9 Best Tips on How I Fixed My Leaking Faucet


The drip and drip sound of a leaking faucet is worse than anything else in the house. Such leaking not only results in the higher water bills but also it is annoying. That’s why it is very important to fix a leaking faucet as soon as possible. With the help of some simple tools and easy to understand pieces of advice, the fixing of leaking faucet becomes an easy DIY project. I faced the same problem and fixed it successfully. That’s why I decided to show you a few of the best tips to fix the leaking faucet. You can find the required equipment from stores like Alibaba, Amazon, Houzz, etc. 

9 Best Tips

  1. Properly Examine The Faucet

The first thing I did was I figured out the source of the leak before doing repair work. It makes it clear what kind of repair or fix is needed. For example, you can fix the leak by installing the new O-ring or packing if you find that the leak is around the stem of the faucet. You may not need to do a lot of fancy stuff to fix your leaking faucet. So, examining the faucet properly is the first step in fixing the leakage. If you want to replace the faucet O-ring, Faucet Valve Washer Seal O Ring is our recommended option on Alibaba. 

  1. Always Turn Off The Water Before Any Repair

Don’t forget to turn off the water supply before starting repair work or fixing. I turned the shutoff valves fully clockwise. However, you should not over tighten the valves as it may cause damage. Additionally, if you are having any problem finding or closing the shutoff valve, you should close the main water valves. After turning off the water supply, release pressure and drain the remaining water in the pipes by turning on the faucet. If you are interested in buying the new water valves, you can get quality products like Brass Threaded Water Ball Valve on Alibaba that can handle high pressures. 

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  1. Closing The Drain Is Very Important

Keeping the drains open during the process can be dangerous. You may lose your screws in the drain while taking apart the faucet. So, I closed the drain to avoid such troubles. You may use covers or plugs to close the drain holes. Additionally, pushing a rag down the pipe is another option as an extra safety. Just visit Alibaba online store and buy Silicone Drain Plug to cover the drain and avoid losing anything by going inside it. 

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  1. Stay Alert and Keep All Parts In Proper Order

While removing the faucet parts, always focus on your job and pay attention to orientation as well as the order of the parts. This attentiveness helped me a lot and made it much easier to re-assemble. The best way is to keep the parts in the proper order while removing them and then start in reverse order while you install them. An extra step you can take is capturing the videos or photos that will be helpful if needed.

  1. Properly Check All The Washers, O-Rings, And Seals

Most of the main cause of faucet leaking is due to seals, O-rings, or washers. I checked their wear and tear and the grooves were worn out. I also found the flattened washer and just replaced them. So, it is important to replace them if you find any wear and tear. Additionally, carry old parts with you to the store while buying the new ones to ensure that you are getting the exact right item. One more thing you can do is replacing your old faucet with a washer-less faucet to kill the problem permanently. Just buy the Flat Rubber Washer Rubber from Amazon and fix your faucet leaks. 

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  1. Clean the Parts Before Re-Assembly

Cleaning the parts before re-assembling them was another thing I did. So, thoroughly clean all the parts once removed and clean interior cylinders and all seals. You can use a cloth to clean the surfaces. Additionally, you can soak them in vinegar to loosen these deposits.

  1. Avoid Pushing Down On The Faucet

Manypeople start pushing down on the faucet at the first sign of drips. They do that to stop the dripping water or close any opening. However, this is not the way to fix leaking faucets. Never do this as it may cause more damage to the faucet. 

  1. Prefer Slow But Steady Approach

Turn on the water supply after finishing up everything. My advice is you should always be sure that the faucet is in the ON position before you turn the water back on slowly. It may cause more serious damage if you apply too much pressure or the faucet is in the OFF position. As a result, it may crack the discs in the cartridge. That is why you should always allow the water to run until it starts flowing normally. Single Handle Faucet Ceramic Disc Valve can be found on Amazon if damaged during the process. 

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  1. Don’t Replace Everything If It Is Not Needed

Don’t spend a ton of money due to a small leak. Once, I fixed a small leak just by replacing packing. So, a whole set of new pipes are not always needed to fix a leaking faucet. It might be a simple DIY project and that’s it. So, always do what is needed and replace or change only those things which are not in good condition.

Final Words

It is good to be prepared before home maintenance issues such as faucet leakages arise. Sometimes, it is always great to take steps and replace the old faucet if it is giving you issues. A minor leaking faucet problem can lead to a bigger one if not addressed or fixed correctly and wisely. However, it doesn’t mean that you start spending money and your precious time to replace an already good faucet that just needs replacing a packing or O-ring.

It can be simple and cost-effective if you analyze the problem and take steps accordingly. You just need to understand and follow the above-mentioned tips and that’s it. We hope you would have learned a lot after knowing how I fixed my leaking faucet. These tips will be helpful to teach you how to fix a leaking faucet.

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