.
  • 5.2 Ah Battery – It is equipped with a 5.3 Ah battery, which is too much for a long run with power.
  • Perfect Balanced – Various drill lost its balance when it is fastening, but Festool 574763 doesn’t bother balancing. It is a self-balanced cordless drill; hence you don’t need to put effort while drilling or driving.
  • T-lock Packing – It comes with a tool case, namely, SYSTAINER.

  • It as perfect self-balanced
  • Less vibration
  • High Ampere hour battery
  • None

6. Festool 574701 Cordless Percussion Drill PDC 18/4 Li-Basic QUADRIVE, 18 V, Multi-Colour

Festool 574701 Cordless Percussion Drill

Festool 574701 is a multi-purpose cordless drill in line with the most reliable one. Having Li-ion battery technology, it is capable of store charge for more time than usual. It has a 4-speed gearbox, which enables you to select speed according to what your task demands.

At the maximum level, it can produce 3700+ RPM with sufficient battery timing. This tool can be used as a drill, driver, and impact drill-driver. Festool provides 100% satisfaction in the quality of its cordless drill component.

It can bore up to 50mm of diameter hole with its ZOBO drill bits. This toolset includes; bit holder, CentroTec chuck(quick tool changer), and additional side-grip.


  • EC-TEC Brushless Motor – Its brushless motor provides maximum efficiency in terms of battery and power.
  • High-quality Li-ion Battery – With a Lithium-ion battery, it provides more fastening than other types of batteries.
  • 4-speed Gearbox – Its four-speed gearbox is capable of providing 3700+ RPM.
  • Battery Status – It has a display that shows battery charging status.
  • High Torque – It can drill higher diameter holes due to having high torque and rotatory speed.
  • 12 Setting Torque – With its 12 clutch settings, you can adjust its torque as per your drill demand.

  • 12 torque setting helps in producing demanded torque
  • Charging display prevents overcharging   
  • Bit un-compact design. 

7. Festool 576434 Cordless Drill

Festool 576434 Cordless Drill

Festool 576434 comes with its unique shape, which is very compact and lightweight. It doesn’t mean that if it is too small in a structure, then it is under power. No, it can produce quite a torque required in woodwork and little small hole drilling on walls.

It is easy to switch over from screwdriving to drilling mode without changing its bits and torque setting. Its torque is electrically managed itself. Whatever the task you are doing with it, you can quickly change its tool due to its CentroTec rapid tools system.

It has a long-lasting brushless motor that helps prevent energy loss, and as a result, you will longer run time.  Festool 576434 weighed only 0.6 kg, and its Li-ion battery of 5 Ah, which is ideal for balancing.


  • Easy To Change Bits – Its Centrotec system helps in changing bits quickly. Moreover,  The practical switch save function remembers the torque you have set, even when changing between drilling and screwdriving.
  • Electrically Managed Torque – It has an electrically managed torque setting that adjusts itself.
  • Durable and extremely light – It is a very lightweight and high power producer as it comprises a brushless motor.
  • Easy To Switch Over Other Mode – It can easily be switched between screwdriving mode to drilling without changing its torque.
  • Intelligent motor management – Its brushless motor manages energy to run for a longer span with no extra energy losses. It contains a microprocessor that controls its voltage, temperature, and current consumption.
  • Unique & Intelligent – It is designed ideally and fits on hand, and provide comfortable drilling and scredriving.
  • Energy Efficient
  • Unique Design
  • Comfortable to use   
  • No longer run time

8. Festool 576493 Cordless Impact Drill

Festool 576493 Cordless Impact Drill

Festool 576493 comes in the line of best Festool cordless drill due to its comforts and reliability. It has a hammer impact mode that can drill smoothly in concrete or metals. 

Having a brushless motor with two 3.1 Ah batteries is the best combo for commercial purposes. Because of this combo, it ensures a long run time. It means you can make your work productive by charging one battery to use the second battery as a spare. 

Moreover, it prevents kick-back and no reverse that you might face in low-speed transmission even it weighs less than 1000 gm.


  • Ergonomic Design – Its compact, ergonomic design helps you work longer without fatigue, even in hard-to-reach work areas.
  • Robust –  It is a long-lasting cordless drill due to its component quality.
  • Kickback-free –  Its tangential hammer protection mechanism doesn’t jerk your wrist or hand when drilling on high RPM.
  • Useable In Various Task – Festool 576493 can be used in various tasks, including installing fittings, Installing doors in wood, metal, and plastic material.
  • Maximum Power –  Its EC_TEC brushless motor with a 3-speed gearbox-can produce quite a power that can help in drilling holes in concrete.
  • LED Light & Belt Clip –  It has a built-in LED light for work area lighting and a belt clip for holding it in tall places.
  • Comfortable operation with its kick-back free mechanism
  • It can use for multiple purposes
  • Bit expensive

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What Are The Significant Factors To Consider For Cordless Drill? – Buying Guide

It is the pre-requisite section that you should look at before buying from the best Festool cordless drill. However, Many cordless drills are there, but if you consider this buying guide, it will have the best experience.

The following factors let you know everything you need to know about finding the perfect power tools for your home or workshop. I have organized the elements in such a way that every factor is digestible to you.

Chuck Size

Most cordless drills accompany either a ½-inch or a ⅜-inch size. The size reveals essential things about a drill. To start with, it gives a maximum breaking point to the chunk size of the pieces the drill can oblige. More splendid pieces frequently have more extensive chuck. 

Second, chuck size additionally tracks near a drill’s force and capacity—all the more remarkable penetrates ordinarily have bigger chucks and the other way around.

Hi-Low Speed-range switch

High is for drilling; low is for driving screws. Look for the widest range between them.

Drilling Speed

The most cordless drill comes with a single-speed, which is useless and a single task performer. Having a one-speed range is that every drilling task is different and required a certain speed. For more polished carpentry and repair tasks, that’s why cordless drill with minimum 2-speed is preferred. 

Low-speed can be used for screw driving or light-duty task, while on the other side, high-speed is for heavy jobs like drilling holes.

Voltage Consideration

Consider this factor as necessary according to your task requirement. If you want to drill more in a single charge, you should look for a cordless drill with a higher voltage. 

There are cordless drills with 12V that can hardly drive 250 screws on a single charge. A cordless drill with 18 to 20 V voltage gives you a longer run time and power than 12V on a single battery charging cycle. To some extent, it can increase your productivity.

Handling And Grip

The foremost factor to take before buying a cordless drill is its handling and grip. Because the cordless drills are big sue to having a battery with it. And the handling of the heavy drill is considerably harsh to handling. It can give you a feeling of tiredness in less time, and as a result, productivity becomes more limited.

There are two types of handles in drill; pistol shape and T-shape. Both are good at their place. 

In a pistol, the handle is behind the motor like in a gun. In contrast, a T-shaped drill has a handle at about its center.

Most of today’s cordless drills are outfitted with T-shape handle. T-shape provides a better balance of drill because motor and battery are also at its center, so the force is being applied on the sides of a cordless drill.

For heavy-duty tasks, a pistol handle cordless drill comes in handy because it helps apply higher pressure to the object you are drilling on. 


Without a trigger, a cordless drill is useless. So look for a drill that has a trigger that is very accessible and comfortable to grip.

Charger And Its Indicator

For more reliable battery health, you must cross-check that the cordless drill you will buy has a charging indicator or charging status display or not because it is an essential factor to consider for high-grade performance.

Most cordless drills are equipped with Li-ion battery, and it requires a specific condition to provide a longer run time. However, now cordless drill has a charging indicator light that restricting the overcharging of batteries. 

Drilling Power

You want a powerful tool that is powerful and provides the best performance even at every task. Many people consider their drill for multiple operations.

For heavy tasks, you need a cordless drill that can produce higher torque and rotating force. That’s why to look for a drill with higher voltage so it can produce your expected rotating force when required.

Brushless Motor

A Brushless motor is essential to consider before buying a cordless drill. It is just because it can reduce friction in the motor, and as a result, your cordless drill efficiency increases.

If you find any cordless drill without a brushless motor so deny it because it is outdated. In modern-day technology, no cordless drill manufacturer uses a brushed motor. I would recommend buying a cordless drill with a brushless motor.

Watch the video guide for a better understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Are Cordless Drills Worth It?

The short answer is: Yes. It is worthwhile because you can drill holes and drive screws with the same tool with no electricity extension board headache.

Q – What voltage cordless drill should I buy?

Keep it according to the task you are going to perform. For lighter task cordless drills with 8 volts, Li-ion battery is quite enough for heavy jobs, preferably 18V is suitable. Cordless drill with greater voltage runs for a longer time, even having heavy tasks.

Q – Does the Festool drill worth it?

The answer is one more time is YES. It is worth it because Festool has many power tools and especially cordless drills, as you can see in the above list of the 8 best Festool cordless drills.

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Pre-requisite Before using Cordless Drill – Tips


Cordless drills have been developed to ensure that you don’t have to spend excessive effort to mount screws and drill holes. Be attentive to apply pressure on a power tool and try to put uniform force accordingly.


When using cordless drills, wear protective goggles and gloves. Also, wear tight-fitting clothing to avoid catching your top or trousers on the drill when rotating. 


Pilot holes will direct you along the way while you do projects. When you place a fastening on the drill point, pre-drill the holes in the area before tightening the screw. Not only is it going to give you a more flowing and straighter result, but you’re also going to diminish the possibilities of the tool slipping.


Please make sure that the region of the drilling point that you are drilling into is secure. Maybe, a wobbly or loose piece will cause the drill to fall, and several injuries can make a hurdle for you as well as people around you.


To Sum Up

Assuredly, we’ve got to know how a cordless drill is an essential component of your home toolset. However, workshop owners already know how a cordless drill helps them do their work in a minimum time. 

In this review guide, you have eight options in the brand Festool only with many price ranges. Almost there are 18V cordless drills discussed, according to my perspective, that is not under power and can give you comfortable drilling operation for longer.

Finally, to make your cordless drill buying experience remarkable, you should at least read the buying guide. By the way, all the above-listed best Festool cordless drill is already selected according to the consumer’s intention.

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