Best Dewalt Cordless Hammer Drill Review & Guide – 2021

DeWalt is a very significant brand for the best cordless hammer drill. Today, they produce thousands and thousands of power tools distributed globally and used by people of all kinds. Whether they are DIY enthusiasts, mechanical metal enthusiasts, or professionals who need powerful and durable tools.

In any case, DeWalt manages to satisfy all these categories and also owes its fame to this incredible versatility and adaptability. They never lack the appropriate case and some added optionally, to the standard product. Due to this reason, they can boast customers all over the world precisely because of this.

The field in this US company has managed to achieve greater successes to the detriment of the competition. However, it is that of cordless drills and above all cordless hammer drills, two tools widely used and known and on which even less interested customers often tend to be fussy.

DeWalt has managed to bring the concept of value for money to the next level, guaranteeing exceptional products. Of course, there are also much more expensive ones, but they are particular or very specific products, suitable more for purely specialized and professional use. While the mid-range of De Walt products is aimed at a very wide and heterogeneous range of users.

Let’s not deviate and see what are the best DeWalt cordless hammer drill in the most reliable quality and price range.

Top 7 Dewalt Cordless Hammer Drill

1.DEWALT DCD996P2 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill Kit

When your interest is developing in buying a cutting-edge tool of excellent quality, the price is the last factor to take into consideration. While we need to consider more the features and functions that this new drill will be able to offer us.

In this quality category, we find the Dewalt DCD996P2 drill. Thanks to its brushless motor which is lighter, has more power and optimizes the performance. It is all because of its torque due to the 5 Ah lithium-ion batteries.

It has a belt clip, which allows you to attach the drill when you are in a situation where you have to carry it with you, but your hands are full, such as when you have to climb a ladder.


  • Brushless Motor – This tool contains an efficient brushless motor.
  • High Ampere Battery – With a 5 Ah lithium-ion battery, you can increase your productivity.
  • High Voltage Battery – It has an 18 Volt battery to ensure powerful drilling operation..
  • Greater Power – This tool outputs 90 Watts of power.
  • LED Light – It has Led light with 3 intensity settings.
  • Keyless Chuck – It can hole up to13 mm with keyless chuck.
  • Variable Speed – This version of DeWalt comes with 3 Variable and reversible speeds.
  • E-Clutch – Also, it contains an electronic clutch.
  • Brushless motor
  • High Ampere battery
  • LED Lights
  • Bit large in size

2.DEWALT DCH133M2 20V MAX XR Rotary Hammer Drill Kit

The DeWalt DCH133M2 contains a rotation stopper for light chiseling work in plaster and tiles and an impact stopper for only one rotation mode for drilling wood or metal Brushless motor with a large capacity XR 4.0Ah 18V Lithium-ion battery. 

It is Ideal for drilling anchor holes in concrete, brick, and various building materials from 4mm to 26mm Compact, lightweight and ergonomic design for better comfort and support during extended periods. 

Moreover, You can use of its rubberized handle to reduce vibration and fatigue Brake electric motor for better control modular design for easy maintenance


  • High Energy – An optimized 2.6J mechanism provides a faster than corded Speed of Application.
  • High German Technology – Its production has done by the durable German Engineered mechanism for long service life, even in the hardest concrete
  • Speed Control – DEWALT allows the tool to maintain speed through the entire application without bogging down even with the largest bits.
  • Compact Size – This tool has a compact size allows access to narrow areas
  • Greater Run-time – With 4.0Ah packs, you can get an all-day run time.
  • German Technology
  • Speed control
  • Longer runtime
  • None

3.DEWALT DCD996B 20V MAX Hammer Drill

The DeWalt 20V DCD996B screwdriver is also very interesting. A hammer drill with a 20-volt DRX lithium battery, for a power output of 460 Watts. Its self-tightening chuck of 1.5 mm allows maximum drilling of 40 mm on wood, 13 mm on metal and masonry. 

The branded Dewalt Brushless motor maximizes performance, allowing 15 points of torque adjustment for this tool, and a practical design despite the power. The rubber grip concludes the picture, ensuring a correct grip and exceptional comfort.

When we are making interest in buying a cutting-edge tool of excellent quality, the price is the last factor to take into consideration, while we need to consider more the features and functions that this new hammer drill will be able to offer us.

In this quality category, I find the Dewalt DCD996B drill, which thanks to its brushless motor is lighter, has more power, and optimizes the performance of its torque due to the 5 Ah lithium-ion batteries.

It has a belt clip, which allows you to attach the drill when you are in a situation where you have to carry it with you, but your hands are full, such as when you have to climb a ladder.


  • High-transmission – Its High-performance transmission allows you for fast application speeds with an improved run time.
  • Efficient – DCD996B’s high-efficiency brushless motor delivers up to 57 percent more run time than brushed.
  • High BPM – This tool manages to give 0 to 38,250 BPM for fast drilling in masonry materials.
  • Three-mode LED Light – It comes with a 3 Mode LED light with a Spotlight mode.
  • Separate Battery & Charger – You have to buy a separate battery & charger sold separately.
  • High Voltage – The maximum initial battery voltage is 20 volts.
  • High BPM
  • Three-mode LED Light
  • Longer runtime Battery and charger not included
  • Battery and charger not included


The DeWalt DCD999B XRP cordless hammer drill gives maximum adaptability and torque. This cordless hammer drill has a maximum torque of 80 Nm and minimum torque of 42 Nm, for an output power of 650 Watts. 

Moreover, The 3 gears and the torque with 11 levels of precision guarantee efficient and fast work. It comes with a light and the excellent belt hook, as well as the Bit magnetic support. This tool is very good especially for those who need a tool that allows you to work for a long time, but it is also quite expensive.


  • 40+% More Powered – You can get up to 42% more power as DeWalt DCD999B paired with FLEXVOLT batteries.
  • Greater Compatibility – It is compatible with all DEWALT 20V MAX and FLEXVOLT Batteries.
  • GREAT BIT GRIP –  It has a heavy-duty 1/2 inch. ratcheting nitro-carburized metal chuck with carbide inserts for superior bit gripping strength
  • 20X BRIGHTER LED – It comes with a 3-mode LED that provides lighting in dark or confined spaces up to 20x brighter than the DEWALT DCD985.
  • Extended Work & Productivity – Spotlight mode features a 20-minute shutoff function, allowing for extended work time in dark or confined spaces.
  • High power
  • Extended runtime
  • None

5.DEWALT DCD709C2 ATOMIC 20V MAX Hammer Drill

This Brushless DEWALT DCD709C2 compact cordless hammer drill kit comprises two 20V max Lithium-Ion batteries, a charger, and a carrying case bag. 

It is only 6.9 inches from front to back and its high-performance Brushless motor produces 340 unit watts. The hammer functionality facilitates consumers to perform masonry drilling operations conveniently. 

However, It has LED, which provides the best illumination in dark places. This tool has an ergonomic handle design, which enhances comfort, balance, and easier tool control. It also has a detachable belt hook. It has a 3-year warranty so that you can buy it with confidence.


  • Hammer Functionality – Its hammer functionality enables users to complete masonry drilling applications easily.
  • Small Size & weight – It is only 6.9-inch from front to back to fit in tight spaces Lightweight at only 2.5 lbs.
  • Variable Speed Trigger – Variable speed trigger allows for control and precision on delicate work surfaces.
  • Powerful Brushless Motor – DEWALT built a Brushless motor for efficient performance and runtime
  • High Power – 340 UWO of power to help get the job done.
  • Hammer Functionality
  • Compact Size Efficient
  • Brushless motor
  • None

6.DEWALT DCH273P2 20V MAX SDS Rotary Hammer Drill Kit

This Brushless hammer drill can be used in professional construction work. Check the drilling in wood, metal, and the drilled anchor in the diameter of the concrete and masonry hole from 4 mm to 24 mm. Cordless offers total mobility and freedom of action of the tool.

DEWALT DCH273P2 20v  one inch Rotary Hammer with Batteries features a DEWALT brushless motor for extended runtime and durability and includes 2x 20v Max 5.0ah batteries. After this, there is no user downtime. 

Moreover, It also offers Vibration Control which significantly disgraces vibration and increases user productivity and comfort; a Perform and Protect feature from DEWALT. 

This rotary hammer delivers 2.1 Joules impact energy which provides corded power without the cord -with a powerful battery. Also, DCH273P2 contains a handle for storage and hanging. 


  • Brushless Motor – With a brushless motor 18V lithium-ion XR ensures an efficient operation for a long time. As brushless technology gives you comfort, no need to replace worn brushes, as in the case of commutator motors.
  • High Drilling Speed – This tool features a high drilling speed of 1100obr./min allows the execution of more than 90 openings per charge.
  • Variable Material Drilling – This feature will make you able to disable a stroke allows drilling into wood and metal.
  • LED Light – It comes with built-in LED delayed OFF function, it is easy to work in shaded areas.
  • SDS Functionality – SDS-Plus attachment provides quick and easy accessory change.
  • Extra Grip & Control – Extra handle increases tool control when working hard.
  • High Drilling Speed
  • SDS Functionality
  • Heavy

7.DEWALT DCH293B 20V MAX XR Rotary Hammer Drill, L-Shape 

The DCH293B 20V MAX XR Brushless Rotary Hammer is a high-performance drill that is designed by a DEWALT brushless motor with a durable German-designed technology. 

This powerful  DeWalt cordless hammer drill produces 3.5 joules impact energy. Its active Vibration Control feature and extended run time make it an ideal hammer drill for everyday use and for drilling large diameter holes, even in the most obstinate concrete material. 

The patented E-Clutch system provides enhanced control to the user in a delayed situation and can help minimize shock back-torque reaction compared to standard clutches.


  • 3+ J Energy – This tool outputs a decent amount of energy; 3.5 J of impact energy.
  • Shocks Control – Its active Vibration Control reduces vibrations felt by the user at the handles. A Perform and Protect function.
  • Hook For Hanging – Retractable utility hook might be convenient for hanging tools.
  • Electronically Controlled Clutch – Its E-Clutch uses for maximum control in blocking situations.
  • Brushless Motor – DEWALT brushless motor helps your drill to run all-day with durability
  • German Technology – This DeWalt tool series powered by german engineers for quality and durability.
  • High Energy
  • Hanging hook
  • E-clutch
  • None

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Buying Guide

In choosing a DeWalt cordless hammer drill suitable for your needs, however, you certainly cannot rely solely on price, on the contrary, there are many characteristics to take into consideration if you really want to find the right product and if you want to avoid at all costs to take a crab and find an inadequate choice in your hands.

First of all, the size and weight, underestimated by everyone. A good DeWalt screwdriver is almost always light and compact so that it takes up little space and can be handled without effort:   30-60 cm in size and 1-2 kg in weight are the ideal numbers to keep around to be sure not to make a mistake.

It will be right to look for a DeWalt screwdriver with at least two lithium batteries, at least 1.5 Ah, and has a voltage of about 15-20 volts which guarantee excellent power and efficiency and are not very expensive from an energy point of view, so as to save about wasting energy.

In particular, De Walt products today are always equipped with a Brushless motor which, without the use of brushes, allows for less maintenance and high durability

While trying to find the best drill there are a few factors to be kept in mind before proceeding to buy the suitable Hercules cordless drill.


Torque is an important factor. This deals with the twisting power or the twisting or turning power of the drill bit and the higher the torque the more the twisting action it can produce.


The BPM and RPM relate to the drilling speed of the drill and enhance the performance. If simple hammer drills are involved RMP is much more important than BPM and likewise, for hammer drills, BPM is much more important for Rotatory drills which stands for Blows per Minute. As for a hammer drill, the RPM of approximately 3000is sufficient for medium or heavy-duty jobs.


This is also an important component of the drill. Nowadays the motors which are coming forth have a protected or covered clutch. Hence, this signifies that if a deeper hole is dug with not enough speed then a lot of excessive pressure will be applied on the motor. 

Furthermore, the clutch itself also tends to wear down which can decrease the runtime. The best recommendation is to use a drill with the 24-position clutch which has higher torque regulation.


These have two types the SDS Chuck and regular drill bits. In the SDS chucks you can change the chuck while drilling and insert the other bit. 

However, the regular chucks the drill bits can’t be changed. Furthermore, the SDS also comes in two types the SDX Max and the SDS Plus. The SDS Max bits are designed for drilling larger holes while the SDS Plus are designated for creating wider holes with more diameter.


As all the drills are Cordless so having the eye for a good battery is necessary. The runtime for a battery should be inspected before purchase. 

Moreover, the charge time and other essential things about the battery must also be factored in before choosing your desired drill. Normally the 18- and 20-Volt batteries are good for heavy-duty drills so these can be used.

They also come in two types of Nickel Cadmium Batteries and lithium batteries. Make sure to choose the best one according to your type.


The weight of the drill is also a necessary factor because it can cause fatigue and unrest in arms and hands. Hence it can affect and wear the wrists. Therefore, working long-time is usually not possible with heavy machines.


The speed of the Motor or Drill is one of the most important things to be looked at before buying a drill. Along with speed the RPM abbreviated as Revolutions per minute and the BPM abbreviated known as Blows per minute need to be kept in mind too for strength and agility or durability of a drill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is the best Dewalt cordless hammer drill?

According to this guide, DEWALT DCD996P2 20V XR Hammer Drill Kit is the best. Moreover, you can choose others as listed in the guide above, all selection of this guide is highly researched so don’t worry about that you will buy anything bad.

Q- What is the difference between a cordless drill and a hammer drill?

The most simple difference is that you can use the regular cordless drills in ordinary operations like smooth holes in wood, wall, and etc. While hammer drill is for professional masonry operation like holes in concrete with powerful impact.

Q- Can a Dewalt hammer drill be used as a regular drill?

Yes, you can use DeWalt cordless hammer drill as regular if a certain hammer drill has a normal mode. You can buy it to use as a multi-purpose cordless drill.

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Bottom Line

In a nutshell, I would like to give a pro tip idea is that if you buy any of the hammer drills above listed then you will free from worries. Why you will be refrain from worries? The vital reason behind this is that you can use it as normal use in the home and on the other hand you can use it professionally if you perform any masonry or heavy-duty with a cordless drill, this will help you in every drilling operation just you have its mode of drilling.

In the list of Best DeWalt cordless hammer drill, you can choose any of them without doing any more research as all of the judgings of a good cordless hammer drill has done extensively.

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