What Are The Best Batteries For Cordless Drills? Guide

Are you anxious about your cordless drill running time or quick discharging problem and looking for the best batteries for cordless drill?

Therefore, in order to answer this query, I am going to discuss the best batteries for cordless drills by taking into consideration all aspects; price, compatibility, buyer reviews, and much more like that stuff.

A cordless drill is only useful as long as it has a good battery and can be used portably. This moveable to anywhere feature of cordless drill becomes useless when its battery starts creating problems like underpowering, overheating, and shorter run time. The battery gets discharged quickly in performing heavy tasks. The only solution to this problem is to replace the battery when it has passed its life span.

If I navigate you directly to the showcasing of the best cordless drill batteries, it would be a slight injustice because you should have basic knowledge before about which type of battery your cordless drill support.

However, the main motive behind discoursing the type of battery is just to let you know which type of cordless batteries nowadays are mostly used by companies and how they perform in drilling operations for longer run time.

After the exploration of the best cordless drill batteries, you will find a buying guide about how to get the best cordless drill battery at an affordable price.

Types Of Cordless Drill Batteries

As discussed above why it is important to know the types of cordless drill batteries. In this section of in-depth analysis of cordless drill batteries, you would get to know also how long does the cordless battery last. Now discuss each type sequentially. 

1. Nickel Cadmium Battery (NiCD) 

It is the oldest battery type that has been used far before in cordless drills. Even it possessing the benefit like budget-friendly and great charging life but these batteries are not long run & eco-friendly. If we assess its compatibility, it is a little bit large and not easy to handle.

2. Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) 

NiMH batteries are economical as well as long run but this kind of cordless drill battery is not suited for heavy machines. Rather it is well being for small-powered appliances. However, NiMH batteries are not heat efficient and breakdown their power at some high temperatures above 37 celsius.

3. Lead-acid Battery

Lead-acid batteries were also a good considerable option but in this modern technology it is being avoided for many years and almost no company make use of it for cordless drill especially. Even it has a good self-discharging up to 20 percent.

4. Lithium-ion Battery

Whenever you see the listing cordless drill online everywhere, you have a chance to see must “Li-ion” in the cordless drill product outline. 

Because it is used by every cordless drill company today. Not only, for this reason, I can say it is efficient but due to many other reasons, it is in high demand. We can say its compatibility, power-efficiency, lightweight, and good discharging ability are considerable plus points.

Although it is compatible and lightweight, Li-ion batteries are capable of storing high-energy to provide long run and high power to the cordless drill. The lithium-ion battery is also weather-friendly; as it can perform better even in hot weather than others.

5 Best Batteries For Cordless Drills

1. DEWALT (DCB205) 20V Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah Battery – Stands Out In The Best Batteries For Cordless Drill

DEWALT (DCB205) 20V Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah Battery

Dewalt DCB205 is the 20V 5 Ah Lithium-ion battery. This battery provides 50 to 60 percent more charging storage capacity than the normal 20V MAX battery comes with a Dewalt drill.

It has less self-discharge and for that reason, it ensures the long run time of the cordless drill. Due to having so many features and the best user experience, Dewalt DCB205 stand first in the best batteries for cordless drills.

The most important point is that it offers three LED overcharging indicator that helps in maintain battery health for the long run. With this all features, one thing more to see about it. It is very lightweight to make handling cordless drill easy.

Dewalt DCB205 can be used as a multi-purpose li-ion battery due to its compatibility with all Dewalt 20V MAX tools. 


  • 200+ Dewalt Tools – About 200+ Dewalt tools can run through this battery. 
  • Higher Ampere – This Lithium Ion battery is 5.0 Ampere hour. 
  • Very Compact Design – The Dewalt DCB205 is designed ergonomically and is easy to fit & handle as well.
  • Less Self-discharge – It ensures no virtually self-discharge.
  • Longer run time due to high Ah.
  • None.

2. Ridgid R840087 18V Hyper Lithium-Ion 4 AH Battery

Ridgid R840087 18V Hyper Lithium-Ion battery

Ridgid R840087 18V is line up in the best batteries for cordless drills. It is the hyper Lithium-ion battery. With this Ridgid li-ion battery, your battery won’t feel powerless.  

With overcharging protection features you can use it long-lasting because overcharging causes severe battery health. However, this battery never lets you feel underpowered even and until its last charge point.

Its performance is independent of the weather conditions. Even it works in as cold as the weather of minus 4 Fahrenheit and as hot as 115+ degrees Fahrenheit. 

About 550+ screw driving you can do with its recharging cycle. Its internal design makes it stand among others in the cordless drill battery market.


  • Lithium-ion Technology – After the application of this advanced technology, quite an improvement has been noted in performance as compared to previous ones.
  • No Overheating Issues – This battery is engineered in such a way that its cell cannot be affected by external heat and overload. 
  • Fuel/Charge Indicator  – This feature refrains the battery from overcharging. It is indicated before it gets charged more than its capacity.
  • Weather Independent Performances –  Weather doesn’t affect this battery and drilling operations go seamlessly whether it is hot or cold.
  • It has a charging indicator
  • Less compatible

3. Energup 2 Pack DC9096 Replacement Dewalt 18V XRP Battery

Energup 2 Pack DC9096 battery

The Energup introduces 2 packs of batteries which you can in your Dewalt 18V tools. Its range compatibility is very great. Because this battery can run almost all models of Dewalt cordless drill. The word “everything in one”, won’t be unfair it is to say in the line of cordless drill batteries. 

These are the Dewalt model in which you can put Energup 2 Pack DC9096:

  1. DC9096
  2. DC9181
  3. DC9099
  4. DC9198
  5. DW9096
  6. DW9098
  7. DE9503
  8. DW9099
  9. DE9098
  10. DE9039
  11. DW9095 
  12. DE9095
  13. DC9098
  14. DE9096
  15. Much more

Due to its too much compatibility, I can say Energup DC9096 is the best replacement rechargeable batteries for cordless drills


  • Complete Package – It is a complete 2 pack that includes; one cordless drill battery and one charger(DEWALT 7.2V-18V NiCad & NiMh Battery).
  • High Charge Storage – This Energup battery can store charge more and it provides a power drilling experience.
  • Quick Charging – It charging time is so less and make sure more time efficiency.
  • Diagnostic light – As everything needs diagnostic to maintain its life span. Similarly, This Energup cordless drill battery has a diagnostic light that tells its user about the status of charging, short-circuit, and overheating problem.
  • Many Dewalt Tools Support –  This battery is compatible with many Dewalt tools. You can see some tools mentioned above that this battery supports.
  • It is the complete package of battery and charger
  • Ensure quick charging
  • Support many Dewalt cordless drill
  • A few heating issues

4. 2-Packs PC18B Porter Cable 18V Battery 3.6 Ah Ni-MH Battery

2 Packs PC18B for Porter Cable 18V Battery

This NiMH PC18B cordless drill battery is 6-steps tested by a quality control company. These batteries first tested then come to the market for consumer satisfaction. This 2-pack PC18B lists 4 of the best batteries for cordless drills.

Moreover, they give one year warranty. It is compatible with all 18 VPorter Cable tool which supports NiMH battery such as;  

  1. PCC489N 
  2. PC18B
  3. PCMVC 

These are some maintenance tips given by the battery service provider:

  • First of all, please store your cordless drill battery in a dry, cool, and clean place.
  • Remove the battery from the cordless drill whenever you left for work.
  • Recharge battery before use after a long time because NiMH, Nicd, and Li-ion batteries are self-discharge batteries. For a better experience, use the battery in a week or two once.


  • MAX Voltage – It is an 18 V NiMH battery having a capacity of 3500+ mAH.
  • batteries. Amazingly, it can hold its charge up to 450+ days.
  • High-Quality Cell – PC18B comprises high-quality cells, IC’s that prevent it from overcharging, short circuit, and over current.
  • Multi Replacement – This battery can be used in many Porter Cable cordless drills.
  • Best Run TIme – Its running life span is far longer than NiCad 18V
  • Support many Porter Cable tool
  • It has a high-quality cell
  • None

5. PowerGiant 12V 2.0Ah NiCd Replacement Battery for Makita Cordless Drill 

PowerGiant 12V 2.0Ah NiCd battery

This is the first NiCd cordless drill battery I picked in the list of best batteries for cordless drills. However, It remained the best replacement for many Makita drill tools before but now due to its less demand. Yet by chance if you have a cordless drill which older and supports only NiCd cordless drill battery then it is the best choice among all NiCd batteries. 

It is used in all the 12 V Makita cordless drill which support NiCd battery. Its output power is 1800+ mAh. 

This battery is compatible with these Makita power tools:

  1. 6011D
  2. 809432
  3. 6011DW 


  • Tested Battery – PowerGiant 12V 2.0Ah NiCd is tested by OEM product specifications.
  • Compatibility – It is compatible with many Porter Cable cordless drill such as; 5092D, 6011DW, 5092DW, 6011D, and 809432.
  • Battery Voltage – It is a 12V rechargeable NiCd battery that is rarely used in a cordless drill.
  • Best Replacement – This NiCd battery is the best replacement for the Porter Cable cordless drill. 
  • It is tested by OEM products
  • Lower battery voltage for heavy tasks

Buying Guide – Factors Affecting Battery Life

In this guide, you will learn some factors that are important if you want to buy the best battery for a cordless drill. Following are the factors you should mandatory look for before buying cordless drill batteries. So, let’s begin:

1. Ampere-hour (Ah) of battery

This is the main factor for every battery. As you can see in the outline of every battery ads, Ampere-hour is mentioned. Because it tells how much your cordless drill can deliver power per hour.

If you have small tasks then you can go for a low Ah battery and vice versa

For this factor, DEWALT DCB205 is better-suited in the list of best batteries for cordless drills

2. Voltage (V) Of Battery

Another factor that is very considerable for battery specification is Voltage. The more the battery voltage draw, the greater the power it will output. So look for a cordless drill battery that has more high voltage.

Remember that if you want a high power drill then you have to invest a high amount otherwise your work remains incomplete and productivity becomes less for medium tanks. Because powerful cordless drill requires more battery voltage and ampere that’s why the battery starts drawing quickly.

3. Self-discharging

After voltage and ampere-hour, you should look self-discharging percentage in battery specification.

Self-discharging is the phenomenon in which a battery lost its charging by a certain percentage if it doesn’t use it by a log far.

The greater the self-discharging, the more will be the battery would lose its charging on a monthly or weekly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What batteries are used in cordless drills?

Mostly Li-ion battery is used in a cordless drill. Other than that you can use NiMH, NiCd batteries according to your cordless drill model and specification.

Q What Is the Best Suited & Powerful Battery For Cordless Drill?

I suggest you DEWALT DCB205 if you have Dewalt 20V cordless drill

Q What Is The Best Type Of Battery For Power Tools?

A lithium-ion battery is considered the best batteries for cordless drill. Nowadays every company uses it for many power tools due to its low self-discharging % and higher run time.

Q Does A Higher Ah Battery Give More Power?

The greater the Ah, the more power and run-time you will acquire from your cordless drill.

Q Is A Higher Ah Battery Better?

Yes, it will be beneficial for heavy tasks as well as slight tasks.

Final Words

The first thing whenever you feel your cordless drill underpowered is its battery whether its health is intact or not as before. The damaged battery can spoil your drilling experience. Therefore, I have explored the best batteries for cordless drill in an affordable price range, best brands, and quality. 

Before buying batteries for a cordless drill, make sure you have ample knowledge about your current cordless drill because you can buy the exact-match battery to transform your older cordless drill into a new one. For that exact matching, check the list of compatibility of tools of battery that you are going to buy.

The batteries I have picked above are evergreen and can be used in many cordless drills of many brands.

To make your experience fruitful, you have to follow maintenance tips such as; avoid overcharging, use it with care, and keep clean its terminals.

You can also use a Battery Checker/Tester to check if your existing battery is good or bad before you buy a new one.

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