Best Cordless Hammer Drills For Concrete In 2021

Concrete or cement is one of the hardest and toughest materials. This makes it a hectic job to try and drill this material. Without having the right tools and being equipped with the proper machines this task is tiring and can drain you out completely. That narrows it down to having a good drill for this purpose. There are many types of drills with many features, pros, cons, and accessories. We will discuss the cordless best hammer drills for concrete in this article. As cordless drills are relatively the most suitable for this task, we will discuss them below.


The drills with no tether are called cordless drills more commonly known as wireless drills. The cable or direct supply of energy is replaced with a battery which makes them quite efficient. The most suitable cordless drills for concrete are cordless hammer drills. The features of a cordless drill are mentioned below.


  • It has a work light installed within.
  • The cable or tether is replaced with a battery.
  • It comes in various grips.
  • The grip can be changed on the will of the user.
  • It has a smart design, and the bleak drill can be changed.


  • Due to its updated design, it offers more durability, portability, and convenience.
  • It is mobile and lightweight can be carried easily from one place of work to another.
  • Due to its design with no tether or cable, it is stored very easily without any worry of the cable attached so it is storage-friendly.
  • As the grips can change and there is no cable, so it has great maneuverability. This allows it to be used in tight and tough spots.
  • The battery provides a good 2 hours approximately so there is no need of finding a power source or plug nearby.
  • The grips can be changed so it offers great management, ease, and greater control.


The main types in which drills are divided are four. These four can be used for various tasks. Depending upon the task the best drill is chosen. The purpose of discussing the types of drills is to check which one would be the best for the drilling of concrete.

  1. Drill / Drivers

This is the most popular type and is available in almost every hardware shop. This type of drill is used for the drilling of small holes. It can also be used for driving screws into wood, plastic or metal, or any desired material.

  1. Hammer Drills

The second type of drill is the hammer drill. Hammer drills work on the same principle and can do the same task, but they have something special which is called a “Hammer setting”. The hammer setting rocks the drill bit front and forth the same as a hammer and it produces a hammer-like movement inside the drill. They are used for drilling into harder materials such as bricks, stone, and even concrete.  They are usually a bit heavier than normal drills. Cordless hammer drills for concrete are the most preferred nowadays.

  1. Rotatory Hammer

This type of drill has the same mechanism as the hammer drill. The special thing about this drill is that it has a heavy-duty hammer setting and is more powerful in terms of drilling or pounding strong materials like concrete.

  1. Impact Drivers

This type of Drill is also a variation of Drill or driver. It is specially designed just for making small holes or driving screws and or loosing bolts. This is usually used in the automobile industry.

Based on Voltage

Voltage plays a key role in the proper working of a work to the user’s needs. The proper voltage drill will do the task efficiently otherwise a much stronger drill will eventually tear the material apart. A weaker drill’s motor will not be able to drill through the desired material.

  • 18 Volts Cordless Drill
  • 20 Volts Cordless Drill
  • 24 Volts Cordless Drill
  • 36 Volts Cordless Drill

These are the 4 basic types of cordless drills according to the voltage which provides different functionality. The power, speed, size, maneuverability, and durability will be kept in view while choosing the best drill. All the models will be viewed ahead.

Based on Functionality Cordless Hammer Drills For Concrete

The two most common types will be reviewed basing on the functionality of a drill.

  1. Impact Cordless Drills / Drivers

These types of drills are specially designed for the driving of screws and the tightening of nuts. The process of tightening nuts is called a nut set. They are high torque tools that are mostly lighter and smaller and than drill drivers. They may not be as versatile as them, but they will perform almost all the same tasks.

  1. Cordless Hammer Drills

A hammer drill is also known as a percussion drill. This tool is used for the sole purpose of drilling in hard materials. It has a built-in hammer setting which creates an impact and drills. They are not usually used for construction but mostly for drilling holes in tough or strong materials such as concrete or cement.

Cordless hammer drills are more preferred for the drilling of concrete due to countless reasons. They have a distinction in the drilling of strong and tough materials. They have an acute design and maybe slightly heavier. These drills provide raw power to go through strong and tough materials and can withstand great recurring force, drag, or inertia.

Advantages of Cordless hammer drills:

  • This type has a special feature which is the hammering feature. This allows the drill to be moved in a forward position as well. Due to this the drill also has a To and fro motion.
  • It provides greater force so drilling masonry holes are extremely easy with this drill.
  • Due to the hammering action, it will take less time to drill the area required for masonry holes.



They can be used to drill in almost all materials but the most common are mention below.

  • Wood or Timber
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Masonry

They are designed for concrete especially, so they most efficiently work in the drilling of concrete.


There are many types of drills. The best Cordless hammer drills for concrete are as below.

1. Milwaukee 2712-20 M-18 Fuel Rotatory Hammer Drill

This is one of the best drills in the market right now even though the market is flooded with drills.

It has great features which make this model one of the best hammer drills.

  • SDS Chuck

    • SDS stands for Slotted Drive Shaft. This means that it only accepts special bits that match the chuck or drill. This feature is ideal for when you are drilling a tough and hard material. The drill bit doesn’t slip in the chuck which provides great ease and precision. Due to zero slippage, it provides good sheer strength and drills through the rock-solid surface. This also saves time in changing bits as it is extremely easy.
  • Weight

    • This drill has great strength, speed, and power yet it is only a mere 5.5 pounds. The best part about this is that you can work for a long duration. Moreover, there is no need to worry about suffering from wrist or hand fatigue even though it will give a back pump due to the hammering effect. It provides ease and comfort and due to being lightweight. And it tires a person late after hours of work.
  • Anti-Vibration System

    • The company Milwaukee has built this model a little differently by adding the Anti-Vibration System in it. This is extremely useful as it minimizes the wear and fatigue on wrists and hands. Additionally, the drill can be used for a bulky time without having stress or fatigue in the hands and wrists.
  • Warranty

    • The drill is from one of the best American companies in took making. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty. It can be bought with your eyes closed.
  • Complaints

    • As Milwaukee is an American brand but to save manufacturing costs the drills are made in China. Hence, if you are interested in American-made this certainly isn’t the drill for you.
    • Secondly, even though the drill is made in China the price of the drill speaks for itself. It is quite expensive.

2.DeWALT 20V Max SDS Rotatory Hammer Drill

Just like the Milwaukee drill, this is also an SDS drill. DeWALT is also an American brand that is well known for its construction tools and drills. Let’s know some about the DeWALT 20V Max SDS Rotatory Hammer Drill.

  • Ergonomic Design

    • It has an elegant design and has perfect power to weight ratio. This makes the drill ideal for overhead work. Therefore, the less weight means carrying the drill overhead won’t be that much of a problem. Hence, it can be carried for a longer time than average or other drills.
  • Anti-Vibration System

    • It also comes with an Anti-Vibration system. Therefore, it reduces or minimizes the vibration. In turn, reducing stress in the arm and fatigue in the hands and wrists. Hence it can be used for longer times.
  • Brushless Motor

    • This type of motor requires less maintenance than the brushed motors. Due to this, the power distribution in the drill is more efficient and easier. Therefore, the runtime of the battery is increased.
  • Complaints

    • Although it’s a good model it also has a couple of complaints. It doesn’t come along with the battery and charger. They are sold individually which is a bit cruel by the company.
    • Even when the drill is sold without the battery and charger the price is still sky high and when you factor in the battery and charger cost it becomes even more expensive.

3.Makita XRH01Z LXT Rotatory Hammer Drill


It is also a good company and this drill pack a real punch. It also has a brushless motor which increases the runtime of the battery by a whopping 50 percent, so the user gets great battery life and optimal life.

  • Power Management

    • Its battery is greatly managed. It had three protective management systems. It has over-load, over-heat, and over-discharge protection and the battery is greatly taken care of.
  • Longer Run-time

    • Due to the brushless motor, the runtime of this drill is greatly increased. This makes it extremely efficient because it also requires minimum maintenance and user can work for long periods with great ease.
  • HEPA Vacuum Attachment

    • This attachment costs extra but due to this, the drill is extremely safe to use. The vacuum removes almost all the dust particles which usually get inhaled. This saves you quite the health.
  • Complaints

    • Just as the DeWALT model this company does the same and sells batteries and chargers extra which costs more and it is also a bit expensive.

4.SKIL PWRCore 20 Heavy-Duty Hammer Drill


This is also a great hammer drill with some special features which may be more attractive than other drills.

  • 5 Ah battery

    • The battery has a usage time of 5 hours meaning you can work for 5 consecutive hours after charging it.
  • Quick Charge Time

    • The recharge time of this battery is 60 minutes. It just takes 60 minutes, and the battery is completely charged. This is faster than many other batteries.
  • 24-Position Clutch

    • This is a very important feature. It is used for choosing the right torque setting which gears from becoming damaged by excessive pressure.
  • All-Metal Gears

    • The power Deliverance of the drill depends upon the types of parts used inside the drill. This drill has all-metal gears that can withstand harsh and tough treatment increasing the life of the drill.
  • Complaints

    • It has a key chuck which usually takes longer to change drill bits.
    • When you press the trigger there is a slight delay before the bit starts rotating which causes the drill to lose precision and is mostly annoying.

5.DeWALT 20V Max XR Hammer Drill

This is the second drill of DeWALT.  It is also a brushless model thus greatly increases the run-time. It has some special and new features as below.

  • All-Metal Transmission

    • This means that the drill is suitable for tough environments and harsh conditions and it provides better tool-to-task speeds along with runtime.
  • LED or Work light

    • This hammer drill comes in three modes and it also has a work light or LED installed to work in dark and tough places.
  • Nitro-Carburized Chuck

    • This has the best grip of all and as the chuck is metallic it gives great strength.
  • Jobsite proof

    • All the switches are coated, and they’re also sealed. This protects them against dust or any moisture in the environment.
  • Complaints

    • Just like the other drills it also comes without any battery or charger they are to be bought separately it’s a weird policy as it’s like buying a house but without any roof over the walls. It has expensive batteries as well, so the sum cost is no less than a shock.


This is a heavy-duty drill that is used for the sole purpose of drilling deeper and larger holes in masonry materials such as concrete cement and bricks.

  • Features

  • Instead of spinning the discs in a standard hammer drill, this uses a piston to generate the force.
  • Air is compressed, and it creates an even greater force.
  • It can bore larger and deeper holes due to its greater strength and power.
  • Functioning

In a standard hammer drill. The hammering strike or the hammering movement comes by the up and down movement of the two discs. This does not happen here it has a piston that is used, and it compresses the air and uses air pressure to create the hammering effect which has an even greater force.

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The main components of a cordless hammer drill for concrete are as follows:

  1. Motor

The motor of a drill is the most essential part and dictates the basic functionality of a drill. For a cordless hammer drill, two types of motors are available: Brushless and Brushed motors. Brushless motors are said to have a longer lifetime and are hence more durable. However, they also have a higher expense because of their advanced and complex technology.

  1. Clutch

The clutch is an important component and goes hand in hand with the motors. Clutches are also used to protect the motors. Extra torque can be provided by different positions using the clutch of a drill. Cordless hammer drills already provide maximum efficiency torque which combined with a 24-position clutch equals the highest possible torque.

  1. Chuck:

Cordless Hammer drills come with an adjustable chuck. This essentially means that the drill bits can be changed as per usage. Different types of drill bits are required for different purposes.

  1. Battery:

The battery as mentioned before is the main source of power. Although it does not provide as much power as corded drills’ direct power source. It is still a good source of power, and the advantages of cordless drills far outweigh this one factor. The type of battery should be chosen concerning the workload for the drill in mind. Rechargeable batteries are the most utilized for hammer cordless drills and turn out to be of great efficiency.

Selection of the Best Cordless Hammer Drills For Concrete

While trying to find the best drill there are a few factors to be kept in mind before proceeding to buy the drill.


Torque is an important factor. This deals with the twisting power or the twisting or turning power of the drill bit and the higher the torque the more the twisting action it can produce.

▪︎BPM and RPM

The BPM and RPM relate to the drilling speed of the drill and enhance the performance. If simple hammer drills are involved RMP is much more important than BPM and likewise, for hammer drills, BPM is much more important for Rotatory drills which stands for Blows per Minute. As for a normal drill, the RPM of approximately 1300 is sufficient for medium or heavy-duty jobs.

▪︎The Clutch

This is also an important component of the drill. Nowadays the motors which are coming forth have a protected or covered clutch. Hence, this signifies that if a deeper hole is dug with not enough speed then a lot of excessive pressure will be applied on the motor. Furthermore, the clutch itself also tends to wear down which can decrease the runtime. The best recommendation is to use a drill with the 24-position clutch which has higher torque regulation.

▪︎The Chuck

These have two types the SDS Chuck and regular drill bits. In the SDS chucks you can change the chuck while drilling and insert the other bit. However, the regular chucks the drill bits can’t be changed. Furthermore, the SDS also comes in two types the SDX Max and the SDS Plus. The SDS Max bits are designed for drilling larger holes while the SDS Plus are designated for creating wider holes with more diameter.

▪︎The battery of  Cordless Hammer Drills For Concrete

As all the drills are Cordless so having the eye for a good battery is necessary. The runtime for a battery should be inspected before purchase. Moreover, the charge time and other essential things about the battery must also be factored in before choosing your desire drill. Normally the 18- and 20-Volt batteries are good for heavy-duty drills so these can be used.

They also come in two types of Nickel Cadmium Batteries and lithium batteries. Make sure to choose the best one according to your type.


The weight of the drill is also a necessary factor because it can cause fatigue and unrest in arms and hands. Hence it can affect and wear the wrists. Therefore, working long-time is usually not possible with heavy machines.


The speed of the Motor or Drill is one of the most important things to look at before buying a drill. Along with speed the RPM abbreviated as Revolutions per minute and the BPM abbreviated known as Blows per minute need to be kept in mind too for strength and agility or durability of a drill.


A lot of factors are to be kept in mind for making the correct decision of buying the Best Cordless Hammer Drills For Concrete. Since most of the drills lack in one portion and outrun in the other. Thus, the most suitable cordless hammer drill for concrete cannot be determined until the work is defined with it. Conclusively, the best cordless hammer drill for concrete drilling should have durability, along with maneuverability, good battery life with the less charging time taken, and has the best speed along with good RPM. The brand and budget matters for some people as well. Therefore, all of these factors should be considered before making the final decision.

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