10 Best Ways To Save From Your Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Are you looking for renovating your bathroom? However, you are getting stuck speculating about the Bathroom Remodeling Cost. Well, we know that cost is a crucial factor that comes in our mind when we think about any remodeling. But if wecan be a bit creative and plan strategically, then we can save a lot of money. 

Many a time, people try to make their bathroom look hi-tech and want it to be the best, but it can be a bit costly. They also make a budget but go out of the budget to make it trendier and end up incurring additional expenses. 

Hence, we are sharing 10 best ways by which you can save from your Bathroom Remodeling Cost. 

  1. Make a budget and stick to it

You must do your homework properly before initiating the remodeling. If you want to save money on your bathroom remodeling, then there should be a great plan. You must also try to draw a budget and stick to it. 

Besides, you can get an estimated budget and will get an idea to invest in any various aspects of remodeling. However, it is essential to note down the vital elements in bathroom makeover such as vanity, paint, additional appliances etc. You must know what you need and what not. There will be no surprises that can overtake you if you have planned your budget and the things which you specifically want. For latest financial trends and news, you can look up some helpful articles at

  1. Own Mirrors

All want a gorgeous and classy mirror in their bathroom. Well, it can be a great idea if you purchase a mirror from a shop and give it a personal touch by framing it with moldings. It can look beautiful at a low cost if you show a bit of creativity. Also, the customization will give a new look and style of your own. Get the Tala Round Wall Mirror, Black from to start with a ravishing round mirror. 

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  1. DIY if you can

Building something on your own can be challenging. Why not try to do things which you can do by yourself for cost-cutting? You can learn quickly a few jobs such as tiling and can apply your learning during your bathroom remodeling. Thus, you can save money by doing things on your own without hiring a contractor or a professional. 

However, some of the tasks are difficult to undertake, like plumbing. These things can be left for the professionals or experts if you don’t have the knowledge to do it by yourself. 

  1. Replacing all of the dry walls

Drywall is one of the significant issues in the bathroom. Drywall often take place in the bathroom due to high moisture in the environment. Well, this problem should be discussed to the contractor first and then replace it where it is needed the most. 

However, replacing the whole wall can be costly enough. So, you must consult with your contractor and check if the replacement of the affected area can be made only. Consequently, you can save money on this. You can also use wall tiles like Berkeley Brick Tile Wallpaper in Black by BD Wall from to overcome this problem. 

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  1. Avoid Custom tiled shower

During bathroom remodeling, replacing the shower base can be expensive. Also, if you consider a custom tiled shower, then it is a costly thing to do. You can save money if you can go for a prefab shower base and set the tiles yourself. 

  1. Skip the tile 

Tiles look classy and attractive too. This attraction needs more money and more maintenance also. In today’s modern bathroom you will find tiles everywhere like showers, floors, walls and backsplashes. Well, it’s expensive and needs more care too.

Some of the alternatives you can apply to save money are-

  • Flooring can be done with vinyl tiles. It is beautiful, modern and designed to last as well. It is affordable too.
  • Tiles in walls can cost you more. You can go for wainscoting, which is superb and less costly. Well, it is easy to fix also.
  • There are many more options of cost-cutting on tiled backsplashes. Well, you can get online, or talk to a builder who stores smaller batches of tile at a discount.  
  • The ceiling can be made of wood instead of tiles which will give a warmer effect.
  1. Keep the plumbing

Plumbing is one of the expensive works during bathroom remodeling. It can increase your bathroom remodeling costif you plan to move it completely. If you need any plumbing related action, you will need to call a plumber such as removing or relocating the shower, toilet, or sink because only the professionals know how to deal with it. 

Moreover, if you want to save money, you must make sure to keep the plumbing where it is. You must use the existing piping system. Relocating the plumbing system can cost you a huge amount of money. However, if you want a change, then you can get the Piatti Tall Contemporary Single-Hole Bathroom Faucet from to add beauty with not alot of investment. 

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  1. Avoid upgrading the toilet

You must opt for updating the toilet and not upgrading it entirely. The new toilet can cost you between 100$-300$ apart from labor costs and other accessories. If there is not much wrong in the exiting toilet, you must refresh it. 

Furthermore, you need not require changing it entirely; only you can swap the lid or the seat. This swapping and refreshing can make your toilet look new.

  1. Go for shelves

You can go for shelves if you need storage space in your bathroom. Cabinetry is expensive; instead, shelves are affordable and can help you to save money. It is one of the best alternatives to cabinetry.

Besides, it will meet your storage space needs at much less cost. You can opt for wall mounted shelves and decorate it with indoor plants or pots according to your preferences. In this way, you can give it a personal touch. A scurry of walled cabinets and mounted shelves can be found at

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  1. Paint it

Good paint can give a new look to the bathroom. You can avail vibrant colors for a bright look. A new coat of paint is certainly one of the best options to renovate your bathroom at a less cost and at the same time giving it a fresh appearance.

So, you can consider the above tips to save money on your bathroom remodeling cost.Indeed, these are helpful ways to renovate your bathroom without going out of budget.

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