Best Black And Decker Cordless Drill Charger | Buying Guide 2021

If you have reached this website you can get the best Black and Decker cordless drill battery charger online If you want to know the top 6 Black and Decker cordless drill battery charger with better ratings. This detailed guide helps you choose the brightest alternative. You will forget about the disturbances, thanks housener the doubts will be solved.

Here you have at your disposal a huge classification of different Black and Decker cordless drill battery chargers at a single click so that you can obtain them through Housener. We work so that you have a great compendium manufactured from scratch, relying on different criteria: aesthetics, value, quality … With the collaboration of an outstanding corporation of workers we can show you the best Black and Decker cordless drill battery charger with the best sales rate.

Top 6 Black And Decker Cordless Drill charger

1.Black And Decker BDCAC202B 20V MAX Lithium-ion Battery Charger

The BLACK and DECKER BDCAC202B 20v Lithium-Ion can charge up to the battery of 2.0 Amp and allows you to charge all  BLACK and DECKER batteries in the range of 12-Volt and 20-Volt.

This charger will provide Powerconnect Lithium-Ion slide batteries quickly and efficiently. For instance, it can charge a 1.5 Amp battery in as quick as 45 minutes. Moreover, its maintenance function helps you to optimize longer battery life. 

However, it has a long wired cable that will help you in chagrin Black and Decker cordless drill battery at a distance from the switchboard.


  • FAST CHARGING – This charger can quickly charge your batteries from (12 to 20)V.
  • 6-FOOT CORD – Its six-foot cord for charging is really amazing to provide versatile charging. 
  • 2.0 AMP OUTPUT – Black And Decker BDCAC202B Battery Charger powers of up to 2 Amp battery efficiently. 
  • 2-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY – This long warranty empowers customers to trust the company.
  • MAINTENANCE MODE – This mode helps in optimize longer battery health.

2.Black And Decker LCS40 40V MAX Battery Fast Charger

The BLACK+DECKER LCS40 MAX allows you fast Charging within different voltage ranges under 40V. It is unbelievable, it can charge a 40V cordless drill battery in 2 hours which is quite less if we see its competitor in the online market places. And even it can charge 36v battery in just one and half hour of unbelievable time span. 

Undoubtedly, it seems competitive due to many reasons but it really does payback to the customer by its quality and efficient charging operation. Moreover, it has a charging indicator light that will let you know whenever your cordless drill gets fully charged. Lastly, it will give you 100% satisfaction in all doing so. 


  • Compatible With Many Batteries – It can charge easily 36v and 40V Black and Decker cordless drill batteries.
  • Indication Light – It contains an LED charge indicator light.
  • Quick Charging – It can charge your Black and Decker cordless drill batteries as quickly as in 1.5 hours. 

3.Lasica 40V MAX Battery Charger LCS36 LCS40 Replacement for Black and Decker

Lasica is production and sales in one of the manufacturers, professional production sales of power tool batteries and battery charger. Believe that only profession, creativity, and effort can build a brand.

Lasica tool battery charger is heavy-duty charging power in the least amount of time, giving tool users unparalleled charging efficiency so their batteries spend more time working and less time sitting on the charger.


  • Charge Various Model – It can charge the batteries of many models like; LCS36 LCS40, LBXR36 , LBX2040, LBX36, LBXR2036, LBX2540, LST540, LCS1240, LBX1540, and LST136W.
  • High Voltage Batteries – Lasica 40V allows you to charge a 36v or 40V battery of Black and Decker.
  • Quick Charging – It can quickly 40V battery in the least time of two hours. While it can charge LBX36 in only 1 hour. 
  • Money-Back Guarantee – Lasica 40V MAX Battery Charger provides a 12-month warranty.

4.Black and Decker 90556254-01Battery Charger

Black and Decker Battery Charger 90556254-01s is capable to charge multiple voltage batteries of a cordless drill. This range starts from 9.6V and ends at 18V. Basically, it can charge only Ni-MH / Ni-Cd batteries.


  • Battery Type – It does only supports NiCad & NiMH cordless drill batteries to charge.
  • Compatibility – It is 100% Compatible with Black and Decker 9.6V 12V 14.4V 18V slide style battery HPB18 HPB18-OPE FSB18 FS18BX FS180BX FS18C FS18FL 244760 HP188F FS180X HPB-18 FSB14 HPB14 FS14BX HPB12 FSB12 FS120B FSB96 HPB96.
  • Fast Charging – Its Advanced technology lets your battery get fully charged in a short time. 
  • Protection – It has a Built-in intelligent protection system against potential damage caused by Over-Charging, Over-Discharging, Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Over-Temperature
  • Guarantee – This charger company ensures 30 days money back, and 24/7 hours prompt customer service.

5.Black And Decker BDFC240 Multi-Volt Battery Charger 

Black+Decker BDFC240 has proved helpful in charging the Black and Decker cordless drill battery in a short time as it will cause great productivity. 

This unit charger can power your a cordless drill battery in just one hour. Moreover, it can charge batteries in multiple ranges of voltage; 9.6V-18V-24V.


  • Multi-Volt Batteries – Black And Decker BDFC240 support different voltage ranges; 9.6V-18V-24V.
  • Compatibility – With this charger you can charge many models of Black and Decker such as; FSMVC, 90556254-01, 90592360-01, BDCCN24, BDFC240, and B&D 18V lithium battery HPB18.
  • Rapid Charging – It takes only 60 minutes to charge full your Black and Decker battery.
  • Warranty – This company ensures 40 days money-back and an 18-month service warranty.

6.Lasica Replacement for Black and Decker Battery Charger

Lasica 90556254-01  is no undoubtedly the best replacement for the Black and Decker cordless drill battery charger. As it can charge 9.6v and 18V battery. 

The best thing about this charger is that it can charge various models of a Black and Decker cordless drill battery. It is capable to charge a 1.5 Ah battery in just forty-five minutes which is enough quick and efficient. 


  • Multi-Volt Charging – Lasica can charge Black & Decker 9.6 volt 12 volt 14.4 volt 18 volt cordless drill tools battery.
  • Compatible – With this charger you can charge all Black and Decker 18V 14V 12V 9.6V NiCad NiMh battery 244760-00 HPB18-OPE HPB18 HPB14 HPB12 HPB96 firestorm FSB18 FS18BX FS180BX FS18C FS18FL HP188F FS180X HPB-18 FSB14 FS14BX FSB12 FS120B FSB96.
  • Best fast Charging – It is real competitor of the B&D slow chargers, battery full charged time is 7-10 hours.
  • LED indicator – It contains LED indicator which will indicate you about battery charging and refrain it from high damage.

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Buying Guide – Always Check These Factor Before Buying Cordless Drill Charger

Charging Time

It is quite necessary to check what is charging time a charger manufacturing company claims, if it is too low then it may be suspected to always buy a charger with a charging time according to your cordless drill guide.

Cable Size

Check the cable size of the cordless drill charger because low length cable can create a hurdle sometimes and you have to arrange another electric connecter to connect the battery charger to the switch.

Check Whether It Is Compatible

Always buy the Black and Decker cordless drill charger, if it is compatible with your already having cordless drill.

Tips: Other model’s chargers can affect drill performance!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How To Charge Black And Decker 12v Cordless Drill?

Follow these 3 steps to get your Black And Decker  cordless drill charge;

  • Firstly, introduce your cordless drill battery charger and plug it into the switch. After placing your cordless drill battery into the charger case, do switch on. 
  • Make sure the temperature of the environment must be not too hot, 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit would be well and good.
  • Wait for some minutes (see in your cordless guide manual) until the LED charge light starts flashing.

Q- What are the best Black and Decker cordless Drill Chargers under $25?

According to this buying guide, the following list is the best Black and Decker cordless drill charger under $30;

  1. Lasica 40V MAX Battery Charger LCS36 LCS40
  2. Replacement for Black and Decker Battery Charger 90556254-01 Compatible with NiCad & NiMh 
  3. Energup LCS40 Charger for Black and Decker 40V MAX Battery
  4. BDCCN24 BDFC240 Multi-Volt Battery Charger for Black+Decker

To Sum Up

After far research for the best Black and Decker cordless drill charger, I have listed above the top 6 of my research. Price, Reviews, compatibility, and other factors were in my consideration while I was researching.

As a researcher for this guide, it is requested to match your Black and Decker cordless drill model so you can get the exact charger because other chargers may harm your drill battery.

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