5 Tips To Have An Inexpensive Laundry Room Makeover

Most of the time, people don’t necessarily pay attention to their laundry room and keep it aside for last. Eventually, they forget about decorating the room, and it turns into a mess. People often try to spend thousands of dollars on their home when decorating it. But many people don’t have that luxury and have limited resources to work with. The laundry room does not have a lot of space but enough for people to move around. Most of the laundry room consists of a washer, dryer, laundry basket, some shelves, etc. The laundry room often doesn’t consist of a window, which makes the room dark. Hence it is important to have proper lighting inside the room.

Products that people should have in their laundry room

We have compiled some of the items for the laundry room that people can buy by spending a minimal amount of money.

1.    Satbuy Floor Rug for Laundry Room Kitchen Rugs and Mats Wash-House Mat Vintage Style Waterproof Floor Runner Rugs Laundry Room Mat Non-Slip Rubber Area Rug

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A laundry room should consist of a non-slip foam rug. The Satbuy floor rug is a waterproof, non-slip, and durable floor mat. When doing the laundry, people have to stand for a long time. This rug gives extra cushion to your feet. One can easily wash, vacuum, and sweep the rug. The product comes in 7 different designs and two sizes. By spending a few bucks, one can get this rug for their laundry room.

2.    Nickelodeon JoJo Siwa Pop Up Laundry Bin

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Having a laundry bag is important in your laundry room where you can keep the dirty or clean clothes. For kids who love JoJo Siwa would want to have this laundry basket with her design in their house. Made with 100% polyester and mesh siding, people can fold it and store it when not in use. The purple color also makes the laundry bin look visually appealing.

3.    Farmhouse Style Wreath Design Washer and Dryer Wash and Dry Laundry Room Vinyl Wall Decal’s

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If you think your laundry room looks boring and needs a makeover then opt for these vinyl wall decals. People don’t need to spend a lot of money and give their washer and dryer a new look. These vinyl wall decals come in 39 different colors giving the customers a large option to select that would suit their interior. Also, the wash and dry sticker make machines look quirky and give the laundry room a new look.

4.    LAUNDRY ROOM sign farmhouse wood sign farmhouse sign laundry crackle small 12″

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For those houses that go for a rustic look should choose this farmhouse wood sign that has a laundry room written on it. The sign has a rustic look, and it is 100% handmade. The customers can either hang it in the laundry room door or place it on the shelf. This wooden sign also comes with a sawtooth hanger. A person has the option to choose from 4 different colors and finishes that helps with matching one’s house interiors.

5.    Set Of 2 Laundry Room Tidy-Cups™ Keep Laundry Room Clean

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A person who wants to avoid the mess in their laundry room should opt for this set of tidy cups. One can fit the spout into any economic size bottle of softer or detergent. Then lay the bottle on its side and place the cup below. Customers can keep the cups under the spout that helps to store the drip or fit the cup with the chemicals. Make sure one uses this with economy size containers.

Budget-friendly laundry room makeover idea

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Let us discuss some of the ways one can give their laundry room a makeover within the budget.

1.     Add an extra shelf

One does not need to spend a lot of money to give their laundry room a new look. By just adding an extra shelf above the washer and dryer can provide the room with a new appearance. People can store storage cups, plants, or decorative items on this shelf. This helps the room feel more lively and bright.

2.     Install storage cubicles

No one likes to look at his or her messy and dirty laundry room. People often make the mistake of keeping all their extra items on the shelf above the washer, which turns the place into a mess. Try to install small cubicles and buy storage boxes. People can find various storage boxes of a different design. Keeping all the materials inside these boxes can hide your mess and make the room look clean and tidy.

3.     Stick some wallpapers

Most of the time, the laundry room looks dull with dark and gloomy colors. It also occurs because this room does not have a window to get natural lighting. To give this room a pop of color without going through the hassle of painting the room, try and opt for wallpapers. Nowadays, people can find inexpensive wallpapers of various designs available in the market. Choose one that does with the interior of your house and stick it on a single wall to highlight the room.

4.     Change the door

One does not require to spend a lot of money to give their laundry room a new look. People often overlook this, but changing the door of your laundry room can make a huge difference. Go to your nearest hardware store and look for glass doors. When you install these glass doors, the laundry room will get a boutique-like feel. One can look inside the laundry room without going through the hassle of opening the door.

5.     Vinyl floor and pink door

For those who have the white wall in their laundry room this trick will work well. Try and buy some vinyl stickers of your choice and stick them onto your floor tiles. Then paint the door pink, and this will completely change the overall look of your laundry room. Customers should try and choose a black and white print for their vinyl floor to make the door pop out.

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